Are you looking to learn a new language quickly or are wanting to brush up your language skills despite your busy schedule? Do you require personalized content to target your specific needs and time constraints? With Berlitz private language lessons you can have all of that, whilst learning at your own pace and practicing the new language with a dedicated teacher.

Boost your language skills in next to no time – with customized, intensive, flexible instruction

Sign up for individual classes - choose any of our available languages and learn in one of our 7 departments. During meetings with experienced native speakers, you will immerse yourself in the language, thanks to which you will quickly get rid of the language barrier. 

Individual language classes at Berlitz allows you to perfectly match the schedule and course content to your needs. Learn at your own pace and focus on the topics that interest you so that you can enjoy fast progress and easy communication soon. 

The individual language course in Berlitz means: 

  • Personalized learning path 
  • Learning at your own pace 
  • Flexible schedule of classes

Some of the languages available include:

  • Private English classes
  • Private Polish classes
  • Private German classes
  • Private French classes
  • Private Spanish classes
  • Private Italian classes

Advantages of the one-to-one course with Berlitz

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