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Give your kids the chance to spend their summer learning a new language with our language immersion program.

This completely immersive program is a great way for your child to learn about a new language and culture, all while having fun and making new friends. Children can learn to speak their new language naturally in an engaging and effective way with the Berlitz Method, a highly conversational approach that gets them talking in their new language from the very beginning.

Language immersion summer camp

Enjoy creative and cross-cultural activities including games, songs and arts and crafts all while using their new language! Spend the day engaging with peers, playing, learning and developing skills that could one day take them on a real global adventure. The summer language immersion program will teach your kids:

  • An understanding of and appreciation for a different culture
  • How to get along and respect others who may be different
  • How to converse fluently with other children and adults

When available, the dates of our 2019 programs will appear here.

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