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Berlitz language school offers a range of language courses and training for adults, children and teenagers, companies and institutions.

Why learn a language with Berlitz?

Highest standard of language teaching

We have been breaking down language barriers all over the world, in as many as 70 countries, for over 145 years! This confirms the high effectiveness of teaching, making Berlitz a leader among language schools around the world.

Our communicative language learning method is designed for anyone who wants to quickly and effectively gain the ability to speak a new language.

Interactive, modern and effective. This is what language learning is like with Berlitz, a language school that focuses on practice, communicative learning and the confident application of grammar and vocabulary in any situation: at work, away, or at school.

Both individual and group language courses are selected according to our accurate 10-point scale (from A1 to C2 on the CEFR scale). As a result:

  • You don't stay at the same level indefinitely.

  • You learn the language exactly from the point you are at.

  • You work in a comfortable environment with a program tailored to your level.

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