At Berlitz, we have both employees and freelancers. It’s important that, during the hiring process, you ask questions regarding how you will be brought on to work with Berlitz. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the next steps. While we provide general guidelines on what it means to be hired as an employee or a freelancer, we do not provide information surrounding laws or regulations.

Below is a brief guide to show some of the differences between an employee and a freelancer.

Employee vs freelancer Berlitz.

Employee vs. Freelancer

Employee Freelancer
Employment Status Works for one client/company Self-Employed
Tax Responsibility Company withholds taxes Responsible for their own taxes
Rate Determination Negotiated at time of hire Sets own rate
Employer Rights Most likely eligible Not Eligible
Work Hours Generally, set at time of hire Flexible work hours
Benefit Responsibility Provided by company Responsible for own benefits
Number of Clients Generally, works for one company at a time Multiple
Project Duration Long and short Short but possibly recurring
Place of Work Usually at the company office but can be remote Remote
Verification Will provide employment verification Will provide verification of work completed

Probably the biggest difference is the responsibility of taxes.

  • As an employee, Berlitz will withhold taxes from each paycheck based on your location.
  • As a freelancer, taxes are not withheld at the time of payment. It is your responsibility as a freelancer to account for your taxes throughout the year.

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