Unleash your passion for Swedish, from anywhere in the world

Enjoy the flexibility to work from home while making a genuine impact on students eager to unlock new opportunities through language learning.

Our global reach spans over 75 countries, granting you the freedom to work from anywhere!

Ready to turn your passion for Swedish into a fulfilling career? Explore our current online Swedish teaching opportunities and find the perfect fit for your skills and aspirations!

Here's why Berlitz Online Swedish teaching is for you:

Side hustle: All our Swedish online jobs are offered on a part-time basis so you can fit teaching around your current schedule, earning extra income without sacrificing your existing commitments.

Skip your commute: Teach from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Explore the world while sharing your linguistic expertise!

Support and training: Our rigorous five-day training program equips you with immersive teaching techniques and the skills to confidently support your students.

Industry leader: Join a trusted language education leader with over a century of experience. Gain access to valuable resources and career growth opportunities.

Life-Changing Impact: Witness the joy of unlocking language barriers and empowering individuals to achieve their goals, be it travel, career advancement, or connecting with loved ones.

What makes a good online Swedish teacher?

If you want to be a great online Swedish teacher, a few key qualities will set you apart.

Why you should get an online Swedish teaching job with Berlitz

  • Become part of a legacy of language learning excellence.
  • Master the immersive Berlitz Method, proven to accelerate language acquisition.
  • Develop transferable skills for a long-lasting, flexible career.
  • Connect with students from around the globe, fostering cultural exchange.
  • Experience the joy of empowering others through language mastery.

Ready to embark on this enriching journey? Explore our Swedish online teaching positions and find your perfect fit!

Online Swedish Teaching Levels

At Berlitz, we tailor our Swedish classes to five proficiency levels: Functional, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional. As an online teacher, you'll have the opportunity to guide diverse learners, each on their unique path to fluency.

Expect variety in your schedule: You might lead small group classes, personalize private lessons, or even combine both! This allows you to flex your teaching skills and build rapport with students at different stages of their language journey.

Requirements to teach Swedish online with Berlitz

Technical requirements

  • A stable, wired internet connection
  • A minimum of 5 Mbps download speed / 2 Mbps upload speed
  • A laptop, desktop computer, or Mac
  • A USB headset and a camera

Skill/education requirements

  • Swedish fluency at a native-speaking level
  • A Bachelor's degree or equivalent teaching experience
  • A love of the Swedish language and culture, and a passion to share that with students

Swedish teaching job online:

What you can expect
  • Master the Art of Immersion: Our exclusive Berlitz Method teacher training equips you with the tools to create dynamic, language-rich environments. Expect ongoing support and resources to keep your skills sharp.
  • Connect with Learners Globally: Teach Swedish from the comfort of your home using your laptop or desktop. Engage with diverse students from all corners of the world, creating a truly international learning experience.
  • Speak Your Way to Fluency: Embrace the power of immersion! Engage in lively conversations and practical exercises, with up to 80% of class time spent speaking Swedish.
  • Learn by Doing: Go beyond textbooks! We follow the "present, practice, perform" structure, taking learning off the page and into real-world contexts.
  • Navigate Cultural Nuances: Help your students speak confidently in any setting, social or professional. You'll guide them in understanding the cultural nuances that bring Swedish language to life.
  • Foster a Supportive Environment: Create a safe and inclusive space where learners feel empowered to explore, make mistakes, and grow. Your encouragement will build their confidence and fuel their progress.

Berlitz recruiting process

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