2021 Resolution: Learn a new language online


Kyle Carney

2020 is in the rearview mirror. It is now time to look forward to 2021. While we are still adjusting to the “new normal”, for many people, life is clearer now.

2020 may not have been the year most of us expected and perhaps plans were put on hold. One of those could have been learning a new language. The benefits of learning a new language have increased with the “new normal”. Businesses were able to streamline operations, consolidate teams and connect across boundaries like never before. That means new opportunities.

Here are just some of the ways learning a new language online could benefit you. 

Stay connected

Whether it is personal or professional, 2020 taught us to never take for granted the ability to connect with people. Learning a new language online can increase your ability to connect and stay connected no matter what happens.

Zoom and video conferencing may not be everyone's favorite thing to do, but it does provide a very valuable service. More than ever before, you are now able to work and socialize across the globe. From learning new skills to enjoying new hobbies to finding advancement opportunities at work, 2020 opened the doors for a lot of new things. Language could have been a barrier that kept you from realizing some of these new opportunities.

The ability to speak multiple languages can bring the world to your door. You can stay connected, learn new things and enjoy cultural events.

Expand your cultural understanding

Language is the bedrock of culture. When you learn a new language online, you are also learning about new cultures. The world has never been a smaller place thanks to advancements in technology. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world is interconnected.

There is a whole world of new experiences, hobbies and ideas out there. In order to realize all these wonderful things, you need to understand the cultures they come from. Learning a new language will give you the cultural knowledge to expand your hobbies and interests.

Increase your professional opportunities

The globalization of the world increased drastically in 2020, especially in business. International calls with clients and internal departments have become the norm. This has created a world of opportunity for advancement. And the core skill to take advantage of this opportunity is the ability to speak multiple languages.

It is no longer just global corporations that are doing business in multiple countries and continents. Even small to medium-size businesses are now realizing the opportunities available outside of their physical borders. These companies are looking for multilingual employees that can take their business to the next level and maximize reach and opportunity.

Learning a new language online in 2021 can do wonders for your career. Whether you are looking to go in a new direction and start a new career or are looking to move up in your current position, speaking multiple languages will make you a valuable asset.

The first few months of any year are important. In 2021, they could be even more important. The world is a big place, but it has gotten more accessible and 2020 made the world a much smaller place. Take advantage of this new opportunity by learning a new language online this year.

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