Learn Serbian with Berlitz

Speak Serbian like you live there thanks to the Berlitz method. Through immersion, you will learn the language on a deeper level and will be able to not only master grammar, syntax and meaning, but understand the nuances of Serbian and how to use it in every real-world setting.

How Serbian lessons with Berlitz work

  • Give yourself a proven high-quality education with Berlitz, one of the oldest and most respected language schools in America.
  • Your Serbian classes will have you speaking the language from your first lesson.
  • You will enjoy a highly practical education, spending 80% of your Serbian lessons actually speaking the language.
  • Thanks to direct feedback from your tutor, you will learn the cultural nuances of the language, ensuring you can converse freely in any situation.
  • Berlitz caters Serbian lessons to all age groups including adults, teens and children.
  • We can create programs for company groups whose employees need to get fluent fast.

Open your world with Serbian

Logical, poetic and sonorous, the Serbian language belongs to the Slavic group of languages and is the official language of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. For English speakers it presents a wonderful and engaging challenge, using two alphabets Cyrillic and Latin. If you are looking for a language that will test you and grow your grey matter, Serbian is for you. Alternatively, it is also a must-have if you are looking to travel throughout Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro as it is often the only language spoken.

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