Increased business performance 

A Forrester study found that sales teams with leading DEI practices have an average lead-to-opportunity conversion rate of 54%, whereas sales teams with lagging DEI practices are at 26%. 

While most people only think of DEI as impacting company culture, the truth is, it has a direct impact on actual business performance. Hiring a more diverse staff who feel comfortable and confident in their work environment allows for greater innovation and the ability to reach more customers with more targeted messaging.  

Better hiring practices and employee retention

A LinkedIn study found that employers that posted more about diversity got 26% more applications from women, compared to companies that posted less. 

Workers are more conscious of who they work for than ever before, particularly younger and female employees. Putting a focus on DEI training makes it easier to not only attract and hire better employees, but also increases the likelihood of keeping employees. 

Get started with a DEI training program

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More focus, but still work to be done

A LinkedIn survey of recruiters and HR professionals found that while 69% said their organizations were committed to more diverse hiring, only 47% are holding hiring managers accountable — a significant gap that could reflect a lack of action supporting those commitments. 

There is a growing realization amongst companies that DEI training is an important part of growth. Yet, while companies are now realizing it, many are failing to follow through to implement solutions to address these needs. There are many reasons for this, including lack of knowledge, resources and availability. 

The one thing all of these statistics have in common is they showcase the growing need for more DEI training in corporate settings. This need is now accepted by both employees and employers. In order to take the next step towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all, employers need to empower their employees with more training. With this added training, employees will be able to reach their full potential and realize their professional dreams, as they will feel safe and confident in their ability to do their job.