Cultural don’ts: Wearing swimwear in a Spanish city


Kyle Carney

When it comes to beach communities in America, it is generally acceptable to wear your swimsuit off the beach. While most stores will require shoes and possibly a shirt, you are not necessarily expected to completely coverup when entering a business near the beach. Around American beach communities, the streets are usually filled with both males and females wearing bathing suits.

In Spain, this is certainly not the case. It is customary to coverup when you are not on the beach. That includes just walking around. If you are not on the beach, for whatever reason, even if it just for a few minutes, you should always coverup. This is true for both men and women.

Some restaurants in Spanish beach communities will allow you to dine in your swimwear; however, you should not go inside the establishment. You will be able to eat in the outdoor seating area. Even in this instance, though, the custom is to coverup.

Within Spanish cities, swimwear should not be worn. In some Spanish cities, there are laws forbidding swimwear from being worn. You may receive a fine in cities such as Barcelona and Mallorca.

Traveling in Spain can be a life-changing experience. The beauty of the country and modern culture is the perfect mixture. If you are traveling to Spain, though, you should learn about the culture before you go. While many people will take the time to learn Spanish (at least at a basic level), very few people take the extra time to learn about culture. Something as simple as wearing your bathing suit off the beach can cause a serious issue in Spain and could possibly derail your trip. With this tip, you can avoid drawing the ire of Spanish citizens and enjoy your trip in peace.

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