3 activities outside the classroom that will help you learn Spanish fast


Kyle Carney

The first question most people ask when learning Spanish is: How can I learn Spanish fast? The answer is a combination of two things: find an immersive Spanish course and find ways to interact with the Spanish language outside of your classes.

The benefits of immersive language learning are well documented and have been proven to be the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language. For this post, we will discuss the second element to learning Spanish fast: how to interact with Spanish outside of the classroom.

Watch television and movies in Spanish with subtitles

Viewing visual media in Spanish will give you the opportunity to listen, watch and read. Combining all these different stimuli will help you retain the information you are digesting. Another distinct advantage to visual media is you will be able to understand how Spanish is used by native speakers.

One of the keys to making this activity beneficial is to diversify what you watch. You should watch all types of content, including news, entertainment and sports. These different types of media all use different types of Spanish. This approach will allow you to hear very formal Spanish (news) and very informal Spanish (sports and entertainment).

One last tip for this activity is to diversify the location of the broadcasts if possible. Just like English, Spanish has dialects based on the location, so listening and interacting with visual media from different regions will give you the best chance to learn Spanish fast.

Attend Spanish cultural events

With just a little online research, it is pretty easy to find Spanish cultural events to attend. These could be community events, museums, sporting events, musical acts or much more! These events will not only give you the opportunity to use your Spanish skills to interact with other attendees, but will also allow you to immerse yourself in Spanish culture.

When you learn Spanish, it is about more than just understanding the words and phrases of the language. It is about understanding the context and how the language is used. Spanish cultural events will give you a first-hand account of these interactions and can greatly enhance your ability to learn Spanish.

Join or follow Spanish groups and organizations

The beauty of joining Spanish groups and organizations is it can now be done from the comfort of your couch. From Facebook to Reddit, the internet has opened up the world more than any other innovation. When it comes to learning Spanish, you can take advantage of the internet by joining or following groups and organizations that speak Spanish.

The same way immersive Spanish classes will help you learn the language faster, immersing yourself in the language outside the classroom will help you learn even faster. Whether it is in-person or online Spanish groups and organizations, the routine interaction is the key. Unlike cultural events or media, these groups will have routine interaction. It also combines the ability to both interact and analyze, which allows you to get comfortable before deciding to engage with the audience.

The Berlitz Method is a proven language learning technique that has been proven to be the fastest, most effective way to learn Spanish. Still, if you want to truly become an expert in using the language, it will be up to you to continue to practice and learn outside of the Spanish lessons. This means finding ways to interact with the language.

The three activities outlined in this post are the best opportunities for learning Spanish fast.

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