Learn Amharic with Berlitz

Learn to speak Amharic confidently with Berlitz. Using a mix of experiential learning, motivating challenges and direct feedback on form and nuance, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Amharic and how to speak the language in real-life situations.

How learning Amharic works with Berlitz

  • You will begin speaking the language from your very first Amharic lesson.
  • 80% of your Amharic classes will be spent speaking the language, ensuring a fast path to fluency.
  • Through direct feedback from your instructor, you will learn the cultural nuances of the language, giving you the skills to converse freely and confidently with native speakers.
  • We tailor Amharic lessons for all ages, including adults, teens and children.
  • With over 140 years of language experience, Berlitz offers you a proven, high-quality education.
  • We can create courses specifically for company groups whose employees need Amharic language skills.

Open your world with Amharic

Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia with around 26 million speakers, and it is considered a bridge language throughout the country (which has over 200 different languages). It is also spoken by millions of people outside Ethiopia including Ethiopian Jewish communities in Israel and by the Rastafari- who consider it to be a holy language. Described by some as the cradle of life, Ethiopia is home to the oldest human skeleton fossil, and it is a land worth exploring for its beauty, history and culture. Learning the language will not only help you navigate Ethiopia, but it will open up doors to opportunity and friendship across the land.

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