How to order a beer in French like an expert beer enthusiast

France is renowned worldwide for its wines. But the hexagone also boasts an extensive beer menu, with both national brands and local brews.

The best — partially — francophone country for beer lovers is without a doubt Belgium, while Québec also offers hundreds of options.

If you’re more into lager than wine and you’re planning a trip to a French-speaking country, this article is definitely for you. And for other drinks, don’t miss our guide to drinks in French.

So, beer with me to learn how to say “I would like a beer" in French and other useful terms!

How to say beer in French

Beer in French is bière, and it’s feminine. Plural follows the general rule with an “s”: bières. It’s pretty easy, except maybe for the pronunciation – which you can master by watching, listening, and copying the pronunciation in this video.

Types of beer you can order in French

The table below gathers the main types of beers with their corresponding translation and pronunciation, from “craft beer” in French to “draft beer” in French. Cheers!

Fun fact: Beers in French are like a woman’s hair color: blond or brunette! (blonde, brune)

Types of beer you can order in French.

English French IPA
Beer Bière bjɛɾə
Lager Bière blonde bjɛɾə blõdə
Stout Bière brune bjɛɾə bɾynə
Pilsner Pilsner pilsne
Wheat beer Bière de blé/bière de froment bjɛɾə də ble/bjɛɾə də fɾɔmə
Ale Bière/ale bjɛɾɛ/alə
Sour ale Bière acide bjɛɾ asidə
Porter Porter pɔɾte
Root beer Root beer/Racinette (Québec) ɾoo bɛɛɾ/ɾasinɛtə
Cold beer Bière fraîche bjɛɾə fɾɛʃə
Draft beer Bière pression bjɛɾə pɾɛsjõ
Craft beer Bière artisanale bjɛɾ aɾtizanalə
India pale ale (IPA) India pale ale (IPA) ɛ̃dja pal alə (ipa)
Pale ale Bière ambrée bjɛɾ ɑ̃bɾeə
Low carb beer Bière à faible teneur en glucides bjɛɾ a fɛblə tənœɾɑ̃ glysidə
White beer Bière blanche bjɛɾə blɑ̃ʃə
Christmas beer Bière de Noël bjɛɾə də noɛl
Shandy Panaché panaʃe
Beer with peach syrup Demi-pêche dəmi-pɛʃə
Beer with grenadine syrup Monaco mɔnako
Non-alcoholic beer Bière sans alcool bjɛɾə sɑ̃z‿ alkoɔl

How to describe beer in French

Thanks to the table above, you should have managed to order your beer — and if not, it might be time for a French course! Now, you’re enjoying it with your francophone friends and you’d like to describe it? Then keep reading!

Man describes beer in French.

English French IPA
Delicious Délicieuse delisjøzə
Cold Froide fɾwadə
Light Légère leʒɛɾə
Hoppy Houblonnée ublɔneə
Fresh Fraîche fɾɛʃə
Fruity Fruitée fɾɥiteə
Malty Maltée malteə
Roasty Torréfiée tɔrefjeə
Sour Acide asidə
Sharp Âcre kɾə
Fine Délicate/fine delikatɛ/finə
Earthy Terreuse tɛrøzə
Strong Forte fɔɾtə

How to order a beer in French

It’s awesome to know beer names and adjectives, but it’s even better to know how to make a sentence with them! If you only stick to single words, you might end up speaking caveman French — dixit my fiancé when he speaks Spanish.

From a simple “I need a beer” to “Do you want a beer” in French, learn to order a pint in style and the possible answers!

Lazy tip: If you’re with someone and are not sure about your French skills, you can always wait for your friend to order and say “La même chose” (the same).

English French
  • I would like a beer, please.
  • Sure, which one?
  • Je voudrais une bière, s'il vous plaît.
  • Bien sûr, laquelle ?
  • I need a beer.
  • No problem, a half-pint or a pint?
  • J’ai envie d’une bière.
  • Pas de problème, une demi-pinte ou une pinte ?
  • Another beer, thanks!
  • Same one?
  • Une autre bière, merci !
  • La même ?
  • A beer, please.
  • What type of beer would you like?
  • Une bière, s'il vous plaît.
  • Quel type de bière voulez-vous ?
  • I’d like a beer please. What do you have?
  • We have lager or stout.
  • Je voudrais une bière, s'il vous plaît. Qu'est-ce que vous avez ?
  • Blonde ou brune.
  • I’d like a craft beer please, what do you recommend?
  • We have this one from a local brewery, it’s quite light.
  • Je voudrais une bière artisanale, qu'est-ce que vous recommandez ?
  • Nous avons celle-ci, d'une brasserie locale, elle est assez légère.
  • A draft beer, please.
  • Sure thing.
  • Une bière pression, s’il vous plaît.
  • Ça marche.
  • Do you want a beer?
  • Yes, thanks.
  • Two beers please.
  • Ok!
  • Tu veux une bière ?
  • Oui, merci.
  • Deux bières s’il vous plaît.
  • Ok !

Beer-related vocabulary

Beer vocab in French for the dummies! Just kidding, some of these are pretty technical!

Beer vocabulary in French for dummies.

English French Pronunciation
Bottle Bouteille butɛjə
Can Canette kanɛtə
Glass Verre vɛrə
Mug Chope ʃɔpə
Pint Pinte pɛ̃tə
Half pint Demi dəmi
Foam Mousse musə
Hops Houblon ublõ
Wheat Blé/froment ble/fɾɔmə
Brewery Brasserie bɾasəɾjə

French beer FAQ'S

What’s with the syrup?

It will probably come as a shock to beer amateurs, so you might want to sit down before reading this. Ready?

Many French people like to mix their beer with… syrup. “Sirop” has been part of French culture for centuries, and added to all kinds of drinks such as water, soda, milk, and yes, beer.

The most popular French “beer cocktails” are the Monaco, with grenadine syrup, and the Demi-pêche, with peach syrup.

That being said, some bars offer a variety of syrup flavors for your beer, from coconut to kiwi!

I know what you’re thinking: And they say the French know gastronomy!

Can I pair beer and cheese?

For some purist, old-school French people, the answer might be a big NO. My answer is: Pair cheese with whatever you like! I’m all in favor of freedom, so pas la peine d’en faire tout un fromage !

I’ve been drinking water — not wine — with cheese my entire life, as I like cheese too much to pair it with anything else.

So, if you like your cheese with beer, experts recommend different profiles of beer depending on the cheese type. Here is an exhaustive article about the perfect beer & cheese pairings.

And if you’re getting hungry, our guide to food in French will help!

Pairing cheese with beer in French.

If you’re as passionate as Jacques Brel was about beer, you probably enjoyed this article – remember we have a tonne more fun, free French vocab blog lessons over here. Now you’re ready to hit the French bars and pubs and order a cold beer in French, an IPA beer in French or any brew craving you might have!

While you’ll find the main brands of French, German and Belgium beers pretty much everywhere, it’s worth trying to find bars or pubs serving local and microbrews — if only for the cool labels!

And if you were a little too enthusiastic about la bière, learn how to order a coffee in French the next morning.

À la vôtre ! (in moderation of course)

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