Practical exercises

The best way to make sure that you’ve really nailed the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers in English is to test yourself with a little quiz! Even if nobody’s going to come and grade your results, testing yourself can be an incredibly effective study strategy. Here are ten practical exercises for you to try:

Answer: You’re the first person to compliment my new sunglasses!

Answer: Can I get two paper bags, please?

Answer: This is the third time I come to this store and it’s closed!

Answer: I bought four pairs of shoes last weekend. Someone take my credit card away!

Answer: She’s the fifth person to ask me about you this week.

Answer: I have to go to sleep because I have to catch a flight at six in the morning tomorrow.

Answer: She qualified for the Olympics, but she didn’t win a medal because she placed seventh in the competition.

Answer: Remember to always drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

Answer: Wait, you’re coming to San Francisco on the ninth?

Answer: If I could have it my way, I would have adopted at least ten kittens by now.

Don’t leave without first confirming you’ve got a good grasp on the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers

Although it may seem trivial, the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers is quite monumental in the English language. So, if you feel like you’ve still got a bit of a hard time differentiating between the two, just bookmark this page and take your time. Practice makes perfect, and you can just reference our handy guide whenever you have any doubts about which one to use!

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