Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations and is also an important economic market within the European Union. Those who have Italian language skills can benefit in many private and professional situations. Our range of courses in Cologne has the right topics for every level. Find out more and take our free placement test.

Italian courses in Cologne: Where Carnival meets “Dolce Vita”

Italy and Cologne - what sounds fundamentally different at first glance, has a lot in common. Like many regions of Italy, the Rhineland, and Cologne in particular, stands for joy, lots of culture and stunning sights. This is probably one of the many reasons why our Italian courses in Cologne are so popular.

Another is the quality: In an Italian course at the Berlitz Language Center Cologne, you can expect content that is tailored precisely to your needs. Professional language trainers accompany you as you learn the most important vocabulary, grammar rules and more. The focus is on active speaking so that you can communicate confidently very soon. And the most important thing: we always have fun. Just as it should be in the carnival stronghold of Cologne.

We offer Italian courses for every level

With an Italian course in Cologne, you lay the foundation for your personal goal. To ensure that you achieve the best possible learning success, we offer different courses that suit every level. We use a free placement test to determine your level and then recommend an appropriate course.

Frequently asked questions

Whether for private travel or professional prospects, each of our course participants pursues different goals that they associate with an Italian course in Cologne. One thing is certain: Italian is very popular. Because the country in the south of Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations and one of the largest economies in Europe. Those who have language skills can communicate better in many situations and immerse themselves even more deeply in the culture of Italy.

The answer depends very much on your personal objectives. The more language skills you need, the more time you need to invest. With an intensive course you can keep the number of weeks to a minimum. Here you will learn a lot of Italian in a short time. If you simply want to learn because it’s fun, a less intensive but longer course is advisable.

With our regular start dates, we ensure that you don’t have to wait long to start your course. For detailed information, simply contact the Berlitz Language Center in Cologne. You will find us in a central location.

Learn Italian with Berlitz

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