Discover a new way to engage students

The world is becoming increasingly connected. Berlitz language programs help to prepare young students with the language skills needed to communicate across cultures. Program options include after school and summer programs, as well as coordinated, onsite programs that are fully integrated into your existing school curriculum.

With Berlitz, you’ll be working with an academic partner passionate about providing youth education that will help students succeed.

Enhance your academic offerings

With Berlitz, your school can better prepare children in your community with courses that support a broader, more well-rounded student. Our programs for kids and teens help students quickly improve their language skills, building confidence, improving school performance and encouraging them to strive for further success.

Berlitz Kids and Teens program options include:

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Program
  • Private or semi-private tutoring
  • Small group and individual instruction

Work with a trusted partner

At Berlitz, we have been providing the most effective way to learn a language for over 140 years. By partnering directly with schools and educational institutions, we work with your academic teams to build a curriculum that meets with academic standards, aligned with both state and national guidelines.

When you partner with us to build your language offerings, you are ensuring that your students will get the most highly trained instructors and the most robust academic programming.

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Why partner with Berlitz?

Berlitz is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language. Enlist our expertise to grow your school’s curriculum with our programs.

Our unique approach

The Berlitz Method emphasizes listening and speaking over memorization. This gradually increases children’s speaking time, building their confidence in using the language. Through gestures and colorful visual cues, students are continually engaged through active conversation—first with their instructor and then with their peers, as the instructor facilitates.

Curated content

Berlitz materials have been developed using customer feedback and field research to maximize learning efficiency. Lessons are crafted around topics and themes that appeal to the group’s respective age and allow for the introduction of meaningful language, vocabulary and structures. Our lesson plans feature multi-component activities to ensure individual learning styles are stimulated through a variety of techniques, including teaching through the use of music, role-plays and and games, making learning fun to get them started on the path toward mastery at a very early age.

Interactive lessons

Our programs allow students to grow their confidence in their new language, keeping them actively engaged through conversation. Berlitz instructors work to ensure a comfortable, fun atmosphere that is conducive to learning, with children receiving encouragement and positive feedback as they learn. Students are encouraged to interact with their fellow students, improving their abilities to navigate a group setting and build social skills.

Native-fluent instructors

Native-fluent instructors must complete a rigorous training program to ensure consistent delivery and quality of instruction worldwide. Our instructional teams are trained specifically to work with kids and teens, delivering lessons and building content that will most resonate with the audience. Berlitz instructors working with onsite programs and build programs alongside the academic team so that our course seamlessly integrates into your existing curriculum. Our language and cultural training courses can be built to complement current coursework.

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