Learning Spanish is worthwhile: It is a genuine world language. Spanish is the official language in 21 countries. In addition, the language is widely used in many international organizations and companies. Knowledge of Spanish is no longer only of cultural importance, but also increasingly of professional importance. Take the first step with a Spanish course in Bremen.

Spanish courses in Bremen: Where the Hanseatic City meets the South

Roland, Schnoor and Weser - Bremen is considered a Hanseatic city with much idyllic life. And yet, at the same time, Bremen is a large city with a flourishing economy and prestigious universities. Foreign trade has always been of great importance due to its special location. Bremen is also considered a service and high-tech location. The city is especially renowned internationally for aviation and space technology.

Where so much research, work and teaching takes place, foreign language skills are often essential. World languages such as Spanish are in particular demand in many areas of professional life in Bremen. And Spanish is also one of the most popular languages in the northern German Hanseatic city for private purposes such as travel. The Berlitz Language Center in Bremen will prepare you if you want to get started with Spanish language skills.

We offer Spanish courses for every level

No matter where you are with your Spanish skills, you've come to the right place. At the Berlitz Language Center Bremen, we offer courses for different levels and learning types. In a joint discussion and a free placement test, we determine your requirements and then show you your options.

Frequently asked questions

Most people need only a little time to learn the basics of the Spanish language. If one's mother tongue is one of the Romance languages or if learners have mastered one of them, it is often particularly easy to get started, because thanks to the Latin roots, there are some similarities. The Romance languages include French, Italian and Portuguese. But even when learning Spanish, nothing is possible without diligence and motivation.

Spanish is an official language or second language in over 20 countries. These span the globe: Europe, Africa, Central, South and North America. In Latin America in particular, Spanish is widely spoken. As a result, there are about 400 million native speakers. The language is also exceedingly common in the United States.

You will find us at Hanseatenhof 6-8, right in the center of Bremen. There are numerous shopping streets and many sights nearby: The Bremen Town Musicians, Böttcherstraße, Schnoor and Bremen Cathedral can all be reached in just a few minutes.

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