Gain fluency with our Advanced German courses

If you need to be fluent in German, our Advanced German courses are your best option. When it comes to fluency, the most important element to learning is exposure. And with our advanced courses, you will be completely immersed in the language as you learn German.

All of our advanced German course options feature live, instructor-led lessons, so you will get direct feedback from a native speaker. Only German is spoken too, so you will have maximum exposure to the language. This has proven to be the fastest way to gain fluency.

What you will learn in our Advanced German courses

When you finish the advanced levels, you will have all the tools to communicate effectively in any area. We tackle the most complex situations, both in social and professional environments. At the end of each of the levels that make up advanced German, you will be able to:

  • Define budgets and negotiate with clients
  • Define the importance of the brand in your company
  • Analyze sales and negotiation techniques
  • Write news or press releases
  • Describe the conditions of a promotion at work
  • Present a project
  • Take part in a question and answer session
  • Describe the vision and mission of a company
  • Lead a business meeting
  • Explain growth strategies and business plans
  • Discuss an innovation strategy
  • Make professional contacts
  • Know the language of a negotiation to use it correctly
  • Analyze global trends in your industry

Why Berlitz is your best option to learn German

Worldwide experience and presence

We have over 140 years of experience and a proven method of teaching languages. The quality of our courses makes us leaders in more than 70 countries around the world. At Berlitz, we help you achieve your goal of learning German!

Proven method

The Berlitz Method is 100% conversational. By this, we mean that all conversations within the classroom, whether you are learning in person or learning German online, are in German and in a real-life context. From the first day, you will begin to speak German.

Programs tailored to you

Berlitz offers a wide variety of courses, whether private, group or on your own. We have programs for all ages and needs, as well as solutions for your company. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the learning of German to your everyday life.

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