Por vs para practice: Test yourself

Finally, the time has come for you to test your knowledge of these tricky Spanish prepositions. Below, we’ve got 10 practice sentences with a blank. Just think about the rules we’ve just covered and try to figure out the correct answer.

Test your knowledge of Spanish prepositions with our free Spanish prepositions quiz.

Don’t worry too much about not getting them all correctly. At this point, the most important thing is to improve, not get everything right on your first try. Don’t hesitate to scroll up and review our guide!

Answer: Hay un parque por mi casa.

Answer: Disculpa, ¿sabes si este tren va para Valencia?

Answer: Este tren no pasa por Valencia.

Answer: No entiendo a las personas que se levantan temprano por gusto.

Answer: Necesito cambiar este billete de 100 euros por dos billetes de 50.

Answer: Necesitamos un paraguas para la lluvia.

Answer: Te escribí por correo electrónico, pero creo que no lo recibiste.

Answer: ¡El nuevo tren bala de Madrid a Barcelona viaja a 350 kilómetros por hora!

Answer: Faltan dos días para las vacaciones de verano.

Answer: Este libro fue escrito por uno de mis autores favoritos.

¡Gracias por leer nuestra guía para ti!

Thank you for reading our guide for you! We hope you now feel more confident to discern between these two tricky prepositions. Don’t get frustrated if you find that you’re still struggling to grasp the difference between the two — even native speakers get it wrong from time to time! There are plenty of such cases in Spanish, such as the diifference between saber and conocer. Just focus on increasing your exposure to Spanish, and you’ll soon be able to tell what sounds right!

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