Build confidence in your English with our intermediate level courses

With more than 500 million speakers around the world, there is no doubt that English continues to be the universal language.

Our intermediate English courses will develop the necessary skills to function in your daily life, through the Berlitz Method. Our method completely immerses you in the language and its culture, so you will learn English in the same way you learned your mother tongue.

Millions of students around the world prefer Berlitz for the flexibility our English programs offer. Get to know our variety and find a program suitable to your needs.

What you will learn in our Intermediate English courses

Upon completion of the 4 levels of intermediate English, you will be able to start, sustain and conclude any communicative task with a good command of the language. You will have assimilated the elements of the language and will have the skills that will allow you to express yourself safely and effectively in different contexts of your personal and professional life. Upon completion of the intermediate levels you will be able to:

  • Make plans and suggest places to visit
  • Describe your vacations and your activities
  • Ordering food at a restaurant and talking about it
  • Talk about movies and buy event tickets
  • Ask for traffic instructions and talk about traffic
  • Request estimates and project specifications
  • Unwrap yourself in social events and special occasions
  • Asking for and doing favors, as well as offering apologies.
  • Describe personal and work skills
  • Talk about personal finances
  • Give your opinion on current news and events
  • Describe future plans
  • Present a company and what it does
  • Socialize at events for business reasons
  • Describe the benefits of products and services
  • Define a customer or market and its characteristics
  • Describe professional skills and achievements
  • Prepare and attend a job interview
  • Describe the business position a company is in
  • Make business forecasts based on reports
  • Discuss vacation and employment benefits
  • Address customer complaints and know how to resolve them
  • Communicate effectively and specifically by email
  • Congratulate or give feedback to a company employee

Build confidence on your own with our English subscription

Berlitz Flex uses speech recognition to help build confidence speaking. If you want to start learning to speak English but are worried about having to speak in front of other people, this option could be the perfect solution for you!

Why Berlitz is your best option to learn English

Worldwide experience and presence

We have over 140 years of experience and a proven method of teaching languages. The quality of our courses makes us leaders in more than 70 countries around the world. At Berlitz, we help you achieve your goal of learning English!

Proven method

The Berlitz Method is 100% conversational. By this, we mean that all conversations within the classroom, whether in person or online, are in English and in a real-life context. From the first day, you will begin to speak English.

Programs tailored to you

Berlitz offers a wide variety of courses, whether private, group or on your own. We have programs for all ages and needs, as well as solutions for your company. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the learning of English to your everyday life.

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