Frankfurt is strongly influenced by Italian culture and language because many people with an Italian background live in the city on the Main River. In addition, Frankfurt is a hub for international financial transactions - including with Italy. Whether out of private interest or professional necessity: The Berlitz Language Center in Frankfurt is the best address if you would also like to learn Italian.

Italian courses in Frankfurt: Learning between scene and skyline

Whether in one of the many Italian restaurants or in the offices of the numerous skyscrapers - the Italian language is used at different places in Frankfurt. On the one hand, this is because of the multicultural environment of the city as well as the many visitors. On the other hand, Italy is one of the most important industrial and trading nations within the European Union (EU). In banks and financial companies, Italian language skills are often indispensable.

With our help, you can communicate confidently with business partners from Italy, for example. In addition to verbal communication, this also includes written communication. At our Berlitz Language Center in Frankfurt, you will learn Italian tailored to the specific business requirements of the financial world. And that's not all: If you want to learn Italian for leisure and travel or brush up on your existing language skills, you've come to the right place.

We offer Italian courses for every level

The best way to learn Italian in Frankfurt is with Berlitz: we not only take your goals and wishes into account, but also use a free placement test to determine your current language level. This enables us to offer you the course that promises the most success. Just try it.

Frequently asked questions

In principle, it does not matter at what level you speak Italian. The Berlitz Language Center Frankfurt offers courses for a wide range of levels. By the way: If you do not know your individual language level, we will determine it together. That way you'll end up in the right course.

The Berlitz method is used in all our language centers. This means as much active speaking as possible, exclusively in the target language. This allows you to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the respective country. If you want to learn Italian in Frankfurt, you will experience authentic lessons that challenge and encourage you at the same time.

We keep our groups small. This way you can experience a lot of interaction and be able to express your needs. The language trainer can respond to each individual participant and create lively and personal lessons.

Learn Italian with Berlitz

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