Teach French with Berlitz

Berlitz has over 500 locations across 75 countries as well as flexible online learning options, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to get a job teaching French at one of our learning hubs across the globe, or from the comfort of your own home.

Join our team of French teachers and enjoy the flexibility to fit work around your life and commitments.

Check out the current French teaching jobs on offer.

Why you should teach French as a job with Berlitz?

Flexible work: When you get a part-time job teaching French at Berlitz you can choose your hours and earn money in your spare time.

Exclusive teacher training: Before you start teaching French in a live classroom environment, we’ll take you through our intensive Berlitz Method teacher training.

Global opportunities: With offices in 75 countries across the globe, you’ll have opportunities to take your job teaching French with you when you travel.

Change lives: Language has the power to change lives. Your job as a French teacher is to empower students with the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

Share your love of language: As a French teacher, you’ll get paid for sharing your passion and love of the French language with students who are actively eager to learn.

A job for life: There will always be a demand for French teachers, with students eager to explore the opportunities offered by speaking the world’s fifth most spoken language.

What makes a good French teacher?

There are several qualities that are proven to boost your classroom performance.

About Berlitz: and why you should work with us

We’ve been changing lives through language education for over a century. Today, we’re one of the world leaders in language education, renowned for our immersive Berlitz Method— the fastest way of learning a language outside of living in the country of origin. We have over 500 Language Centres across 75 countries and are known for providing the highest quality language education in the market.

French Teaching Levels

We have developed a standardized measurement for French proficiency in our students: Functional, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Professional.

As a Berlitz French Teacher, you may find yourself teaching students all across this scale. You may also find yourself teaching in a few different settings, for example, in a small-size social group, or one-on-one.

French teacher jobs: what to expect

  • You will undertake our five-day intensive Berlitz Method teacher training. Here, you’ll learn the methodology and practical skills to teach French to students effectively via immersion.
  • Alongside language skills, you will empower your students with the cultural understanding needed to master the nuance of native speakers.
  • You will have access to a huge range of material to help you plan and run your lessons via our online learning centre.
  • You will create a safe space for your students to explore language, make mistakes, and grow.
  • You may find yourself teaching French to small groups, one-on-one, or in intensive lesson blocks.
  • We group French students into five distinct proficiency levels: Functional, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. We may place you with students from one, some, or all levels.
  • As a French teacher, you’ll need a stable, wired connection to the internet, as well as a minimum of 5 Mbps, download speed / 2 Mbps upload speed, a laptop or Mac, and a USB headset and a camera.

Berlitz recruiting process

Order TAB and Onboarding varies depending on location