Start with free language apps

The fear of speaking a new language generally comes from a lack of confidence in speaking publicly. Language apps can be a great introduction to basic language skills and you can do them in the comfort of your own home.

By using language apps to learn some basic language skills, you can gain confidence in at least having a foundational understanding of some words and phrases. This confidence is exactly what you need to overcome language anxiety. As you continue to build confidence using language apps, you can then move into an online German class if you’re learning German or maybe join a Facebook group of English learners if you’re learning English.

Find a language course with speech recognition

Speaking is an integral part of learning a new language. While language apps can help build confidence, without the ability to get feedback on your speech, it will be difficult to progress. And while language apps can help build confidence, you may still be apprehensive about joining a live language course right away.

Language learning and speech recognition now provide an outlet to completely overcome your language anxiety. That is because you can get the same immediate feedback you would get with a language instructor with an AI-powered speech recognition software. Speaking into a computer can put you at ease and allow you to build your speaking skills without the fear of failure. Best of all, with the immediate feedback you get, you will be sure you are learning to speak correctly.

Use social media to find other learners to practice with

Language anxiety tends to be directed at speaking a new language in front of native speakers or speakers who are fluent in the language. Finding speaking partners can be difficult, but with Facebook, it has actually never been easier to meet people who are going through similar experiences as you.

Finding or starting a Facebook group dedicated to people learning a specific language can give you a lot of opportunities to practice speaking. And because you will all be at the same level, there will almost certainly be less anxiety speaking the new language. Not only will you be able to overcome your language anxiety, but these groups can help you build relationships that can help you become fluent in the language.

Language anxiety should never hold you back from learning a new language. While there is always going to be fear associated with learning something new, learning a new language can open your world to opportunities you never thought were possible. With the tips outlined in this article, you can put language anxiety in your rearview mirror and start your language journey right away!