Our online courses make language learning enjoyable and easy.  Berlitz online courses combine the innovative, proven language learning techniques pioneered by Berlitz with a modern, customisable online learning portal to allow every student to get the most out of their course. We offer instructor-led live online language classes that let you interact in real-time with a native-fluent instructor. We also offer self-paced online language courses, where students learn at their own pace independently and can also practice with an instructor. 

Check out our online language class offerings below.

Benefits of online language classes with Berlitz

There are many benefits of online language learning with Berlitz, most notably, the ability to learn anywhere, while not sacrificing the results. Whether you want to learn Chinese online, English online or any other language we’ve got a program to suit your needs.

The curriculum delivered in the online language classes is the same as the curriculum delivered at any of our language centres. The only difference is with online learning, you are able to customise the program based on your availability and goals.

When you take an online language class with Berlitz, you:

  • Can schedule classes around your availability
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Study wherever you want
  • Remove travel, parking and traffic obstacles

Choose a language

One of the great benefits of Berlitz online courses is that you can learn a variety of languages, wherever you are. All of our online language courses are taught using the same quality content as our in-person classes to ensure that your experience is guaranteed to be an effective learning experience. Discover the online languages ​​we offer below: