Chinese is the mother tongue of around 875 million people and is widely spoken, especially in China, Singapore, and Taiwan. In an increasingly globalized world, however, Chinese language skills are now in demand in many parts of the world - for example, in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Here you can learn Chinese for work, study, or leisure. In small steps, we approach a big language together.

Chinese courses in Hamburg: Your gateway to the Asian world

Hamburg is considered the gateway to the world - because the port is not only the largest in Germany, but also connects the metropolis on the Elbe with around 950 ports in 178 countries. Internationality is naturally a top priority in a place like this. This also applies to the languages. Chinese in particular is becoming increasingly important when it comes to importing and exporting goods and other economic relations. A Chinese course in Hamburg will give you the most important language skills for your business.

In addition, around 10,000 people of Chinese descent live in the metropolitan region. To get into conversation with them easily, Chinese language skills are helpful. Educational institutions such as universities and colleges also often offer courses with an Asian orientation. Whether for a career in business or to promote cultural exchange - Chinese courses optimally prepare students for the future.

We offer Chinese courses for every level

Every learner has an individual goal. To reach your goal in the best possible way, we will find the right course for you. At the beginning, we talk about goals together and take your requirements into account. Do you already have Chinese language skills? Then we will determine your language level by using a free placement test.

Frequently asked questions

There are already more native Chinese speakers than native English speakers. Although this is mainly due to the fact that China has almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, the language is also gaining in importance in a global context. In particular, people who want to arrive in the Asian region cannot do without a solid knowledge of Chinese. And those who work with China professionally will ideally also learn Chinese.

To communicate confidently in Chinese, you usually need a little more time than with many other languages. This is mainly due to the complexity and the writing system, which is quite unfamiliar to us. How much time you ultimately need depends primarily on your commitment. With a little discipline as well as the right methods, you can make fast progress here too. The Berlitz Language Center in Hamburg supports you with tailor-made content.

Children and young people learn with topics appropriate to their age. Our professional language trainers use methods that promise success and are fun at the same time. With this approach, we have already given numerous children a perfect start - even with such challenging languages as Chinese.

Learn Chinese with Berlitz

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