As your morning alarm

The days of waking up to annoying beeps is over. You can now wake up to just about anything you want, from music to soothing sounds to someone screaming. What hasn’t changed though, is that most of us still take about 5-10 minutes to actually get up after the alarm goes off.

This makes it the perfect time to play a Spanish podcast. It is a time you likely spend with your eyes closed or staring at your phone, so it isn’t going to take away from any important items you have to get done. Plus, it will be the first thing you hear in the morning. It also makes it easy to make sure you at least get some exposure to Spanish every single day.

During your daily breakfast or coffee

If there is one time of day that usually has a routine, it’s the morning. One of the most common morning routines is either eating breakfast or having a cup of coffee. This is usually the time that sets the tone for the day.

It’s usually a time for quiet or peace, so a podcast is the perfect addition to this time. It might actually be a time you already listen to podcasts, so it will be easy enough to add a new Spanish podcast to your routine.


During your commute

For those of you who still have a commute, there really isn’t a better time to switch on a Spanish podcast. It is the time when you usually don’t have much else to do and your options are pretty limited since you will either be on public transit or in your car.

In the case of public transit, it is also great because you can use your headphones to really focus on the podcast. The focus headphones give you will really help you pick up on a lot of the nuances and specific conversational Spanish skills.

On your lunch break

You may take it early or late, but most people will at least give themselves a little break during the day. It might not be specifically to eat; you might just get away from work for a little bit. In any case, it is a time that you want to escape.

Because learning conversational Spanish is obviously foreign to you, this lunch break is a great opportunity to put on a podcast and escape from your work for a little while.

While you clean after dinner

When dinner is done, it is usually a time for cleaning, whether that is the dishes or just some regular upkeep. Cleaning is already thought of a cathartic time, so adding a Spanish podcast to this time makes perfect sense.

Depending on your home situation, this could be another time to put in the headphones. Or, it could be a time to turn up the volume and have it playing throughout your entire house. Either way, it will get the job done.

As you go to sleep

The majority of people have some kind of noise playing when they go to bed. It could be a white noise machine, music or even a television. It may seem counter intuitive, but noise can actually help you go to sleep.

One of the great things about the Spanish language is its lyrical nature. So, not only will listening to a Spanish podcast help you learn some new conversational Spanish skills, but it will also help you slip into a deep sleep. And when you pair it with your alarm, Spanish will be the last thing you hear before bed and the first thing you hear when you wake up.

If you want to learn Spanish online fast (honestly, who would want to learn Spanish slow?) there is a lot you can do to make it happen. It starts with choosing an online Spanish class that will supply a clear learning plan. That is just the start though.

The key to learning Spanish fast is having the drive to continuously practice and expose yourself to the language. Adding Spanish podcasts to your daily routine is a great way to not only expose yourself to the language, but to practice. The conversational Spanish you hear on the podcasts in the exact Spanish you should use when speaking the language.