Make learning Spanish fun for your kids.

Studies show that kids are more likely to learn when they feel like they are playing games or having fun. That is why Berlitz Play is designed to make learning Spanish a game for your kids!

Berlitz Play Spanish is available to kids between 7 and 14 years old. Our learning plans feature live, interactive online lessons with a Berlitz instructor. The lessons are delivered via Zoom and allow your child to interact with the instructor and other students in real-time. 

Our Berlitz Play Spanish courses also give you a free 1-year subscription to Guadalingo.

Benefits of Berlitz Play Spanish

Berlitz Play Spanish course details

Berlitz Play Spanish is available for two different age groups:

  • 7-10
  • 11-14
  • 40 total lessons (20 weeks total)
  • Lessons are 45 minutes long
  • 2 lessons per week

7-10 age group

  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 5:15-6 PM EST

11-14 age group

  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 5:15-6 PM EST
  • Lessons delivered via Zoom
  • High-speed internet
  • Desktop or laptop computer with a webcam (lessons should not be take on mobile phones)
  • Headset is recommended

Our flexible payment options allow you to either pay in full or pay in installments.

  • Pay in full
  • Installment plan options (payment schedules will be set up with a Berlitz advisor) 
    • Pay in 2 installments
    • Pay in 3 installments
    • Pay in 4 installments

Active screen time with professional instructors

All Berlitz Play Spanish learners are actively engaged during lessons. The focus of each lesson is on speaking, which means constant interaction with the instructor and other learners in real-time.

This interaction is led by our professionally trained instructors, who ensure each lesson is delivered to maximize engagement and continue to move forward. Throughout each lesson, our learners remain engaged and excited, which increases retention and build confidence.


A gaming approach to learning

Our Berlitz Play Spanish platform is designed to make learning Spanish a game. The interactive lessons and relatable content increase retention by making learning fun. 


Free Guadalingo access for 1 year included

Berlitz Play Spanish includes a free 1-year license to the Guadalingo app. Guadalingo makes learning Spanish fun. Your child will be able to create their own avatar and participate in fun gaming activities that will allow them to gain confidence speaking Spanish.

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