275 French slang words, phrases & text slang - A really big list

There is nothing like French slang, or argot, to sound like, and connect with the locals.

We have compiled a list of 275 of the best colloquial and informal words and phrases so you can get ready for your next trip to France, Canada or any other French-speaking country... or your next Zoom meeting with your amis francophones!

From French text slang to French slang for cool, you’ll be sure to impress. And if you make a faux pas, you’re in for a good laugh. Read on!

Learn French slang to connect with locals.

Why you need to know French slang

Sure, it’s useful to know the basics like the French alphabet or how to say hello in French.

But if you want to take your French learning to the next level, consider learning French slang phrases. Here is a few reasons why:

  • You’ll speak like a local
  • You’ll have fun while learning
  • You’ll spice up your conversations with French speakers
  • You’ll make francophone friends more easily
  • You’ll get a better grasp of movies and TV shows in French (Lupin is really cool, just to mention one)
  • You’ll be able to make jokes (within reason) in your informal business meetings with French partners/colleagues.
  • You’ll be able to express your feelings better.
  • And so many more!

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French slang

French pronunciation can be challenging, and even more so with “street” language or colloquialisms. Add in regional differences, such as Québécois or Swiss-French, and it’s even trickier.

Heureusement, the International Phonetic Alphabet can help. And if you don’t know it yet or want to go straight to slang learning, we’ve got you covered with the English phonetic pronunciation. Les doigts dans le nez !

French slang words

French word Pronunciation English meaning
Bouffer boo-fay Eat
Truc, machin, bidule truk, mash-un, bee-dule Thing (stuff)
Draguer dra-gey Flirt
Piquer pee-kay Steal
Mec meck Guy
Meuf, nana muff, nana Chick (girl)
Blé, fric, pognon, thune bley, freek, po-gnon, tune Money
Bouquin book-un Book
Frangin(e) franj-un, franjeen Brother, sister
Bagnole, caisse ban-gniole, kess Car
Gosse goss Kid
Fringues fraang Clothes
Cinglé(e) san-glay Wild
Clebs cleps Dog
Toubib two-bib Doctor
Picoler pique-olay To drink alcohol
Poiscaille pwah-sky Fish
Panard pan-ahr Foot
Flingue flaang Gun
Tifs tiff Hair
Vénère ven-air Angry
Bidouiller bee-dew-yay Knock up
Costaud coast-oh Strong
Flic, keuf, poulet fleek, cuff, poo-leh Policeman
Flotter flow-tay To rain
Godasse go-dass Shoe
Pioncer pee-ohn-say To sleep
Dauber doh-bay To stink
Chiottes she-uht Toilets
Boulot, taf Boo-low, taff Work
Bosser boh-say To work
Thon tohn Ugly person
Chiant(e) she-on, she-uhnt Annoying
Beauf bohff Vulgar, tacky person
Kitsch kitch Tacky
Plouc plewk Country bumpkin
Boss boss Boss
Parigo pah-rigo Parisian
Pompes pomp Shoes
Frigo frigo Fridge
Bouffe bewff Food
Bécane bey-can Moto
Arnaque ar-knack Scam
Teuf tough Party
Zarbi zar-bee Strange
Boîte bwatt Company
Boîte de nuit Bwatt duh new-ee Nightclub
Taule tohwl Jail
Bourré(e) boo-rey Drunk
Crevé(e) cruh-vey Exhausted
Balancer bah-lance-ey To give up, to reveal
Canon cah-no Hot, beautiful
Blasé(e) blaz-eh Not impressed
Pince pahnce Cheap (somebody)
Darons dah-ron Parents
Balles bahll Euros, buck
Carrément cah-rey-mon Totally
Bordel bohr-dell Mess
Fastoche fas-tosh Easy
Hexagone eggs-a-gohn France
Ouais wey Yes
Râler rah-ley To complain
Zik zeek Music
Michto mish-tow Gold digger
Blindé(e) blahn-dey Very rich
Glander glahn-dey Do nothing
Balec bal-ek I don’t care
OSEF os-eff We don’t care
Canard cah-nar Clingy
Choper show-pey Make out
Charo, chineur Cha-roh, she-nur Seducer
Cramé(e) cram-eh Exhausted
Paname pahn-am Paris
Meskine mes-kin Weak
Tise tease Alcohol
Tiser tease-ey To drink alcohol
Relou, lourd(e) roh-loo, lurh, lurhd Annoying
Mytho mee-toh Liar
Wesh wesh Yo
Boloss bo-loss Gullible
Grave grahve Totally
Chanmé(e) sha-may Wicked
Oklm oh-ka-el-em Chilled
Kiffer key-fait To like
Bouffon boo-fahn Loser
Chelou sha-loo Weird
Bachoter ba-sho-tey Last minute study for an exam
Baffe baff Slap
Balais bah-ley Year
Crâner cra-ney To brag
Balaise bah-lezz Strong
Baston bah-stohn Fight
Daube dohb Bad
Marrant mah-ruhn Funny
Grailler gra-ye To eat

General French slang phrases

Slang phrase Pronunciation English meaning
C’est nul sey-noule That sucks
Flasher sur quelqu’un flash-ey sewrh kell-kah To have a crush on someone
Ça baigne? sah-benyuh How are you?
Arrête de te la péter ah-rette duh tuh lah pey-tey Stop showing off
Il/elle capte rien ill/elle capt ree-uh He/she doesn’t understand anything
Je me casse Juh muh cass I’m out of here
Laisse tomber less tohn-bey Let it go, drop it
J’ai la flemme jey lah flem I’m lazy
Sans déconner sahn dey-coh-ney No joke, not kidding
Avoir un creux sh-vwahr ahn cruh To be hungry
Être dans le coaltar etr dahn luh coal-tahr To be half-asleep, disoriented
Être dans le pâté etr dahn luh pah-tey Same as above
Poser une colle poh-zey une cahll To ask a tricky questions
Vas-y mollo vah-zee mo-low Take it easy
BCBG bey seh bey jeh Posh, chic
Se peler suh puh-ley To be cold
Se bourrer la gueule suh boo-rey lah gull To get drunk
Faire la tronche fair lah truhn-shh To have a long face
Ça craint sah cran Not cool, it sucks
Ça marche sah mak-shh Ok, it works
Ça me saoule sah muh sule That pisses me off
Boire un coup so-arh ahn coo To have a drink
C’est clair sey claire You don’t say
Un truc de ouf ahn trewk duh oof It’s wild
Crever la dalle cruh-vey lah dall To be starving
Être au taquet etr oh tah-kay To be on fire
Lâche-moi la grappe lashe-moi lah grap Leave me alone, give me a break
Pas de souci pah duh suu-si No worries
Point barre pwahn bahr Period
Je m’en fous juh mon foo I don’t care
La vache lah vahsh OMG
Pas mal de pah mal du Many
Coup de fil coo duh fill Phone call
Se planter suh plahn-tey To make a mistake
C’est bof sey buff It’s terrible
C’est naze Sey nazz It sucks, it’s boring
C’est dégueu sey dey-guh It’s disgusting
Péter un cable pey-tey ahn cah-bluh Freak out
À la bourre ah lah boor Running late
Lâcher une caisse lah-che une kess To fart
Gueule de bois guhl duh bwah Hangover
Cul sec koo sek To drink the whole glass at once
N’importe quoi nah-port kwah Shenanigans
Fais gaffe fey gaff Watch out
T’inquiète tuhn-key-et No worries
Bon app’ bon app Enjoy your meal
Du coin dew kwan From around here
Mon œil mon nuh-ee I don’t believe it
C’est trop la honte sey troh lah uhnt It’s so embarrassing
Arrête de flipper ah-rette duh flee-pey Stop freaking out
Se manger la gueule suh mon-jey lah gull To fall, to hurt oneself
C’est craignos sey crey-gnos It sucks
Je suis grillé(e) juh swee gree-yeh I’m done, I’ve been caught
N’importe nawak nah-port nawak Shenanigans
Avoir le seum ah-vwahr luh sum To be angry or ‘pissed’
Beau gosse boh goss Handsome guy
Je pète la dalle juh pette lah dahl I’m starving
À chier ah she-eh Lame
Casser la croûte kah-sey lah croot To eat
C’est dans la poche sey dahn lah posh A successful outing
Les doigts dans le nez ley du-wah dahn luh ney Piece of cake

French text slang

French text slang English meaning
stp Please
slt Hi
tkt No worries
cad That is to say
a+ Talk to you later
pq Why
Je t’m I love you
bjr Hello
bsr Goodbye (evening)
rdv Meeting
Ton 06 Your phone number
K29 What’s up
mdr lol
ptdr rofl
qq Somebody
auj Today
mail E-mail
wétu Where are you
aprem Afternoon
toutafé Absolutely
dsl Sorry
tjs Always
jms Never
dak OK
A2M1 Talk to you tomorrow
bcp A lot
biz Kiss
bg Handsome guy
jpp I can’t take it anymore
tmtc You know it

French slang for cool

French for cool Pronunciation English meaning
Impec um-peck Perfect
Ça gère sah jear It rocks, it’s great
C’est de la balle sey duh lah bal It’s great
C’est le pied sey luh pee-eh It rocks, it’s awesome
Nickel knee-kel Perfect
Chouette, cool, super shwet, kewl, suh-pear Great
Ça déchire sah dey-shir It’s awesome, it rocks
C’est la bombe sey lah bumb It’s the bomb
Trop kiffant troh key-fahn So cool
Sympa sam-pah Nice
Super suh-pear Terrific
Trop cool troh-kewl So awesome

French slang for friend

Slang for friend Pronunciation English meaning (if applicable, otherwise disregard)
Pote, poteau pot, pot-oh Friend, buddy
Frérot, gros fre-rot, groh Bro
T’es le sang teh luh san You’re important to me
Mon vieux mon vee-yuh My friend
Mec meck Dude
Biloute bee-lute Friend (North of France)

Free downloadable guide to French slang

We've created a list of popular slang words and phrases so you can start sounding like, and connect with French locals. This guide to slang will take your French learning to the next level.

Free guide to French slang.

French Canadian slang

Canadian slang deserves a whole article, but here are a few expressions and words to get you started.

Group of friends enjoying a picnic and speaking French Canadian slang.

French Canadian slang Pronunciation English meaning
Habillé(e) comme la chienne à Jacques ah-bee-yeh com lah she-en ah Jacques Dressed with poor taste
Gars gah Guy
Char shar Car
Blonde blon-duh Girlfriend
Chum shum Boyfriend
Niaiseux knee-eh-zuh Boring, stupid
Piastre pee-ahs-truh Buck, dollar
Bas bah Socks
Matante mah-tahnt Gossipy woman
Mononcle mon-non-cluh Obnoxious man
Osti oh-stee Oh god
Avoir de la misère à ah-vwahr duh lah me-zere ah To have a lot of trouble doing something
Avoir la chienne ah-vwahr lah she-en To be terrified
Pas pire pah peer Not bad
Faire un téléphone fair ahn teh-leh-phun To make a phone call
Ça me bouillonne dans le fond de la flûte sah muh boo-yun dahn luh fuhn duh la flute I need to pee
Attache ta tuque ah-tahsh tah tuke Hold on tight
Au plus sacrant oh plew sah-crunh Quickly
Fin fahn Nice, sweet
C’est le fun sey luh fun It’s awesome
Jaser ja-zey To chat
Mets-en mey-zunh Totally, for sure
Franchement frahn-shuh-mon Really?
Chanter la pomme shan-tey lah pom To chat up, to flirt with
Domper dohn-pey To dump
La bobette lah boh-bette Underwear
T’est ben chix tey bahn shix You’re hot
Partir sur une balloune pahr-teer suhr une bah-loon To party hard
Être paqueté etr pah-cuh-tey To be drunk
Être sous raide etr suu red To be hungover
Calice de Crisse, tabarnak cah-leese duh crease tah-bahr-nack Damn it
Ostie d’innocent ost-ee dee-noh-sahn Idiot
J’ai mon voyage jey mon vwah-yaj I had enough
Je m’en sacre juh mon sak-re I don’t care
Tu me bosses tew muh boss You’re annoying me
Cogner des clous, toaster des deux bords co-gnee-eh dey clue, tohs-tey dey duh boahr To be exhausted
Lache pas la patate lash pah lah pa-taht Don’t give up
C’est de valeur sey duh vah-lehur What a pity
Il fait frette ill fey fret It’s freezing
Être vite sur ses patins etr veet suhr sey pah-tahn To be very smart, clever
Avoir les shakes ah-vwahr ley shake To be scared
Aller aux vues ahl-le oh vew To go to the movies
Caller l’orignal cohl-le low-re-gnal To vomit
L’enterrement de crapaud lahn-terre-mont duh crah-poh That’s awful

Other French colloquial expressions from various countries and regions

Expression Pronunciation Country/region where it’s used English meaning
Go goh Ivory Coast Girl or girlfriend
Être calé etr car-le Ivory Coast To be chilling
Merci mingi Mer-see meen-gi Democratic Republic of Congo Thank you very much
Baybay bye-bye Seychelles Goodbye
Ça plèque sah plehck Belgium It’s sticky
Être sur le balan etr suhr luh bah-lon Switzerland To hesitate
Je wanda juh wanda Cameroon I wonder
Dallasser dah-lah-sey Senegal To show off
Okelendo oh-kay-len-do Mali Ok
Mari sa mah-ri sah Mauritius Wow
Djal jal French Guiana Girlfriend, boyfriend
Allons bouger ah-lon boo-jey La Réunion Let’s go

More slang FAQs

How do you say “have fun” in French slang?

The most common slang for “Have fun” is “s’éclater”.

What are some well-known French expressions about life?

Modern French expressions use a lot of Anglicisms. For example, you can say “C’est la life” instead of “C’est la vie”.

What are some French colloquial expressions about love?

If you like a French mec or meuf, you can express your feelings with “J’te kiffe” (slang phrase for “I like you”).

What is some French internet slang?

The English Internet language has lol and rofl. The French Internet language has mdr (mort de rire) and ptdr (pété de rire), respectively.

Tips for learning French colloquialisms

Practice, practice, practice

If you can’t travel to a French-speaking country at the moment, the Internet is a wonderful place to find francophones to speak or chat with. You can also search for tandem/language exchange programs in your area.

Watch TV

Yes, you read that right. Watch recent French-speaking movies and TV shows to learn new slang, and the slang words and phrases you’ve just learned in this article. Nice homework, right?

Learn French online

With regular lessons and study, you’ll integrate new slang words and phrases and reach a French level qui déchire!

    Girl learning about French slang online.

    Mastering casual French, c’est dans la poche

    With 273 phrases and words under your belt, you are au taquet to fit in among French speakers!

    And our French text slang words will help you sound like a local even when texting. Trop cool, non ?

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