Berlitz is one of the largest language schools in the world and through our years of experience, we have developed the best teaching methods so that everyone can learn Greek online with us quickly and efficiently. We place great emphasis on finding the language course that fits everyone's individual learning goals and schedules. For over a hundred years, we have been constantly improving our teaching and are now able to offer a comprehensive portfolio thanks to the latest innovations. As a result, our students learn to communicate as confidently as possible and succeed in an international environment.

Why you should learn Greek online with Berlitz

Flexibility: Our Berlitz Greek courses offer you maximum flexibility and let you decide when, where, and how often you want to practice Greek online.

Individuality: Every person is different. At Berlitz, we recognized this early on, which is why we design all of our Greek courses to meet the personal needs of our students.

Progress: Our students are only as good as our learning methods. That's why we use technological innovations to constantly optimize our Greek lessons.

Experience: Berlitz has been around for over 140 years. We have used this time to pass on proven learning processes to our language teachers, so that this can be optimally applied in Greek classes.

Universality: Learning a new language also means thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is important to us to also integrate cultural contexts and characteristics into the language course.

Eine Frau mit ihrem Laptop in einem Café winkt den anderen Teilnehmern ihres Online-Sprachkurses zu.

Our online courses are suitable for everyone:

Online courses for adults: This language course is for those who already have knowledge of Greek or want to learn the language from scratch.

Online courses for companies: This Greek course is for companies and employees who would like to participate in language classes online.

Online courses for children and teenagers: We not only have Greek course for adults, but also for children.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to participate in the online courses in the form of multi-day seminars?

We also offer online seminars lasting several days, especially for companies. These take place over two days and last 1.5 hours each. This way you can learn Greek together as a company without being tied to a specific location, even if some employees are located at different company sites.

Do I have to invest time in my language course every day?

This depends on your personal learning goals and how quickly you plan to achieve them. We recommend practicing as often as possible, even if it is only a few minutes a day. However, daily practice is not required of you, and we have many course offerings of varying intensities so that even busy students can manage their course load.

What if I learn very fast or very slow?

We are aware that everyone has a different learning pace, and everyone also has different amounts of time available to learn Greek online. Therefore, we have found different ways to offer our students a choice of language course that best suits their learning pace.

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