How to say "Happy New Year!" in Italian and Italian NYE traditions

From eating grapes first thing in the morning of New Year’s Day to wearing red underwear to ring in good luck, we Italians have our own bizarre ways to start the year off right.

Let’s explore the good luck foods and New Year’s traditions, superstitions and rituals to welcome the new year Italian style.

Do you know how to say New Year’s Eve in Italian? In this article, you’ll also learn how to wish someone all the best for the new year, and how to respond to greetings and wishes with confidence. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, so you can focus on enjoying conversations with your Italian friends, neighbors and coworkers instead of feeling nervous about what to say!

Need help figuring out your New Year goals? We also have a list of New Year’s resolution suggestions ready and waiting for you!

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Friends and family get together to feast during New Year traditions in Italy.

How to say Happy New Year in Italian

How do you say Happy New Year in Italian? Just say “Felice anno nuovo”. Another common phrase we use is “Buon anno”.

Before we proceed, though, let’s tackle the basic words for talking about the holiday season, as there are some differences between English and Italian. While English speakers refer to December 31st as New Year’s Eve, in Italy the occasion actually goes by other names.

Ready? Check out the table below.

EnglishItalianIPAItalian Pronunciation
New Year’s Day, 1st JanuaryCapodanno[kapodˈanno]kah-poh-dahn-noh
New Year’s Day, 1st JanuaryPrimo dell’anno[prˈimo dellˈanno]pree-moh dehl ahn-noh
New Year’s Eve, the last day of the yearUltimo dell’anno[ˈultimo dˈɛl’ˈanno]ool-tee-moh dehl ahn-noh
New Year’s Eve, the last day of the yearL’ultimo[lˈultimo]lool-tee-moh
New Year’s Eve, Saint Sylvester’s DaySan Silvestro[sˈan silvˈɛstro]sahn seel-veh-stroh
New Year’s EveLa notte di San Silvestro[lˈa nˈɔtːe dˈi sˈan silvˈɛstro]lah noht-teh dee sahn seel-veh-stroh
Christmas EveVigilia di Natale[vid͡ʒˈilia dˈi natˈale]vee-jeel-yaa dee nah-tah-leh
Christmas TreeAlbero di Natale[ˈalbero dˈi natˈale]ahl-beh-roh dee nah-tah-leh
Nativity scenePresepe[prezˈepe]preh-seh-peh
Holiday seasonFestività natalizie[festivitˈa natalˈit͡sje]pheh-stee-vee-tah nah-tah-lee-tsee-eh
Holiday seasonFestività[festivitˈa]pheh-stee-vee-tah
Big feastCenone[t͡ʃenˈone]cheh-noh-neh

Capodanno literally means “head of the year”. Even if December 31st is New Year’s Eve, and January 1st is considered the first day of the year according to the Gregorian Calendar, we usually call both Capodanno, despite its literal meaning.

Happy New Year in Italian pronunciation

When the clock strikes 12:00 on January 1st, you’re supposed to have a glass of sparkling Prosecco in hand to toast with your nearest and dearest and wish them a very happy new year. As with saying goodbye and saying sorry, you need to use different words and phrases depending on the context when wishing someone HNY.

We’ve gathered some of the most common phrases to wish someone a happy New Year in Italian like a native speaker in the table below. Read through the list, and try to pronounce every word and phrase out loud to practice your pronunciation.

Happy New Year in Italian pronunciation.

EnglishItalianIPAItalian PronunciationContext
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo![bwˈɔn natˈale ˈeː felˈit͡ʃe ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]All-Purpose
Happy New Year!Felice anno nuovo![felˈit͡ʃe ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]phe-lee-cheh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Happy New Year!Buon anno nuovo![bwˈɔn ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]boo-ohn ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Happy Holidays!Buone feste![bʊˈɔne fˈɛste]boo-ohneh pheh-stehAll-Purpose
All the best for a happy new year!Tanti auguri di buon anno![tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ dˈi bwˈɔn ˈanno]tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-ree dee boo-ohn ahn-nohAll-Purpose
Best wishes for a happy new year!Tanti cari auguri di buon anno![tˈantɪ kˈarɪ aʊɡˈurɪ dˈi bwˈɔn ˈanno]tahn-tee kah-ree ah-oo-goo-ree dee boo-ohn ahn-nohInformal
My best wishes for a happy new year!I miei migliori auguri per un felice anno nuovo![ˈi mjˈɛi miʎˈorɪ aʊɡˈurɪ pˈer ˈun felˈit͡ʃe ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]ee mee-eh-ee mee-wlhee-oh-ree ah-oo-goo-ree per oon phe-lee-cheh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Best wishes for a good ending and a good beginning!Buona fine e buon principio![bʊˈɔna fˈine ˈeː bwˈɔn print͡ʃˈipio]boo-ohnah phee-neh eh boo-ohn preen-chee-pee-ohAll-Purpose
Happy New Year’s Eve!Buon San Silvestro![bwˈɔn sˈan silvˈɛstro]boo-ohn sahn seel-veh-strohAll-Purpose
Best wishes for a wonderful new year!Tanti auguri per uno splendido anno nuovo![tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ pˈer ˈuno splˈɛndido ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-ree per oo-noh splehn-dee-doh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Wishing you 365 days full of peace and serenity!Ti auguro 365 giorni pieni di pace e serenità![tˈi ˈaʊɡʊro tret͡ʃentozes͡santat͡ʃˈinkwe d͡ʒˈornɪ pjˈɛnɪ dˈi pˈat͡ʃe ˈeː serenitˈa]tee ah-oo-goo-roh treh-chen-toh-sehs-sahn-tah-cheen-koo-eh jee-ohr-nee dee pah-che eh seh-reh-nee-tahInformal
Best Wishes!Auguri![aʊɡˈurɪ]ah-oo-goo-reeAll-Purpose
Best Wishes!Auguroni![aʊɡʊrˈonɪ]ah-oo-goo-roh-neeInformal
Best wishes for a prosperous new year!Auguri per un prospero anno nuovo![aʊɡˈurɪ pˈer ˈun prˈospero ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]ah-oo-goo-ree per oon prohs-peh-roh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Wishing you a stellar new year!Tanti auguri per uno strepitoso anno nuovo![tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ pˈer ˈuno strepitˈozo ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-ree per oo-noh streh-pee-toh-soh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohInformal
All the best for a happy new year!Tantissimi auguri di buon anno![tantˈis͡simɪ aʊɡˈurɪ dˈi bwˈɔn ˈanno]tahn-tee-see-mee ah-oo-goo-ree dee boo-ohn ahn-nohAll-Purpose
With love, happy new year!Con tanto affetto, buon anno![kˈon tˈanto affˈɛtːo bwˈɔn ˈanno]kohn tahn-toh ah-phet-toh boo-ohn ahn-nohInformal
Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart!Buon anno dal profondo del cuore![bwˈɔn ˈanno dˈal profˈondo dˈel kʊˈɔre]boo-ohn ahn-noh dahl proh-phon-doh dehl koo-oh-rehInformal
New year, new life. All the best for the new year!Anno nuovo, vita nuova. Tanti auguri di buon anno![ˈanno nʊˈɔvo vˈita nʊˈɔva tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ dˈi bwˈɔn ˈanno]ahn-noh noo-oh-voh vee-tah noo-oh-vah tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-ree dee boo-ohn ahn-nohInformal
Best wishes for a peaceful new year!Auguri per un sereno anno nuovo![aʊɡˈurɪ pˈer ˈun serˈeno ˈanno nʊˈɔvo]ah-oo-goo-ree per oon seh-reh-noh ahn-noh noo-oh-vohAll-Purpose
Celebrate and smile at the new year! All the best!Festeggia e sorridi al nuovo anno! Tanti auguri![festˈed͡ʒːa ˈeː sorɾˈidɪ ˈal nʊˈɔvo ˈanno tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ]pheh-steh-jee-ah eh sohr-ree-dee ahl noo-oh-voh ahn-noh tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-reeInformal
Happy New Year to you and your family!A te e famiglia, buon anno![ˈaː tˈe ˈeː famˈiʎa bwˈɔn ˈanno]ah teh e pha-mee-wlhee-ah boo-ohn ahn-nohInformal
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!Buon anno a te e ai tuoi cari![bwˈɔn ˈanno ˈaː tˈe ˈeː ˈaj tʊˈɔi kˈarɪ]boo-ohn ahn-noh ah teh eh ahee too-oh-ee kah-reeInformal
Let's celebrate, it's New Year's Eve! Best wishes for a happy new year!Festeggiamo, è capodanno, e tanti auguri di buon anno![fested͡ʒːˈamo ˈɛː kapodˈanno ˈeː tˈantɪ aʊɡˈurɪ dˈi bwˈɔn ˈanno]pheh-steh-jee-ah-moh eh kah-poh-dahn-noh eh tahn-tee ah-oo-goo-ree dee boo-ohn ahn-nohVery Informal
Happy new year to you all!Felice anno nuovo a tutti voi![felˈit͡ʃe ˈanno nʊˈɔvo ˈaː tˈutːɪ vˈoi]phe-lee-cheh ahn-noh noo-oh-voh ah toot-tee voh-eeInformal
Wishing you a happy new year, we send you our kindest regards.Augurandovi un felice anno nuovo, porgiamo i nostri più cordiali saluti.[aʊɡʊrˈandovɪ ˈun felˈit͡ʃe ˈanno nʊˈɔvo pord͡ʒˈamo ˈi nˈɔstrɪ pjˈu kordjˈalɪ salˈutɪ]ah-oo-goo-rahn-doh-vee oon phe-lee-cheh ahn-noh noo-oh-voh pohr-jee-ah-moh ee noh-stree pee-uh kohr-dee-ah-lee sah-loo-teeFormal

Happy New Year wishes in Italian

We’ve rounded up some well wishes and happy new year quotes in Italian you can jot down to pass along to those you care about the most. Your closest friends and family will surely appreciate these deep, meaningful messages.

Happy New Year wishes in Italian.

EnglishItalianIPAItalian Pronunciation
May it be a new year of peace, love and serenity. Happy New Year!Che sia un nuovo anno di pace, amore e serenità. Buon anno![kˈe sˈia ˈun nʊˈɔvo ˈanno dˈi pˈat͡ʃe amˈore ˈeː serenitˈa bwˈɔn ˈanno]keh see-ah oon noo-oh-voh ahn-noh dee pah-che ah-moh-reh eh seh-reh-nee-tah boo-ohn ahn-noh
May the New Year bring you serenity and great satisfaction. Best wishes!Possa il nuovo anno portarti tanta serenità e grandi soddisfazioni. Auguri![pˈɔs͡sa ˈiːl nʊˈɔvo ˈanno portˈartɪ tˈanta serenitˈa ˈeː ɡrˈandɪ sodːisfat͡siˈonɪ aʊɡˈurɪ]pohs-sah eel noo-oh-voh ahn-noh pohr-tahr-tee tahn-tah seh-reh-nee-tah eh grahn-dee soh-dees-pha-tsee-oh-nee ah-oo-goo-ree
A new year is like a blank book. I wish you to write the most beautiful pages of your life. Happy New Year!Un nuovo anno è come un libro bianco. Ti auguro di scrivere le pagine più belle della tua vita. Buon anno![ˈun nʊˈɔvo ˈanno ˈɛː kˈome ˈun lˈibro bjˈanko tˈi ˈaʊɡʊro dˈi skrˈivere lˈe pˈad͡ʒine pjˈu bˈɛlle dˈella tˈua vˈita bwˈɔn ˈanno]oon noo-oh-voh ahn-noh eh koh-meh oon lee-broh bee-ahn-koh tee ah-oo-goo-roh dee scree-veh-reh leh pah-jee-neh pee-uh behl-leh del-lah too-ah vee-tah boo-ohn ahn-noh
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Happy New Year!Ti auguro di trascorrere delle splendide feste! Buon anno![tˈi ˈaʊɡʊro dˈi traskˈɔrɾere dˈelle splˈɛndide fˈɛste bwˈɔn ˈanno]tee ah-oo-goo-roh dee trah-skoh-reh-reh dehl-leh splehn-dee-deh pheh-steh boo-ohn ahn-noh
A wonderful year awaits you, full of satisfaction and happiness. Happy New Year!Un anno meraviglioso ti attende, ricco di soddisfazioni e felicità. Buon anno![ˈun ˈanno meraviʎˈozo tˈi atːˈɛnde rˈikːo dˈi sodːisfat͡siˈonɪ ˈeː felit͡ʃitˈa bwˈɔn ˈanno]oon ahn-noh meh-rah-vee-wlhee-oh-soh tee ah-tehn-deh ree-koh dee soh-dees-pha-tsee-oh-nee eh phe-lee-chee-tah boo-ohn ahn-noh
May the New Year bring only serenity, joy and hope. Happy New Year!Che il nuovo anno porti solo serenità, gioia e speranza. Buon anno![kˈe ˈiːl nʊˈɔvo ˈanno pˈɔrtɪ sˈolo serenitˈa, d͡ʒˈɔia ˈeː sperˈant͡sa bwˈɔn ˈanno]keh eel noo-oh-voh ahn-noh pohr-tee soh-loh seh-reh-nee-tah jee-oh-ee-ah eh speh-rahn-sah boo-ohn ahn-noh

How to respond to Happy New Year wishes in Italian

Everyone from your family to your boss and colleagues will be sending you good wishes on January 1st. Here is what to say in response to happy new year wishes in Italian. Let’s take a look!

EnglishItalianIPAItalian PronunciationContext
Thank you, happy new year to you too!Grazie, buon anno anche a te![ɡrˈat͡sje bwˈɔn ˈanno ˈanke ˈaː tˈe]grah-tsee-eh boo-ohn ahn-noh ahn-keh ah tehInformal
Thank you, happy new year to you too.Grazie, buon anno anche a Lei. [ɡrˈat͡sje bwˈɔn ˈanno ˈanke ˈaː lˈɛi]grah-tsee-eh boo-ohn ahn-noh ahn-keh ah leh-eeFormal
Thank you, a very happy new year to you all too!Grazie, buon anno anche a voi![ɡrˈat͡sje bwˈɔn ˈanno ˈanke ˈaː vˈoi]grah-tsee-eh boo-ohn ahn-noh ahn-keh ah voh-eeAll purpose
Thank you, same to you!Grazie, altrettanto! [ɡrˈat͡sje altretːˈanto]grah-tsee-eh ahl-treht-tahn-tohAll purpose
Thanks, to you too!Grazie, anche a te![ɡrˈat͡sje ˈanke ˈaː tˈe]grah-tsee-eh ahn-keh ah tehInformal
Thanks, to you too!Grazie, anche a Lei![ɡrˈat͡sje ˈanke ˈaː lˈɛi]grah-tsee-eh ahn-keh ah leh-eeFormal
Thanks, to you all too!Grazie, anche a voi![ɡrˈat͡sje ˈanke ˈaː vˈoi]grah-tsee-eh ahn-keh ah voh-eeAll Purpose

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New Year’s traditions in Italy

Let’s move on to New Year's Eve traditions and superstitions in Italy, which probably differ from those to which you might be accustomed.

First and foremost, if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself in sunny Italy on New Year’s Eve, make sure you wear red undies! This goes for both ladies and gentlemen. Italian folklore claims that wearing red underwear guarantees a lucky year.

Then, most festivities in Italy revolve around food, and Capodanno is definitely no exception. We usually celebrate New Year’s Eve with a lavish dinner party – cenone in Italian – with family and friends. Read through the delicacies below to get a taste of New Year’s food traditions in Italy.


Usually cooked with herbs and olive oil, lentils, lenticchie (lehn-tee-kee-eh) in Italian, star in most New Year’s Eve banquets all over the Bel Paese, from the majestic Italian Alps to the glittering Amalfi Coast.

I love lentils! Round, flat and coin-shaped, these yummy legumes packed full of protein, vitamins and antioxidants are a symbol of prosperity, success and abundance, and are believed to bring good luck and wealth in the coming year. This is a tradition that’s said to date back to ancient Roman times.


Superstition has it that eating grapes first thing in the morning of New Year’s Day will bring good health and prosperity. Do you know what “grapes” are called in Italian? Easy! It’s “acini d’uva” (ah-chee-nee doo-vah).

Cotechino and zampone

Succulent, rich and fatty, pork symbolizes luck, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and the fat of the land.

The classic accompaniment for lentils all over the Bel Paese is the so-called cotechino (koh-teh-kee-noh), diminutive of cótica pigskin, a tasty pork sausage from Modena, a charming city in Emilia-Romagna.

Another good New Year’s entrée is zampone (sahm-poh-neh), literally meaning “big paw.” It’s the hollowed-out skin of a pig’s trotter stuffed with a mixture of minced pork, fat, salt and spices.

New Year’s resolutions in Italian

You know that feeling of excitement you get on New Year’s Eve and the days surrounding it. A new year gives us a chance to change for the better and reinvigorates our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams.

For most people, the new year can mark an opportunity to set New Year’s resolutions. Are you curious to know how to say New Year's resolutions in Italian? Let’s find out!

Here is our list of achievable New Year's resolutions that will help you make the most of the year ahead.

Woman chose running as her New Year’s resolution in Italian.

EnglishItalianIPAItalian Pronunciation
New year's resolutionsBuoni propositi per l'anno nuovo[bʊˈɔnɪ propˈɔzitɪ pˈer lˈanno nʊˈɔvo]boo-oh-nee proh-poh-see-tee per lahn-noh noo-oh-voh
Stop wasting time on social media.Smettere di perdere tempo sui social.[zmˈetːere dˈi pˈɛrdere tˈɛmpo sˈui sˈot͡ʃal]smeht-teh-reh dee pehr-deh-reh tehm-poh soo-ee soh-chee-ahl
Turn off the cell phone and turn on the good mood.Spegnere il cellulare e accendere il buonumore.[spˈeɲere ˈiːl t͡ʃellʊlˈare ˈeː at͡ʃːˈɛndere ˈiːl bʊonʊmˈore]spehn-yeh-reh eel chel-loo-lah-reh eh ah-chen-deh-reh eel boo-ohn-oo-moh-reh
Go outside and enjoy fresh air more.Trascorrere più tempo all’aria aperta.[traskˈɔrɾere pjˈu tˈɛmpo ˈal’ˈaria apˈɛrta]trah-skoh-reh-reh pee-oo tehm-poh ahl-ah-ree-ah ah-pehr-tah
Get in shape.Rimettersi in forma.[rimˈettersɪ ˈiːn fˈorma]ree-meht-tehr-see een phor-mah/em>
Exercise more.Fare più attività fisica.[fˈare pjˈu atːivitˈa fˈizika]phah-reh pee-oo aht-tee-vee-tah phee-see-kah
Eat healthier.Seguire un’alimentazione più sana.[seɡwˈire ˈun’alimentat͡siˈone pjˈu sˈana]seh-goo-ee-reh oon ah-lee-mehn-tah-tsee-oh-neh pee-oo sah-nah
Read a book a month at least.Leggere almeno un libro al mese. [lˈɛd͡ʒːere almˈeno ˈun lˈibro ˈal mˈɛze]leh-jeh-reh ahl-meh-noh oon lee-broh ahl meh-seh
Watch less TV.Guardare meno televisione.[ɡwardˈare mˈeno televiziˈone]goo-ahr-dah-reh meh-noh teh-leh-vee-see-oh-neh
Quit smoking.Smettere di fumare.[zmˈetːere dˈi fʊmˈare]smeht-teh-reh dee phoo-mah-reh
Start walking more.Camminare di più.[kamminˈare dˈi pjˈu]kahm-mee-nah-reh dee pee-oo
Lower the thermostat temperature during winter.Abbassare la temperatura dei termosifoni in inverno.[abːas͡sˈare lˈa temperatˈura dˈe͡ɪ termosifˈonɪ ˈiːn invˈɛrno]ah-bahs-sah-reh lah tehm-peh-rah-too-rah deh-ee tehr-moh-see-pho-nee een een-vehr-noh
Stop procrastinating.Smettere di procrastinare.[zmˈetːere dˈi prokrastinˈare]smeht-teh-reh dee proh-krah-stee-nah-reh
Don’t buy things you don’t need.Smettere di fare acquisti inutili.[zmˈetːere dˈi fˈare akːwˈistɪ inˈutilɪ]smeht-teh-reh dee phah-reh ah-koo-ee-stee een-oo-tee-lee
Do random acts of kindness every single day.Compiere atti di gentilezza ogni giorno.[kˈompjere ˈatːɪ dˈi d͡ʒentilˈet͡sːa ˈoɲɲɪ d͡ʒˈorno]kohm-pee-eh-reh aht-tee dee jehn-tee-leh-tsah ohn-yee johr-noh
Smile more.Sorridere di più.[sorɾˈidere dˈi pjˈu]sohr-ree-deh-reh dee pee-oo
Go to bed early.Andare a dormire presto.[andˈare ˈaː dormˈire prˈɛsto]ahn-dah-reh ah dohr-mee-reh prah-stoh
Wake up before the sun rises.Alzarsi prima dell’alba.[alt͡sˈarsɪ prˈima dˈɛl’ˈalba]ahl-tsahr-see pree-mah dehl ahl-bah
Learn a new hobby.Coltivare un nuovo hobby.[koltivˈare ˈun nʊˈɔvo ˈɔbːɪ]kohl-tee-vah-reh oon noo-oh-voh oh-bee
Say goodbye to toxic friendships.Dire addio una volta per tutte alle amicizie tossiche.[dˈire adːˈio ˈuna vˈɔlta pˈer tˈutːe ˈalle amit͡ʃˈit͡sje tˈɔs͡sike]dee-reh ah-dee-oh oo-nah vohl-tah per toot-teh ahlleh ah-mee-chee-tsee-eh tohs-see-keh
Reduce stress.Ridurre lo stress.[ridˈurɾe lˈo strˈes͡s]ree-door-reh loh stress
Adopt a rescue dog.Adottare un cane al canile.[adotːˈare ˈun kˈane ˈal kanˈile]ah-doht-tah-reh oon kah-neh ahl kah-nee-leh
Give yourself a new look.Cambiare look.[kambjˈare lˈɔok]kahm-bee-ah-reh look
Spread positivity and remove negativity.Diffondere positività e cercare di allontanare la negatività.[diffˈondere pozitivitˈa ˈeː t͡ʃerkˈare dˈi allontanˈare lˈa neɡativitˈa]dee-phon-deh-reh poh-see-tee-vee-tah eh cher-kah-reh dee ahl-lohn-tah-nah-reh lah neh-gah-tee-vee-tah
Travel somewhere without posting about it on social media.Viaggiare senza postare nulla sui social.[vjad͡ʒːˈare sˈɛnt͡sa postˈare nˈulla sˈui sˈot͡ʃal]vee-ah-jee-ah-reh sehn-tsah poh-stah-reh nool-lah soo-ee soh-chee-ahl

Happy new year in Italian song

One of my all-time favorite songs since forever, L'anno che verrà by Bolognese singer-songwriter and musician Lucio Dalla is an ever-contemporary letter/poem with a message of hope to welcome the new year ahead.

L'anno che verrà (literally: the year to come), sometimes mistakenly called Caro amico, ti scrivo because of its famous incipit, is one of the most popular songs in Dalla’s repertoire. This awesome song came out in 1979, and it’s written as a letter to a distant friend, to whom Dalla provides a general picture of the situation in Italy, at the time marked by the height of the so-called Years of Lead (Anni di piombo).

At the same time, he describes his personal turmoil in an attempt to soothe both intimate and collective anxieties. From the desire to experience love freely, to expressing hope for a better future, Lucio Dalla poetically and ironically touches on universal themes.

One of the greatest Italian songwriters of all time, Lucio Dalla was a bizarre, transgressive, immense poet and storyteller. He was a juggler of life, beloved by Italians of all generations. We all miss him so much.

Click here to check out the sarcastically poetic lyrics of this masterpiece along with its English translation.

L'Anno Che Verrà

Lucio Dalla - L'anno che verrà (live con De Gregori 2011)

Here is a duet with Francesco De Gregori, another legend of the Italian music scene. This version gives me goosebumps every time, especially when Lucio’s powerful, unique voice reaches high pitches.

Would you like to listen to more beautiful songs by Lucio Dalla? I’ll share with you my personal Spotify Playlist with his best hits.

Here you go.

Listen to it and sing along while you walk your dog, potter in the kitchen, do household chores, or workout in the park. While exercising and making your house spick and span, you’ll expand your Italian vocabulary and keep up your language skills.

Anno nuovo, roba nuova!

Out with the old and in with the new can be taken quite literally on New Year’s Day in Italy, especially in the South.

When the clock strikes exactly midnight on January 1st, it’s traditional to throw old pots and pans out of the window to fend off negativity and let go of unhappiness in preparation for the new year. This tradition dates back to ancient Rome, when loud sounds were thought to frighten off bad spirits.

To get an idea, watch this hilarious scene from Fantozzi, an Italian tragicomic cult movie, which has entered popular culture. Plagued by bad luck, Ugo Fantozzi is an archetypal lower-middle-class, white-collar worker created and ably played by actor Paolo Villaggio, another Italian national treasure.

Fantozzi (1975) - Happy New Year, Ugo! (Parte 6) Sub Ita/Eng

Happy New Year and happy learning!

As you see, you definitely won’t be bored during the holiday season in the Bel Paese. Now you’ve got your list of Italian HNY wishes and greetings, and know everything about New Year’s superstitions, good-luck traditions and rituals in Italy. The next step is to put your newfound knowledge into action with your Italian friends.

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