A globetrotter's full guide to nationalities & countries in Italian


Tinamaria Colaizzi

Learning a new language can open the doors - and borders - to new countries and people. As you embark on your own Italian language-learning adventures, you are going to engage in numerous conversations as you meet new people.

Some of the most common initial topics usually involve greetings, introducing yourself, and talking about where you are from.

In this article, we’re going to give you a detailed look at countries, cities, and nationalities in Italian so that you’ll be able to confidently say where you are from in Italian. Although this topic might be one of the first things you cover while learning Italian, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the subtle differences in the Italian spelling and pronunciation of different places.

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait…can’t I just use my native language when talking about different places in the world? Why do I need to know the Italian versions and pronunciation?” Well, you’re actually pretty likely to find yourself in situations that require some knowledge of the Italian versions and pronunciation of different places!

Here are just a few examples:

  • You’re in an Italian airport and have a connecting flight from Rome to Paris. You probably won’t hear “Paris” on the intercom, but rather, Parigi.
  • You’ve moved to Italy (yay!). You’re at the Italian questura (police station) and must register yourself at your new address. It would be helpful to know how your country and hometown are pronounced in Italian so that you can effectively communicate with the officials.
  • You’ve just started a new remote job with offices in Italy. You’ll need to talk about major cities in Italian with your Italian colleagues, and you want to make sure you’re saying them correctly.
  • You meet new friends at the local bar and want to talk about where you’re from. You can avoid potentially puzzled looks when you say that you’re from Svezia instead of “Sweden”!

Whatever your reason may be, learning how to talk about where you’re from in Italian will help you make new connections and broaden your horizons while using the language!

Woman talking about where she is from in Italian.

List of countries in Italian

We have 116 different countries in our tables below, separated based on where they are in the world. Before we delve into each table, there are just a couple of things to point out. Mainly, you’ll notice the use of Italian articles (il, la, le, i, gli) that come before each country.

Even if some translations are spelled exactly the same in English, pay attention to the pronunciation column, which features the stressed syllable in bold. There might be some changes in the syllable stress!

And with that, we are ready to embark on our journey around the globe. First stop: Africa!

African countries in Italian

Check out this list of African countries and notice the slight differences between the English and Italian versions. This table also features varying ways to say and spell some countries (like Kenya).

English Italian IPA Pronunciation Flag
Algeria L’Algeria alʤeˈria ahl-je-ree-ah 🇩🇿
Angola L’Angola æŋˈɡəʊ.lə ahn-go-la 🇦🇴
Cameroon Il Camerun kame'run cah-me-roon 🇨🇲
Cape Verde Il Capo Verde ‘kapo verde cah-po veer-deh 🇨🇻
Republic of the Congo La Repubblica del Congo reˈpuβlika ‘del ˈkɔnɡo re-poo-blee-cah del con-go 🇨🇬
Egypt L’Egitto eˈd͡ʒitto eh-gee-toe 🇪🇬
Equatorial Guinea La Guinea Equatoriale ɡwinea ekwatoˈrjal gwee-neh-ah eh-qwa-toe-ree-ah-leh 🇬🇶
Ethiopia L’Etiopia eti.ˈɔpja eh-tee-oh-pee-ah 🇪🇹
Ghana Il Ghana ˈɡana gah-na 🇬🇭
Ivory Coast La Costa d’Avorio ˈkɔsta daˈvɔrjo coh-sta dah-vo-ree-oh 🇨🇮
Kenya Il Kenia / Chenia / Kenya ˈkɛnja keh-nya 🇰🇪
Libya La Libia ˈlibja lee-bee-yah 🇱🇾
Mauritius Le Isole Mauritius / Le Mauritius / Maurizio ˈizole məˑrɪʃ(ⁱ)əs /məˑrɪʃ(ⁱ)əs /mau̯rittsjo ee-so-leh maur-ee-shius / maur-ee-shius / maur-ee-zio 🇲🇺
Morocco Il Marocco maˈrɔkko mah-rock-oh 🇲🇦
Mozambique Il Mozambico mottsambiko moh-zam-beek-oh 🇲🇿
Nigeria La Nigeria niˈʤɛrja nee-je-ree-ah 🇳🇬
Rwanda Il Ruanda ruˈanda roo-an-da 🇷🇼
Senegal Il Senegal seneˈɡal seh-neh-gal 🇸🇳
Somalia La Somalia somalja so-ma-lee-ah 🇸🇴
South Africa Il Sudafrica sud ‘afrika sood ah-free-ka 🇿🇦
Sudan Il Sudan sudan soo-dahn 🇸🇩
Syria La Siria sirja see-ree-ah 🇸🇾
Tunisia La Tunisia tunizja too-nee-see-ah 🇹🇳
Uganda L’Uganda uganda oo-gahn-dah 🇺🇬
Zimbabwe Lo Zimbabwe zimˈbabwe zeem-bahb-weh 🇿🇼

American countries in Italian

A lot of our readers are from North America, which would fall into this category. Remember: even though some spellings may look the same, the pronunciation may be different. For instance, “Canada” in Italian features the shorter “a” that sounds more like “ah”.

English Italian IPA Pronunciation Flag
Argentina L’Argentina aɾxenˈtina ar-jen-tee-na 🇦🇷
Belize Il Belize / Belise belittse / belize beh-lee-zeh 🇧🇿
Bolivia La Bolivia bolivja bo-lee-vee-ah 🇧🇴
Brazil Il Brasile braˈzile bra-see-leh 🇧🇷
Canada Il Canada kanaˈda cah-na-da 🇨🇦
Chile Il Cile ˈt͡ʃile chee-leh 🇨🇱
Colombia La Colombia ko'lombja co-lom-bya 🇨🇴
Costa Rica La Costa Rica / Costarica ˈkɔsta rika coh-sta ree-ka 🇨🇷
Dominican Republic La Repubblica Dominicana reˈpuβlika dominiˈkana re-poob-lee-cah do-min-ee-cah-na 🇩🇴
Jamaica La Giamaica dʒamai̯ka ja-may-ka 🇯🇲
Mexico Il Messico messiko mess-ee-co 🇲🇽
Panama Le Panama 'panama pah-nah-ma 🇵🇦
Peru Il Perù peˈɾu peh-roo 🇵🇪
Trinidad and Tobago (Le isole di) Trinidad e Tobago trinidad ˈe ttobaɡo tri-ni-dad eh toe-bah-go 🇹🇹
United States Gli Stati Uniti ˈstati uˈniti sta-tee oo-nee-tee 🇺🇸

Asian countries in Italian

The third stop on our journey is Asia, and these countries also feature some stress changes in pronunciation.

English Italian IPA Pronunciation Flag
Armenia L’Armenia armenja ar-me-nee-ah 🇦🇲
Azerbaijan L’Azerbaigian aʣʣerbaiˈʤan ah-zer-bye-jan 🇦🇿
Bangladesh Il Bangladesh banɡlaˈdɛʃ bang-la-desh 🇧🇩
Cambodia La Cambogia kambodʒa cam-bo-jia 🇰🇭
China La Cina ˈtʃina chee-na 🇨🇳
India L’India inˈdia in-dee-ah 🇮🇳
Indonesia L’Indonesia indonezja in-doe-nee-see-ah 🇮🇩
Iran L’Iran iˈrɑːn ee-ran 🇮🇷
Iraq L’Iraq iˈrak ee-rak 🇮🇶
Japan Il Giappone ʤapˈpoːne ja-poe-neh 🇯🇵
Jordan La Giordania dʒordanja jor-dah-nee-ah 🇯🇴
Kazakhstan Il Kazakistan kadˈd͡za.ki.stan kat-sak-ee-stan 🇰🇿
North Korea La Corea del Nord koˈrɛa ‘del ˈnɔrd cor-eh-ah del nord 🇰🇵
South Korea La Corea del Sud koˈrɛa ‘del sud cor-eh-ah del sud 🇰🇷
Lebanon Libano ˈli.ba.no lee-bah-no 🇱🇧
Malaysia La Malaysia maˈlaizja ma-la-ees-yah 🇲🇾
Mongolia La Mongolia monˈɡɔlja mon-go-lee-ah 🇲🇳
Myanmar La Birmania / Myanmar birˈmanja /ˌmjɑːnˈmɑ beer-mahn-yamee-an-mar 🇲🇲
Oman L’Oman ʕumaːn oh-mahn 🇴🇲
Pakistan Il Pakistan / Pachistan pa.ki.stan pahk-ee-stahn 🇵🇰
Palestine La Palestina pa.leˈsti.na pah-le-stee-na 🇵🇸
Philippines Le Filippine filipˈpine fe-lee-pee-neh 🇵🇭
Qatar Il Qatar ˈqɑtˤɑr ka-tar 🇶🇦
Saudi Arabia L’Arabia Saudita aˌɾabja sauˈdita ah-rah-bee-ah sau-dee-ta 🇸🇦
Singapore La Singapore sin.ɡaˈpo.re sing-ah-por-eh 🇸🇬
Sri Lanka La Sri Lanka sriˈlanka zri-lan-ka 🇱🇰
Thailand La Tailandia taiˈlandja tie-lan-dya 🇹🇭
Turkey La Turchia ˈturkja tur-key-ah 🇹🇷
United Arab Emirates Gli Emirati Arabi Uniti emiˈrati ˈarabi uˈniti em-ee-rah-tee ah-rah-bee oo-nee-tee 🇦🇪
Uzbekistan L’Uzbekistan / Usbechistan uˈzbɛ.ki.stan ooz-beck-ee-stan 🇺🇿
Vietnam Il Vietnam vjetˈnam vee-et-nam 🇻🇳
Yemen Lo Yemen ˈjɛmen yeh-men 🇾🇪

European countries in Italian

We’ve made it to Europe! This section may be particularly helpful if you’re traveling around Europe with Italian friends or passing through Italy on a European vacation.

English Italian IPA Pronunciation Flag
Albania L’Albania al.baˈni.a al-bah-nee-ah 🇦🇱
Andorra (Il Principato di) Andorra anˈdora an-dor-rah 🇦🇩
Austria L’Austria ˈaw.strja ow-stree-ah 🇦🇹
Belgium Il Belgio 'bɛlʤo bell-joe 🇧🇪
Bulgaria La Bulgaria bul.ɡaˈri.a bull-gah-ree-ah 🇧🇬
Croatia La Croazia kroˈat.t͡sja crow-ahz-ya 🇭🇷
Cyprus (La Repubblica di) Cipro ˈʧipro chee-pro 🇨🇾
Czechia La Repubblica Ceca / Cechia tʃekja re-poob-lee-cah check-a / ke-kee-ah 🇨🇿
Denmark La Danimarca da.niˈmar.ka dah-nee-mar-ka 🇩🇰
Finland La Finlandia finˈlan.dja fin-lan-dee-ah 🇫🇮
France La Francia ˈfrantʃa fran-cha 🇫🇷
Germany La Germania dʒerˈmanja jer-mahn-ee-ah 🇩🇪
Greece La Grecia ɡretʃa greh-cha 🇬🇷
Hungary L’Ungheria un.ɡeˈri.a un-ghe-ree-ah 🇭🇺
Iceland L’Islanda iˈzlan.da is-lan-da 🇮🇸
Ireland L’Irlanda iɾˈlanda ir-lan-da 🇮🇪
Italy L’Italia i.t̪a.li.a ee-tah-lya 🇮🇹
Lithuania La Lituania li.tuˈa.ni.a lee-two-an-ya 🇱🇹
Luxembourg Il Lussemburgo lus.semˈbur.ɡo luss-em-boor-go 🇱🇺
The Netherlands I Paesi Bassi paˈɛzi ˈbassi ee pa-eh-see bass-ee 🇳🇱
Norway (Il Regno di) Norvegia norˈvɛ.d͡ʒa nor-veh-ja 🇳🇴
Poland La Polonia poˈlɔnja poe-low-nee-ah 🇵🇱
Portugal Il Portogallo por.toˈɡal.lo pour-toe-gall-oh 🇵🇹
Romania La Romania ˈro̞mɑˌniɑ ro-mah-nee-ah 🇷🇴
Russia La Russia ˈrus.sja russ-ya 🇷🇺
Serbia La Serbia ˈseɾ.β̞ja ser-bya 🇷🇸
Slovakia La Slovacchia zloˈvak.kja slow-vahk-ya 🇸🇰
Slovenia La Slovenia zlovenja slow-veh-nya 🇸🇮
Spain La Spagna ˈspaɲ.ɲa spa-neea 🇪🇸
Sweden La Svezia ˈzvɛt.t͡sja sve-zya 🇸🇪
Switzerland La Svizzera ˈzvit.t͡se.ra svee-zeh-ra 🇨🇭
Ukraine L’Ucraìna/ Ucràina uˈkraj.na oo-cra-nee-ah 🇺🇦
United Kingdom Il Regno Unito ˈreɲɲo uˈnito reh-nio oo-nee-toe 🇬🇧

Oceanian countries in Italian

Our last group includes the beautiful Oceanian countries! Take a look at the spelling and pronunciation below.

English Italian IPA Pronunciation Flag
Australia L’Australia auˈstralja ow-stra-lee-ah 🇦🇺
Federated States of Micronesia Gli Stati Federati di Micronesia / Micronesia ˈstati fedeˈrati di mikronezja /mikronezja lee stah-tee fe-de-rah-tee dee mee-cro-neh-sya 🇫🇲
Fiji Le Figi ˈfidʒi fee-jee 🇫🇯
Kiribati Le Kiribati 'kiribas ki-ree-bah-tee 🇰🇮
New Zealand La Nuova Zelanda ˈnwɔva dzelanda noo-oh-vah ze-lan-da 🇳🇿
Papua New Guinea La Papua Nuova Guinea papwa ˈnwɔva ɡwinea pah-poo-ah noo-oh-vah gwee-neh-ah 🇵🇬
Samoa Le Samoa saˈmoa sah-mow-ah 🇼🇸
Solomon Islands Le Isole Salomone ˈizole salomone ee-so-leh sah-low-mow-neh 🇸🇧
Tonga (Il Regno di) Tonga ˈt̪õŋ.ɡa ton-gah 🇹🇴
Vanuatu (La Repubblica di) Vanuatu baˈnwatu vah-noo-ah-too 🇻🇺

List of major cities in Italian

Now that we’ve looked at countries, it’s time to go more in-depth and look at cities. The following two tables have a list of major global cities and major American cities. Read through them and see if your favorite cities or hometown are on the lists!

The city of Bangkok in Italian.

English Italian IPA Pronunciation
Tokyo Tokio ˈtɔkjo toe-kyo
Delhi Delhi ˈdel.i deh-lee
Shanghai Shanghai ʃanˈɡaj shang-hi
São Paulo San Paolo ˈsam ˈpa.o.lo san pow-lo
Mexico City Città del Messico ˈtʃitta ‘del ˈmɛs.si.ko chee-tah del mess-ee-ko
Cairo Cairo ˈkaɪɹoʊ kai-row
Mumbai Bombay bomˈbɛi bom-bay
Beijing Pechino peˈkino pe-kee-no
Dhaka Dacca dakka dah-ka
Osaka Osaka oˈzaka oh-sa-ka
Karachi Karachi kəˈrɑːtʃi ka-ra-chee
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires ˌbwe.nos ˈai̯.ɾes bwen-os ay-res
Chongqing Chongqing ˌt͡ʃɔŋˈt͡ʃɪŋ chong-ching
Istanbul Istanbul ɪstænˈbʊl ees-tahn-bul
Kolkata Calcutta kælˈkʌtə kal-coo-tah
Manila Manila maˈɲi.la mah-nee-la
Lagos Lagos ˈla.ɡos lah-goes
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro ˈri.o de ʒaˈnɛj.ro ree-oh deh jah-nay-ro
Kinshasa Kinshasa kɪnˈʃɑːsə keen-sha-za
Guangzhou Guangzhou ‘ɡwɑŋˈdʒoʊ guan-zhoo
Moscow Mosca ˈmo.ska mos-ka
Lahore Lahore laore la-oh-re
Bangalore Bangalore ˌbæŋɡəˈlɔː bahn-gah-lo-reh
Paris Parigi paˈriʤi pa-ree-gee
Bogotá Bogotà boʊ.ɡəˈtɑ: boh-go-tah
Jakarta Giacarta dʒakarta ja-car-tah
Bangkok Bangkok bæŋˈkɑːk bang-kok
Seoul Seul se.'ul se-ool
London Londra ˈlondɾa̝ lon-dra
Tehran Teheran ˈtɛ.ɹæn teh-rahn
Ho Chi Minh City Città di Ho Chi Minh ˈtʃitta di ˈɔ ˈkki mmin chee-tah dee ho chee min
Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur kuˈɑːlə ˈlʊmpə(ɹ) coo-ah-la loom-pur
Riyadh Riad ar riˈjaːdˤ ree-ad
Baghdad Bagdad baɡˈdad bahg-dad
Toronto Toronto təˈɹɒntoʊ̯ toe-ron-toe
Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam ˌdɑɹɛssəˈlɑm dar es sah-laam
Singapore Singapore sin.ɡaˈpo.re seen-gah-po-reh
Johannesburg Johannesburg dʒoannezburɡ yo-han-es-burg
Saint Petersburg San Pietroburgo ˈsam pje.troˈbur.ɡo san pee-yeh-tro-burg-oh
Yangon Yangon jɑŋˈɡɑn yan-gone
Sydney Sidney ˈsɪdni seed-nay
Melbourne Melbourne ˈmɛlbərn mel-burn
Auckland Auckland ˈɔːklənd oak-land
Montreal Montrèal mɔ̃ʁeal mon-treh-all
Vancouver Vancouver vænˈkuː.vɚ van-coo-ver
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi ɑː.buːˈdɑː.bi ah-boo dah-bee
Abuja Abuja əˈbuː.dʒə ah-boo-ja
Accra Accra əˈkrɑː ak-rah
Addis Ababa Addis Abeba adˈdis ˈaβəβa ah-dees ah-beh-ba
Algiers Algeri alˈʤɛri ahl-jer-ry
Amsterdam Amsterdam ˌæmstəˈdæm am-ster-dahm
Ankara Ankara anˈkaɾa an-ka-rah
Athens Atene aˈtɛne ah-teh-neh
Berlin Berlino berˈlino ber-lee-no
Bern Berna ˈbɛrna ber-nah
Brasília Brasilia braˈzilja brah-see-lee-ah
Brazzaville Brazzaville ˈbɹɑːzəvɪl brah-za-veel
Brussels Bruxelles bʁyk.sɛl brux-elle
Bucharest Bucarest bu.ka.rest boo-ca-rest
Budapest Budapest ˈbu.da.pest boo-da-pest
Canberra Canberra ˈkænbɹə can-ber-ra
Colombo Colombo koˈlom.bo co-lom-bo
Copenhagen Copenaghen ˈkoʊpənˌheɪɡən co-pen-ha-gen
Dakar Dakar ˈda.kar dah-kar
Damascus Damasco daˈma.sko dah-mas-co
Doha Doha ˈdoa doe-ah
Dublin Dublino duˈbli.no doo-blee-no
Hanoi Hanoi hɑːˈnɔɪ ha-noy
Helsinki Helsinki xelˈsinki hell-seen-kee
Islamabad Islamabad ɪzˈlɑːməˌbɑːd ees-lah-mah-bad
Jerusalem Gerusalemme d͡ʒe.ru.zaˈlɛm.me jeer-oo-sah-leh-meh
Kingston Kingston ˈkɪŋ.stən keeng-ston
Lisbon Lisbona lizˈboːna lees-boh-na
Nairobi Nairobi najˈrɔ.bi ny-roh-bee
Oslo Oslo ˈɔ.zlo os-low
Ottawa Ottawa oˈt̪a.wa ott-ah-wah
Panama City Panamá pa.na.ma pah-na-ma
Phnom Penh Phnom Penh pəˈnɔːm ˈpɛn fa-nom pen
Prague Praga ˈpra.ɡa pra-gah
Rabat Rabat raˈbat rah-baht
Reykjavík Reykjavik ˈrɛj.kja.vik ray-kya-vik
Rome Roma ˈro.ma row-mah
Santiago Santiago sanˈtjaɡo san-tee-ah-go
Stockholm Stoccolma stokˈkol.ma stock-ol-mah
Taipei Taipei taɪˈpeɪ tie-pay
Vienna Vienna ˈvjɛn.na vee-en-na
Wellington Wellington ˈwɛl.ɪŋ.tən well-ing-ton
Warsaw Varsavia varˈsa.vja var-sah-vya
Zagreb Zagabria d͡zaˈɡa.brja za-gah-bree-ah

List of major cities in the United States

English Italian IPA Pronunciation
New York City New York njuˈjɔrk new york
Los Angeles Los Angeles lɔːs ˈændʒələs los an-je-les
Chicago Chicago ʧiˈkaɡo chee-cah-go
Houston Houston ˈhjuːstən hyou-ston
Phoenix Phoenix ˈfiːniks fee-nix
Philadelphia Filadelfia ˌfɪl.əˈdel.fi.ə fee-la-del-fee-ah
San Antonio San Antonio ˌsan anˈtonjo san an-toe-nee-oh
San Diego San Diego ˌsæn diˈeɪɡoʊ san dee-eh-go
Dallas Dallas dæləs dah-las
San Jose San Jose ˌsæn hoʊˈseɪ san ho-say
Austin Austin ˈɔstɪn au-steen
Columbus Columbus kəˈlʌmbəs co-lom-boos
Charlotte Charlotte ˈʃɑɹlət char-lotte
San Francisco San Francisco ˌsan fɾanˈsisko san fran-sees-ko
Seattle Seattle siˈætl̩ see-att-le
Denver Denver ˈdɛnvɚ den-ver
Washington, D.C. Washington D.C ˈwɔʃʃinton wa-sheeng-ton dee-see
Boston Boston ˈbɔstən bos-ton

Nationalities in Italian

The last thing we’ll look at before putting all of this information together is nationalities. You’ll notice that those ending with -ese do not need to be altered based on male or female genders. However, the other nationalities have different endings (o or a) depending on gender. We’ll give you a few examples in the next section, but remember that you would use the verb essere (to be) when talking about your nationality.

Nationalities in Italian.

A note about Americans and British citizens

If you’re from the United States or a British citizen, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First off, Americans might assume that “Sono americano/a.” is the only way to say “I’m American”. But technically, there’s a slightly better (and more specific) way to say this!

Think about it: there are many different countries that would fall into the category of the Americas, so it’s usually best to specify which country in the Americas you’re from. The best way to specify that you’re from the United States would be to say, “Sono statunitense.” This is especially true if you find yourself in formal situations, like talking to a customs officer or a police officer at the questura. With this being said, saying “Sono americano/a.” among friends and general acquaintances will still get the job done, and it’s fine to say.

British citizens, on the other hand, can specify their countries and nationalities in different ways. The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If this applies to you, you could say “Sono britannico. Vengo dalla Scozia.”, (I’m British. I’m from Scotland) or you could simply say “Sono Scozzese.”.

To go more in-depth on this, check out our article that breaks down different ways to talk about where you’re from!

Country Nationality in Italian IPA Pronunciation
Spain Spagnolo/a spa'ɲɔlo / spa'ɲɔla span-yo-lo / span-yo-la
Mexico Messicano/a mesːi'kano / mesːi'kana mess-ee-kah-no / mess-ee-kah-na
Argentina Argentino/a ardʒen'tino / ardʒen'tina ar-jen-tee-no / ar-jen-tee-na
Colombia Colombiano/a kolom'bjano / kolom'bjana ko-lom-bya-no / ko-lom-bya-na
Peru Peruviano/a peru'vjano / peru'vjana peh-roov-ya-no / peh-roov-ya-na
Puerto Rico Portoricano/a portoriˈkano / portoriˈkana por-to-ree-kah-no / por-to-ree-kah-na
Costa Rica Costaricano/a kostariˈkano / kostariˈkana cos-ta-ree-kah-no / cos-ta-ree-kah-na
United States Statunitense / americano/a statuniˈtɛnse / ameriˈkano ameriˈkana sta-tee-oo-nee-ten-se / ah-me-ree-kah-no / ah-me-ree-kah-na
Canada Canadese ka.naˈde.ze kah-na-deh-se
United Kingdom Britannico/a bri'tanːiko / bri'tanːika brih-tah-nee-ko / brih-tah-nee-ka
England Inglese in'ɡlese een-gle-seh
Northern Ireland Nord-Irlandese ‘nɔrd irlan'deze nord-eer-lahn-deh-seh
Ireland Irelandese irlan'deze eer-lahn-deh-seh
Wales Gallese ɡalˈle.ze gah-leh-seh
Scotland Scozzese sko'tːsese skot-seh-seh
France Francese fran'tʃeze fran-cheh-seh
Germany Tedesco/a te'desko / te'deska te-de-sko / te-de-ska
Italy Italiano/a ita'ljano / ita'ljana ee-tah-lya-no / ee-tah-lya-na
Switzerland Svizzero/a ˈzvit.t͡se.ro / ˈzvit.t͡se.ra svee-ze-ro / svee-ze-ra
Sweden Svedese zveˈde.ze sveh-deh-se
Australia Australiano/a ​​austra'ljano / austra'ljana aus-tra-lee-ah-no / aus-tra-lee-ah-na
Japan Giapponese dʒapːo'nese ja-poh-neh-se
China Cinese tʃi'nese chee-neh-se
India Indiano/a in'djano / in'djana een-dee-ah-no / een-dee-ah-na
South Africa Sud Africano/a sud afri'kano / sud afri'kana sud ah-free-cah-no / sud
Egypt Egiziano/a edi'tsjano /edi'tsjana eh-geetz-ya-no / eh-geetz-ya-na
Morocco Marocchino/a maro'kːino / maro'kːina ma-rock-ee-no / ma-rock-ee-na

Putting it all together

Now that we’ve read about countries, cities, and nationalities, it’s time to put everything together with some examples!

Notice how the cities in these examples were not on our “Major Cities” list, so the speakers specify where the city is located for more clarity. Another thing to point out is that nationalities are not capitalized in Italian, which is different from English.

Read through these examples and feel free to practice with your own nationality, country, and city! If you’d like to practice using the third person or more than one person, you can brush up on the verb essere:

  • Io sono
  • Tu sei
  • Lui / Lei è
  • Noi siamo
  • Voi siete
  • Loro sono
English Italian IPA Pronunciation
I’m American. I’m from Pittsburgh. It’s a city in Pennsylvania. Sono statunitense. Sono di Pittsburgh. È una città in Pennsylvania. sono statuniˈtɛnse ‖ sono di pittzburɡ ‖ ˈɛ ˈuna tʃitˈta im pennslvanja ‖ so-no sta-tee-oo-nee-ten-se ‖ so-no di peets-burg ‖ eh oo-na chee-tah een penn-sil-vah-nya
I’m a British citizen. I’m from Belfast, a city in Ireland. Sono un cittadino britannico. Sono di Belfast, una città in Nord Irlanda. sono un tʃittaˈdino briˈtanniko ‖ sono di belfast | ˈuna tʃitˈta in ˈnɔrd irlanda ‖ so-no oon chee-tah-dee-no bree-tah-nee-ko ‖ so-no di bell-fast, oo-na chee-tah een nord ir-lan-dah

Oh, the places you’ll go…

Now that we’re finished with our language journey around the globe, it’s time to start using all of your new expertise about countries, cities, and nationalities in Italian. Learning a new language really opens up new doors to different places, and we hope you’ll get to learn about where your new friends and acquaintances are from…in Italian, of course!

So, what’s next? You could explore many fun phrases to ask and answer questions about where you’re from, and even understand different ways to describe what your country or hometown is like. The options are endless!

No matter how advanced you become in Italian, it’s always helpful to review the basics of topics that can come up quite frequently, like talking about where you’re from. And don’t forget to brush up on your Italian vocabulary while you’re at it. Happy travels!

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