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It’s modern life, we all run and don’t have time to waste! And even if Italians might be famous for the Dolce Vita and a general chilled out attitude, the reality is that we’ve all been thrown together in this XXI century madness. Therefore, as in many other places in the world, we’ve started using quite a lot of abbreviations and acronyms.

In this article, we’ll see the most common and must-know Italian abbreviations and acronyms, and also give you an overview of the ever-changing Italian text slang. Time is of the essence here, let’s start!

What are abbreviations and acronyms?

Both used to shorten written or spoken text, abbreviations and acronyms are actually two slightly different things:

  • An abbreviation is a shortened form of a written word or sentence (like “Feb.” for “February”)
  • An acronym is a kind of abbreviation used with terms or sentences made of more than one word, where the initials of each word are used to form a new, short term (like “UN” for “United Nations”).

Since abbreviations and acronyms might be used in many different circumstances, we’ve organized them in different categories.

Types of Italian abbreviations included in this article:

  • Italian abbreviations for months and days
  • Italian abbreviations for formal writing
  • Italian abbreviations and acronyms for politics, economy and media
  • Italian abbreviations and acronyms for texting
  • Other useful abbreviations in Italian

Woman uses the most common Italian abbreviations and acronyms in her everyday work life.

Italian abbreviations for months and days

As in English, abbreviations for months and days are only used in written text in Italian.

Italian What it stands for English equivalent/meaning
genn. gennaio January
febbr. febbraio February
mar. marzo March
apr. aprile April
magg. maggio May
giu. giugno June
lug. luglio July
ag. agosto August
sett. settembre September
ott. ottobre October
nov. novembre November
dic. dicembre December
lun. lunedì Monday
mar. martedì Tuesday
mer. mercoledì Wednesday
gio. giovedì Thursday
ven. venerdì Friday
sab. sabato Saturday
dom. domenica Sunday

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Italian abbreviations for formal writing

More than many other languages, Italian loves using titles and respect formulas. And while nowadays these sound pompous and ridiculous in spoken language, they’re still used in formal writing, for example, in letters and e-mails. Most of the time, they appear in an abbreviated form.

Woman writing a formal letter using Italian abbreviations.

Italian What it stands for English equivalent/meaning
Sig. Signor Mr
Sig.ra Signora Mrs or Ms
Sig.na Signorina Miss
Sigg. Signori Used when addressing to more than one person
Dr. Dottor Doctor (not physician), male
Dott. Dottor Physician, male
Dott.ssa Dottoressa Doctor or physician, female
Avv. Avvocato/a Attorney, male or female
Ing. Ingegnere/a Engineer, male or female
Prof. Professor Professor, male
Prof.ssa Professoressa Professor, female
Egr. Egregio Distinguished, male. Used in very formal communications
Egr.ia Egregia Distinguished, female
Egr.i Egregi Distinguished, plural
Gent.mo Gentilissimo Dear, male. Used in formal writing
Gent.ma Gentilissima Dear, female. See above
Gent.mi Gentilissimi Dear, male plural. See above

Gent.me Gentilissime Dear, female plural. See above
Ill.mo Illustrissimo Distinguished, male. Used when addressing an important person in science or literature, i.e. a dean.
Ill.ma Illustrissima Distinguished, female. See above.
Spett.le Spettabile Dear, when addressing to companies and organizations

Italian abbreviations and acronyms for politics, economy and media

Now, let’s check some useful Italian abbreviations and acronyms to navigate the world of politics, economy, and media. Since they are also used in spoken language, we’ll add the pronunciation.

Italian What it stands for English equivalent/meaning Italian pronunciation
UE Unione Europea European Union uh-eh
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO nah-toh
ONU Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite UN, United Nations oh-noo
PD Partito democratico Italian Democratic Party pee-dee
FIAT Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino FIAT fee-ah-t
TG telegiornale TV news tee-gee
RAI Radiotelevisione italiana National public broadcasting company of Italy rah-ee
CdA Consiglio d’Amministrazione Board of Directors chee-dee-ah
AD Amministratore Delegato CEO ah-dee
s.p.a. società per azioni Joint-stock company eh-sseh-pee-ah
s.r.l. società a responsabilità limitata limited liability company eh-sseh-eh-rreh-eh-lleh
PIL prodotto interno lordo gross domestic product Peel
ONG organizzazione non governativa non-governmental organization oh-eh-nneh-gee
INPS Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale National Istitute of Social Security een-ps
IVA Imposta sul valore aggiunto value added tax ee-vah
SPID Sistema pubblico di identità digitale Public digital identity system (an official system to identify yourself when using digital public services) speed
ASL Azienda Sanitaria Locale local health authority ah-sl

It might be useful to see a couple of examples of use:

Al TG ho visto un servizio sulla FIAT.

I saw a journalistic service about FIAT on the news.

RAI3 trasmetterà in diretta il discorso del Presidente degli Stati Uniti dall’ONU.

RAI3 channel will broadcast the live speech of the President of the United States at the UN.

Il PIL dell’UE è in crescita.

EU’s GDP is growing.

Italian abbreviations and acronyms for texting

It’s time to explore the interesting territory of Italian text slang, with all its potential pitfalls and consonants.

Man using Italian abbreviations and acronyms for texting.

Italian What it stands for English equivalent/meaning
nn non not
sn sono I am, they are
6 sei you are
x per for
cm come how
cs cosa what, thing
dv dove where
qnd quando when
qlcs qualcosa something
cmq comunque however
msg messaggio text, sms
grz grazie thank you
ke che conjunction: that, who, whose, which, etc
ki chi who
xkè perchè why
però but
tvb ti voglio bene I love you, used among friends and family

Ready for some examples?

Dv 6?

Where are you?

Cm va?

How are you?

Mandami un msg qnd arrivi a casa.

Send me a text when you get home.

Want to know more about Italian slang in general? Read this article that will guide you through the colorful terms and expressions of the spoken language.

Other useful abbreviations in Italian

Now, we’ll see some more Italian abbreviations and acronyms that could turn out useful when traveling to Italy, doing business with an Italian company, or - let’s touch iron here (yes, in Italy, we touch iron instead of wood) - ending up in an Italian hospital. You’ll find these on signs, medical reports, financial documents, etc.

Italian What it stands for English equivalent/meaning
sx sinistra left
dx destra right
SSN Sistema Sanitario Nazionale National Healthcare System
fatt. fattura invoice
n. or n° numero number
FFSS or FS Ferrovie dello Stato State railway (also used for railway stations)
VV.UU. Vigili urbani Traffic police
VV.F. Vigili del fuoco Fire department
P.S. Polizia di Stato Police

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