Parks and gyms

The reason parks and gyms are such good places to practice conversational Spanish is because they are generally interactive. When you go to a gym or a park, it is easy to speak to people. It is also easier to plan ahead so you are ready with a few words and phrases to get the conversation going.

Another reason parks and gyms are such great places to practice conversational Spanish is because you can go there on a set schedule and will likely be able to see and speak with the same people. It is also very informal, so you won’t feel the obligation to have to be involved at all times.

A side benefit is you may also be able to pick up a new hobby while you’re practicing!


Spanish language or culture groups

If you’re looking for something a little more formal than just going to a gym or park, you can search for a Spanish language or culture group. They are quite common and can easily be found with a quick search online or through social media.

These groups generally meet and practice Spanish, discuss techniques to continue learning, courses, places to visit, etc. They are generally free and don’t require any commitments. In fact, they usually don’t even require participation. That makes them perfect for beginners who are looking to get some more exposure to the language.

During these meetings, you will have a lot of opportunity to practice and listen to conversational Spanish, as that is what most people will be speaking. They will also give you a lot of freedom to practice the skills you want, as they do not have any formal plans or agendas.


Spanish restaurants

The great thing about Spanish restaurants is they will not just let you practice Spanish conversation skills; they will also teach you about Spanish culture. Just by reading the menu and paying attention to the design and decorations, you will actually be learning a lot about Spanish culture.

For learning conversational Spanish, restaurants are great because you will have direct interactions with Spanish speakers in an informal setting. Plus, the interactions will likely be about specific topics (where to sit, what you want to eat, where the bathroom is, etc.), which will give you the ability to practice before you get there. This will make you confident from the moment you step in the restaurant.

Like the other examples, the restaurant is also a place where you can go back multiple times and likely see the same faces, but also see new faces. One of the keys for learning conversational Spanish is to expose yourself to multiple accents and different speakers. Unlike formal Spanish, conversational Spanish allows speakers to add some individuality to the language. The more you hear and practice, the more you will find the best way for you to speak Spanish.

Learning to speak Spanish is different for everyone. Some people like to study on their own, while others prefer to find an online Spanish class to hone their skills. No matter how you choose to learn, the one constant is finding the time and opportunity to practice speaking in the real world. With the three places listed above, you will not have any problems finding ways to practice conversational Spanish. And you will certainly gain a lot from doing it!