Berlitz offers the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language - with the cultural understanding to get the most out of these new skills.

With flexible learning options and customized learning programs, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking a new language right away.

The secret to language learning: immersion

Anyone has the ability to speak another language. Traditionally, the best way to learn was to move abroad and immerse yourself in a new language and culture, but that’s not always practical or affordable for many of us.

Our students tell us that learning with Berlitz is the next best thing to actually moving to a new country.

1. The most effective

Language learning with Berlitz is an immersive experience. The Berlitz Method was invented by our founder in 1878 and is still the most effective language learning technique used today.

Your lessons are conducted in the target language from day one and each activity focuses on a specific learning goal tailored to your needs.

Language is presented in the context of real-life situations, and rather than academic translations or grammar rules, no obscure phrases that aren’t useful in the real world.

Your instructor guides you through a process of practice and presentation to help you quickly absorb what you’ve learned and progress to the next level.

2. Fast and efficient results

Learning with Berlitz follows a cycle that ensures fast and efficient progress.

We start with an evaluation of your language goals and proficiency levels so that we can recommend the most effective program for you.

Throughout your program there are regular milestones where you can check to see if you’re on track and access any extra support you might need on your learning journey.

You will regularly measure your understanding and skills to see how you’ve progressed and when to move to the next level. We’ll even provide certification of your achievements!

Our approach ensures you are continuously improving and don’t get stuck along the way.

That means you spend less time learning your new language and more time doing what’s important to you - whether that’s running your business, spending time with your family or exploring new corners of the world.

3. The power of cultural understanding

The most powerful way to get the most out of a new language is to understand its culture.

Our learning activities include important cultural training that helps you use your new language skills in the right context.

From business meetings to social situations, we’ll teach you how to avoid those uncomfortable scenarios that can often occur between cultures.

Our Cultural Navigator tool will help you understand your cultural preferences and how they impact how you communicate with different cultures.

This combination of immersive language learning with cultural understanding is the closest experience to living and working in a new country.

4. Learn your own way

All our instructors are passionate and dedicated to helping you improve your language skills.

You can learn anytime, anywhere through our online learning platform, with lessons delivered in real-time. You can also practice on your own with our online self-study options.

Prefer to learn in-person? You can schedule your lessons at any of our 500+ language centers around the world or at countless other flexible learning spaces. We’ll even come to your workplace or other location that works for you.

Looking for training programs for business? We provide customized solutions for corporate executives through to global corporations.

No matter what option you choose, your program will be fully customized to your goals, situation and learning style.

Open your world with Berlitz

From CEOs to Presidents, famous entertainers and world class athletes, Berlitz has helped millions of people connect and communicate over our 140 year history.

Open your world. Learn a language today.