Self-paced lessons with phone and Skype

Cyberteachers with phone and/or Skype lessons can help boost your language studies with assisted learning. Cyberteachers is our online self-paced learning program, that can be used in conjunction with phone or Skype lessons with a Berlitz instructor.  

These 30-min phone and/or Skype lessons can be scheduled anytime during your course. Speaking with a Berlitz instructor means you get immediate feedback and coaching along the way – helping you become fluent faster.

These sessions are available in 5 target language programs: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Easy lesson planning via NetPlanning

This online platform is designed to provide students with an easy to schedule their phone or Skype lessons. Learners can select from a number of booking options, according to their preferences and time availability. Also, our flexible lesson cancellation policy allows students to reschedule courses up to 6 hours before it starts.

A private teacher for effective communication

A team of more than 800 native language teachers is available 24/7 around the world. They are focused in different business areas, allowing for a perfect match to the student’s professional and personal preferences. Phone language lessons provide specialised training material designed to improve business communication skills.

The instructor is able to help you prepare for any specific situation, such as: introducing your company, negotiating, presiding during a meeting, writing a business letter, and more.

Learn at any time, anywhere

You can take your phone or Skype lessons from your home, your office, a hotel room or from any other location equipped with a landline telephone or internet. You simply have to indicate a preferred number and time slot for your session, and the instructor will call you anywhere in the world. These lessons allow those who are constantly on the move or with busy schedules to benefit from a personalised and efficient language course.

Learning a language by Skype is really simple

During the lesson, students just have to sit back and immerse themselves for 30 minutes in their new language. Using the virtual blackboard interface, the teacher guides the learner through the lesson by sharing documents, illustrations and short written messages.

After each session, the teacher sends a lesson report, summarising the points covered and giving instructions for the next appointment. Students are offered the possibility to evaluate the lesson and request special topics to be included in the next one.