Make your manuals, tests and onboarding materials more accessible

The modern workplace and educational institution is a multicultural place, where the first language for employees and students is not always the same. In order to provide the most inclusive experience and to attract the highest talent, you need to provide a setting where materials and tests are available in multiple languages.

Our academic and corporate translation services allow you to take your existing materials and make them accessible for an entirely new audience!

Our corporate translation options

We offer translation services for a wide range of corporate and academic needs. Below are a few of the most popular translations we provide, but our services are customized to the specific needs of our partners, so if you do not see your translation needs listed below, contact us to discuss your needs further.

Training materials

  • Employee training documents
  • Student manuals
  • Educational materials


  • Academic tests
  • Employee training tests

Onboarding materials

  • Student course guides
  • Employee or admissions tests

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