214 cute & ridiculous nicknames in English for your fave people

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of nicknames in English! From the catchy and cool to the downright ridiculous, nicknames come in all shapes and sizes.

These pet names come in many forms and are a great way to show affection and closeness with friends and family or just a fun way to refer to your loved one.

Some people are blessed with a nickname that perfectly captures their personality, while others are stuck with a moniker that they'd rather forget. Whether you're a "Peanut," a "Pumpkin," or a "Muffin," one thing is for sure: nicknames are a fun and quirky way to add personality and flair to our lives.

In this article, we’ll share with you a list of English nicknames that you can use for your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, or family members to show them your love and affection.

So sit back, grab a drink, and get ready to laugh as we explore the strange and humorous world of nicknames whether it’s for your romantic partner, friends, or family members.

Friends saying cheers using nicknames in English

Nicknames in English for romantic partners

When it comes to romantic relationships, in particular, using pet names can be considered cheesy. But, a study found that couples who use pet names are actually happier in their relationship.

So, maybe that's your cue to start looking for a cute nickname for your romantic partner! Here are some nicknames you can use to call your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Nicknames for a boyfriend, husband, or cute guy

Saying “I love you” to your partner or someone you like may not always be the right thing to say. So, how do you express affection without saying these three little words? You can use nicknames!

The right nickname for your boyfriend will often depend on his personality and the nature of your relationship. These nicknames are a good start, but don’t limit yourself! Sometimes, the funniest and most affectionate nicknames come from spontaneous, romantic moments you share together.


IPA Spelling


Angel eɪndʒəl| ANN-juhl
Angel Boy ˈeɪndʒəlˌbɔɪ| ANN-juhl boy
Babe beɪb| BAYB
Baby ˈbeɪbi| BAY-bee
Bae ˈbaɪ| BAE
Boo bu| BOO
Boss bɒs| BAWS
Captain ˈkæptɪn| KAEP-tin
Chief tʃif| CHEEF
Cuddlebug ˈkʌdl̩bʌɡ| KUHD-uhl-buhg
Cuddlebunny ˈkʌdl̩ˈbʌni| KUHD-uhl-buhn-ee
Cuddlepie ˈkʌdl̩paɪ| KUHD-uhl-pye
Cutie Pie cutiepaɪ| KYOO-tee pye
Daddy ˈdædi| DAD-ee
Darling ˈdɑlɪŋ| DAR-ling
Darling Boy ˈdɑlɪŋˌbɔɪ| DAR-ling boy
Dumpling ˈdʌmpl̩ɪŋ| DUHM-pling
Honey ˈhʌni| HUHN-ee
Honeydew ˈhʌnidju| HUHN-ee-dyoou
Honeypie ˈhʌnipaɪ| HUHN-ee-pye
Hot Stuff ˈhɒtstʌf| hawt stuhf
Hottie hottie| HAWT-ee
King kɪŋ| KING
Lion ˈlaɪən| LYE-uhn
Love ˈlʌv| LUHV
Love Muffin ˈlʌvˈmʌfɪn| LUHV MUHF-in
Mister ˈmɪstə| MIHS-ter
Papi papi| PAH-pee
Peanut ˈpinʌt| PEE-nut
Prince prɪns| PRINS
Pumpkin ˈpʌmpkɪn| PUHM-kin
Romeo ˈromiˌəʊ| ROH-mee-oh
Snugglebug ˈsnʌɡl̩bʌɡ| SNUHG-uhl-buhg
Snugglebunny ˈsnʌɡl̩ˈbʌni| SNUHG-uhl-buhn-ee
Sugar ˈʃʊɡə| SHOO-ger
Sweet Pea ˈswitpi| swēt pē
Sweetheart ˈswithɑt| SWEET-hart
Sweetie ˈswiti| SWEET-ee
Sweetie Pie ˈswitipaɪ| SWEET-ee pye
Tiger ˈtaɪɡə| TYE-gur

Nicknames for a girlfriend or wife

Do you want to express to your wife or girlfriend how beautiful, sexy, or sweet she is? These pet names are a great way to show affection and appreciation for her whenever you turn to her. We’re sure she’ll love it!


IPA Spelling


Angel |ˈeɪndʒəl| ANN-juhl
Babe beɪb| BAYB
Baby ˈbeɪbi| BAY-bee
Bae ˈbaɪ| BAE
Boo bu| BOO
Bunny ˈbʌni| BUHN-ee
Cupcake ˈkʌpkeɪk| KUHP-kayk
Cutie cutie| KYOO-tee
Cutie Pie cutiepaɪ| KYOO-tee-PYE
Darling ˈdɑlɪŋ| DAR-ling
Dear dɪə| DEER
Dumpling ˈdʌmpl̩ɪŋ| DUHM-pling
Goddess ˈɡɒdɪs| GAHD-is
Honey ˈhʌni| HUHN-ee
Honey Bunny ˈhʌniˈbʌni| HUHN-ee-BUHN-ee
Honeybee ˈhʌnibi| HUHN-ee-be
Hot Stuff ˈhɒtstʌf| hawt-stuhf
Hottie hottie| HAWT-ee
Hun hʌn| HUHN
Kitty ˈkɪti| KIHT-ee
Light of My Life laɪtəvmaɪlife| lahyt-uhv-mah-lahyf
Love ˈlʌv| LUHV
Lovebug ˈlʌvbʌɡ| LUHV-buhg
Monkey ˈmʌŋki| MUHNG-kee
Muffin ˈmʌfɪn| MUHF-in
Pooh Bear ˈpubeə| POO-buhr
Princess prɪnˈses| PRIN-sis
Queen kwin| KEEN
Snowflake ˈsnəʊfleɪk| SNOH-flayk
Sunshine ˈsʌnʃaɪn| SUHN-shyne
Sweet Pie ˈswitpaɪ| swēt-pī
Sweetie ˈswiti| SWEET-ee
Wifey wifey| WIF-ee

Nicknames in English for family members

Cute, loving, and funny nicknames aren’t just for your romantic partner. You can also use them to show love and affection for your family.

Nicknames for your grandma and grandpa

Grandma and grandpa are one of the most important people in everyone’s life. They have been there for you since the day you were born. Apart from our parents, our grandparents are the ones who give us the most genuine love, support and advice.

They are still with us in our hearts and minds even if they aren't around anymore. We never forget them or stop thinking about them. And if they are still with you, show them as much love and affection as possible.

Here are some nicknames for grandma and grandpa:


IPA Spelling


Nana |ˈnænə| NAH-nuh
Papa pəˈpɑ| PAH-puh
Grammy ˈɡræmi| GRAM-ee
Gramps gramps| GRAMPS
Mimi ˈmimi| MEE-mee
Pop Pop pɒppɒp| PAHP PAHP
Nanny ˈnæni| NAN-ee
Pappy pappy| PAH-pee
Meemaw meemaw| MEE-maw
Peepaw peepaw| PEE-paw
Momsie momsie| MAHM-see
Popsie popsie| PAHP-see
Gigi ˈdʒidʒi| GEE-jee
Lolly and Pop ˈlɒliəndpɒp| LAH-lee and PAHP
Momo and Papo momoəndpæˈpəʊ| MAH-moh and PAH-poh
Mawmaw and Pawpaw mawmawəndˈpɔpɔ| MAW-maw and PAW-paw
Meme and Papaw memeəndˈpɔpɔ| MEE-mee and PAH-paw
Gramms and Gramps ɡræmzəndgramps| GRAMZ and GRAMPS
Grammie and Grampie gramieəndgrampie| GRAM-ee and GRAM-pee

Nicknames for moms and dads

Your parents are the ones who are always there to love and care for you. Your mom and dad have a special place in your life and heart - and you have a special place in theirs.

Here are 10+ nicknames for mom and dad, which may help you to express your love for them.


IPA Spelling


Mommy ˈmɑmi | MAH-mee
Daddy ˈdædi | DAD-ee
Mama məˈmɑ | MAH-mah
Papa pəˈpɑ | PAH-pah
Momsie momsie | MAHM-see
Popsie popsie | PAHP-see
Mama Bear məˈmɑ beə | MAH-mah BEER
Papa Bear pəˈpɑ beə | PAH-pah BEER
Momma ˈmɑmə | MAHM-mah
Poppa ˈpɒpə | PAHP-pah
Pop pɒp | PAHP

49 nicknames for sisters and brothers

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a sibling that is close to you, then she or he surely has a knack for making the most important moments of your life memorable. And even though you may be fighting a lot, as teenagers or as adults, your brother or sister will always be there for you.

If you want to keep your sibling close and make them feel special, then get them a nickname that is unique and funny. They will surely appreciate it because they know how much you care about them.

Here’s a list of 49 cute and funny nicknames for your brother or sister.


IPA Spelling


Issy ˈɪsi | iss-ee
See see ˈsi ˈsi | see see
Sissy ˈsɪsi | siss-ee
Sista sista | siss-tah
Sistie sistie | siss-tee
Sis ˌes ˈaɪz | siss
Miss sis mɪs ˌes ˈaɪz | miss siss
Missy ˈmɪsi | miss-ee
Missy Sissy ˈmɪsi ˈsɪsi | miss-ee siss-ee
Boo Boo bubu | boo boo
Hermana ermana | air-mah-nah
Hermanita ermanita | air-mah-nee-tah
Little Lady ˈlɪtl̩ ˈleɪdi | lit-l lay-dee
Mini mini | min-ee
Miss mini mɪs mini | miss min-ee
Mini me mini mi | min-ee mee
Ninnie ninnie | nin-ee
Baby ˈbeɪbi | bay-bee
Lil one ˈlɪl wʌn | lill wun
Lil sis ˈlɪl ˌes ˈaɪz | lill siss
She-Devil ˈʃi ˈdevl̩ | shee-dev-uhl
Munchkin munchkin | munch-kin
Short stuff ʃɔt stʌf | short stuff
Wee-one ˈwi wʌn | wee wun
Newbie newbie | new-bee
Eenie meenie eenie meenie | een-ee meen-ee
Princess prɪnˈses | prin-sess
Queenie ˈkwini | kwee-nee
Bro ˈbrəʊ | BRO
Baby Bro ˌbeɪbi ˈbrəʊ | BAY-bee BRO
Baby Face ˌbeɪbi feɪs | BAY-bee FAYS
Bam Bam ˈbæm ˈbæm | BAM BAM
Bambino bæmˈbinəʊ | bahm-BEE-noh
Big Bro bɪg ˈbrəʊ | BIG BRO
Big Dude bɪg djud | BIG DYOO-d
Big Guy bɪg ɡaɪ | BIG GUY
Big Man bɪg θɜ | BIG MAN
Biggie ˈbɪɡi | BIHG-ee
Bobo ˈbobəʊ | BOH-boh
BooBoo bubu | BOO BOO
Little Bro ˈlɪtl̩ ˈbrəʊ | LIHT-uhl BRO
Little Dude ˈlɪtl̩ djud | LIHT-uhl DYOO-d
Little Guy ˈlɪtl̩ ɡaɪ | LIHT-uhl GUY
Little Man ˈlɪtl̩ θɜ | LIHT-uhl MAN
Brominator ˈbrəʊminator | BROHM-ih-nayt-er
Brommando ˈbrəʊmando | BROHM-mahn-doh
Hermano ermano | er-MAH-noh
Hermanito ermanito | er-mah-NEE-toh
Trouble ˈtrʌbl̩ | TRUHB-uhl

Cute nicknames for your best friend

Cute nicknames fir your bestie while studying in a library.

If you want to call your friend a special name that strengthens your bond, you can use a nickname. It shows that you care about them and makes them feel special.

But sometimes, nicknames can make things worse. So you need to be careful when choosing the right nickname to convey the right message and not make things awkward.

Here are some cute, loving and funny nicknames for your best friend.

Cute nicknames for your girl best friend

Your bestie is your ride or die. You tell each other everything and spend your afternoons gossiping over the phone. Here are some cute and loving nicknames you can call her to show her how much you love her.


IPA Spelling


Bestie bestie | BEH-stee
BFF ˈbi ef ef | B-F-F
Chica chica | CHEE-kah
Forever Friend fəˈrevə ˈfrend | FOH-ver FREND
Gal ɡæl | GAHL
Girly girly | GEER-lee
Homegirl həʊm ɡɜl | HOHM-gurl
Missy ˈmɪsi | MIHS-ee
Queen kwin | KEEN
Señorita señorita | seh-nyoh-REE-tah
Sis ˌes ˈaɪz | SIS
Soul Sister ˈsəʊl ˈsɪstə | SOH-uhl SIS-ter

Fun nicknames for your guy best friend

Every girl deserves to have a guy best friend. Someone who can give you advice when you fight with your boyfriend or just need a shoulder to cry on. Someone who can show you a different outlook on life from his male perspective.

Here are some fun and loving nicknames for your guy best friend.


IPA Spelling


Amigo əˈmiɡəʊ | ah-MEE-goh
Bro ˈbrəʊ | BRO
Bubba ˈbəbə | BUH-buh
Buck bʌk | BUK
Bud bʌd | BUHD
Buddy ˈbʌdi | BUHD-ee
Champ tʃæmp | CHAEMP
Chief tʃif | CHEEF
Coach kəʊtʃ | KOHCH
Junior ˈdʒunɪə | JOON-yuhr
King kɪŋ | KING
Pal pæl | PAHL
Punk pʌŋk | PUNK
Senior ˈsinɪə | SEE-nyuhr
Slim slɪm | SLIM
Sport spɔt | SPAWRT

Funny nicknames for everyone

Nicknames are a great way to add some fun into your relationships. They aren’t reserved just for your romantic partner. You can have fun giving nicknames to literally anyone in your life - from your annoying little brother to your orange cat you named Garfield.

However, here’s the thing with nicknames: you have to be careful not to offend the other person. Remember that sometimes there’s a thin line between funny and offensive.

Here are some funny nicknames for anyone in your life. Use them for inspiration to come up with your own.



IPA Spelling


Ace Brother, friend, pet eɪs | AYS
Bee Sister, girlfriend, friend bi | BEE
Bond Brother, friend, pet bɒnd | BAWND
Bonny Lass Sister, girlfriend, friend ˈbɒni læs | BAHN-ee LAHS
Boo Boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, pet bu | BOO
Boomer Dad, grandpa ˈbumə | BOO-muhr
Bug Brother, friend, pet bʌɡ | BUG
Buttercup Sister, girlfriend, friend ˈbʌtəkʌp | BUHT-er-kuhp
Chipmunk Brother, boyfriend, friend ˈtʃɪpmʌŋk | CHIHP-muhnk
Cutie Pie Sister, girlfriend, friend cutie paɪ | KYOO-tee pye
Dolly Sister, girlfriend, friend ˈdɒli | DAHL-ee
Dottie Sister, girlfriend, friend ˈdɑti | DAHT-ee
Giggles Sister, friend ˈɡɪɡl̩z | GIHG-uhlz
Goon Brother, friend, pet ɡun | GOON
Gump Brother, friend, pet ˈɡəmp | GUHMP
Kiddo Brother kiddo | KIHD-oh
Lovey Sister, girlfriend, friend lovey | LUHV-ee
Mouse Sister, girlfriend, friend maʊs | MAWSS
Munchkin Sister, girlfriend, friend munchkin | MUHNCH-kin
Nugget Pet, brother ˈnʌɡɪt | NUHG-iht
Oldie Brother ˈəʊldi | OH-lee
Precious Sister, girlfriend, friend ˈpreʃəs | PREH-shuhs
Punk Brother, friend, pet pʌŋk | PUNK
Rambo Brother, friend, pet ˈræmbəʊ | RAM-boh
Rapunzel Sister, friend, pet rəˈpənzəl | rahp-oon-ZEHL
Scout Brother, friend, pet skaʊt | SKOWT
Shortie Girlfriend shortie | SHAWR-tee
Smarty Anyone smarty | SMAAHRT-ee
Smiley Sister, brother, friend, pet ˈsmaɪli | SMY-lee
Speedy Sister, brother, friend, pet ˈspidi | SPEE-dee
Sweetums Brother, boyfriend, friend sweetums | SWEET-uhmz
Teacup Pet, brother ˈtikʌp | TEE-kuhp
Teeny Sister, brother, friend, pet ˈtini | TEE-nee
Toots Brother, boyfriend, friend tuts | TOHTS

Nickname generators: Yes, there’s such a thing!

In the English language, there are many cute and funny nicknames you can use for your partner, best friend, or sibling.

But while there’s no shortage of popular and common pet names, you may want to come up with something original. Something that perfectly describes that person. Something unique that only you and them can share.

So, how do you do that? Aside from your creativity and spontaneous situations that may inspire an original nickname, you can get some inspiration from online nickname generators.

Here’s a list of some cool nickname generators you can use:

Do YOU have a nickname?

Phew! We’ve covered so many nicknames in this article we’re almost running out of creative ideas. Now, you’re equipped with a list of funny and cute nicknames for anyone: your loving boyfriend or girlfriend, your annoying sibling, or your caring parents.

But what about you? Do you have a nickname? Or maybe you have a few English nicknames? We’re curious to know!

And if you’d like to learn English a bit more, we invite you to browse through our English blog.

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