Many people encounter it on holiday and it is also important in a professional context: we are talking about the Italian language. Its melodic sound makes it so distinctive and popular. In addition, if you know the language, you can experience Italy's many historical treasures even better. Take the first step with an Italian course in Hamburg that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Italian courses in Hamburg: Discover the south in the far north

Even though the distance between Hamburg and Italy is quite long, many vacationers from the far north travel to the southern part of Europe every year. Whether cities like Rome and Milan or regions like Tuscany - Italy awaits Hamburg's visitors with many historical sights and unforgettable moments. With an Italian course, you can optimally prepare for your next dream journey.

But you can also benefit from a solid knowledge of Italian in your professional life. As you may know, Italy is the third largest economy in the European Union (EU) and therefore an important international location for a number of sectors and industries. At our Berlitz language school in Hamburg, you will learn Italian quickly and successfully and become fit for your holiday and career.

We offer Italian courses for every level

Not sure which course is best for you? We will help you with our free placement test which determines your level. We also take your individual learning goals and personal wishes into account.

Frequently asked questions

If you want to achieve success quickly with an Italian course in Hamburg, it's best to choose one of our intensive classes (especially in private lessons). Here you can completely immerse in the language and experience up to 12 lessons per day. This means a lot of speaking and listening. Our Berlitz method provides you with additional support: with us, you communicate exclusively in the target language.

No matter what point you are at with your individual Italian language skills, all doors are open to you at our Berlitz language center in Hamburg. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, whether you are looking for a refresher course or an intensive course - our wide range of courses is aimed at a wide variety of language levels and learning types.

Good to know: Before we start, we determine your level and talk to you about your goals and wishes. In this way, learning success is already pre-programmed.

You can join at any time and start learning the new language immediately. Our initial interview helps us and you with the placement so that we can assign you to the right course. After that, you can start right away. It is never too early and never too late to learn Italian. Learners especially benefit from an Italian course in Hamburg when they are young. Whether in a professional or private context - the new language skills will accompany kids and teens positively in later life.

Learn Italian with Berlitz

Contact us today with your questions. We can work together to find the course that’s right for you – with no obligation on your part. Your Berlitz team will contact you shortly.