Berlitz provides specific rates for all government employees. Our language courses for government employees focus on the needs and functions that are specific to federal, state, local and tribal government employees and military/ uniformed services personnel. Berlitz designed the courses to meet these needs and to provide the most efficient way for government employees to gain language fluency.

Interagency Language Roundtable standards (ILR)

The Berlitz language classes for government employees meet the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) standards. This ensures that our students are trained to the specific standards that they will be required to use.

We have worked closely with our government partners to design our curriculum to meet these needs. We continue to update our course curriculum and delivery methods to deliver the best language program available and to meet the evolving needs of our government employees.

Choose from a variety of courses and languages

We offer a range of course types and languages for government employees.

Our goal is to provide a language solution for any government need. Whether that means learning a language fast or learning in a group or in a more casual setting, we want to provide an option for our government employees.

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