A fun, proven method for learning a new language.

Berlitz language classes for kids and teens encourage intellectual development, introduce a global perspective, and can enhance your child’s future career opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for programs that teach Spanish for kids, German for kids or even Italian for teens - Berlitz is the best choice. Research has shown that childhood is the best time to learn a language. With fewer inhibitions than adults, children can absorb the nuances of a foreign language and they're often able to speak without an accent.

Benefits of learning a language as a kid

The benefits of being bilingual include increased cognitive abilities, a broadened global perspective and enhanced career opportunities. By introducing your child to a new language, you’re setting them up for future success.

    Studies have shown that learning a second language also improves overall cognitive development. In addition to learning, speaking, reading and writing in a new language, children can improve standardized test scores, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and greater mental flexibility. 

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