Find out about how adult and kids can learn languages online, as well as benefit from our online seminars. Whether you want to take part in a live lesson or seminar or take an online self-study course at your own pace: you choose the course that matches your needs.

Benefits of Berlitz Online Courses

  • Flexible: You yourself decide when and where your Online Training will take place
  • Adaptability: Our Online Courses are adaptable to your personal and business needs
  • Extra Support Materials: Our Online Language Courses and Seminars come with extra materials that support your learning
  • Consistent Quality: Our Online Language Courses and Seminars are delivered to the same high pedagogical standard as our courses in the Language Centres.

Learn many languages online with Berlitz

Berlitz offers a wide range of languages that you can learn conveniently and easily online.

Our online courses have the same content as our on-site language courses at the Berlitz language school. Thanks to our wide range of formats, we have the right course for every type of learner, while our native-speaker trainers from around the world help you learn your chosen foreign language quickly and effectively:

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