The Rhineland is one of the most important locations in Europe when it comes to Japanese life and culture. Especially in Cologne, Japanese life can be experienced in many places - for example, in the countless Japanese restaurants or in cultural institutions such as the East Asian Museum of Art. With Japanese language skills, you can get one step closer to the Japanese lifestyle in Cologne.

Japanese courses in Cologne: experience language and culture

In big cities like Cologne, other languages besides German and English are often part of everyday life. Some of them sound quite exotic at first - like Japanese. But whether at the world-famous cathedral or in one of the many Japanese restaurants: Japan's language and culture can be found in many different places in Cologne. If you want to communicate well, you can learn the basics in a Japanese course.

Did you know that Kyoto is one of Cologne's twin cities? The former capital of Japan is still considered one of the country's cultural centers. That's why there is a wide range of cultural events related to Japan in the middle of the Rhineland. Institutions such as the East Asian Museum of Art strive to promote cultural exchange between the countries. With the right Japanese course in Cologne, the exchange is even more successful.

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You are guaranteed to find the right Japanese course. This is ensured by our proven approach: Using a free placement test, we first determine your level and then advise you on the course options. We also take your questions and wishes into account.

Frequently asked questions

The answer depends on your goal and your personal commitment. It is also crucial whether you already have previous knowledge and at what rhythm you would like to learn. One thing is certain: Japanese is considered a rather complex language that can be challenging, but with a little discipline it does not require much more effort than other languages.

Our language center in Cologne uses the Berlitz method. This means that you learn exclusively in the target language. Listening, speaking, and writing take place in Japanese right from the start, so you get the maximum benefit. Our approach has established itself as the ideal learning method in many cases.

You will not find fixed starting dates with us. Instead, our course program is designed in such a way that new Japanese courses for different levels start regularly. This makes it easier for you to start learning flexibly. Find out more about the current Japanese courses in Cologne at your local Berlitz language center.

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