Language training for companies, unleashing the full potential of employees

Whether a language is used in a company for daily work or contacts with foreign partners, language skills have already become an integral part of any industry. Supporting the needs of companies, we equip you with the practical communication skills necessary for:  

  • Negotiating and presenting
  • Important international projects
  • Meetings, conferences and trade fairs

Why do companies rely on Berlitz?

The widest range of language courses for companies in Poland

As a leading language provider for businesses, Berlitz offers courses designed for the flexibility and scalability of your business

Group courses

  • On-site at Berlitz school or online, for people from different locations 
  • Small groups (2-10 people) and their precise placement according to their level 
  • Regular schedule and professional teaching staff 

One-on-one courses

  • On-site at the Berlitz School or online 
  • Tailor-made courses 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Native-like teacher or native speaker

Online platform

  • Learn independently or with a tutor 
  • AI technology to support correct pronunciation 
  • Interactive exercises and flexible learning 

How can we help your business grow?

Contact our consultant to match language training to your needs. 

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Learn about some of our customers' biggest business challenges and how Berlitz solutions can help you meet your goals.

How to train 200 employees quickly and effectively?

How to introduce a unified language training system in a company?

How to improve customer service competence in German in a month?

Yes, we offer business English courses for companies. This specialization does not involve an additional fee, as it is an integral part of each course. 

Our language school for businesses uses the Berlitz Method which allows you to approach a new language in the most natural way. In other words, during a Berlitz course you only speak and hear the target language - meaning you learn it as if you were in the country where the language is spoken, overcoming your fear of speaking it.

The Berlitz method provides a systematic approach, expanding knowledge every class, based on the latest discoveries and innovations in linguistic research. Our teachers receive intensive training - in addition to special teaching techniques, they use methods that increase confidence and motivation to learn the language, activate speaking and focus on individual goals.  


As a customer, you get access to attendance and learning progress reports from us. At the end of the training, a certificate of completion is issued to those who complete the level and pass the final test. 

Yes. With Berlitz you can introduce online language courses for all employees working from different locations in Poland. We offer online and onsite learning at our schools located in Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Krakow, among others. 

Feel free to contact our consultant, who will present all available learning options. 

Each company organizing language courses for employees receives a dedicated tutor who supports the client from the moment the training is tailored to the company's budget and needs, to the implementation of the program and its completion. We provide constant contact with the tutor for each client and free access to attendance reports and learning results. In addition, each language course begins with free knowledge level tests administered by our team. 

Yes, we have a wide range of language training options for companies, including:  

  • Cross-cultural training for companies 

  • Presentations in English 

  • Meetings in English 

  • Negotiations in English 

  • Business English - Small talk 

  • Business English - Emails 

  • Business English - Telephone conversations 

Industry-specific training:  

  • English in HR 

  • English in Accounting 

  • English in Sales 

Didn't find an area that interests you? Feel free to contact our consultant to tailor training to your business needs and area. 

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