About the client

Challenge 1: Excellent customer service in German

In a multinational corporation employing specialists in its own customer service center in Germany, there is a strong emphasis on great German language skills. Practical knowledge of the language is key to building trust and providing quality customer service.  The ability to interact freely and effectively with customers from the German market is used in daily operations.     

Challenge 2: Quickly improve language skills

There was a need to improve the language level of a group of employees over a very short period of time. We took the appropriate measures in response to our client’s requirements and the limited possibility to execute the training over a longer period of time.  

In a month, it was possible for the team to complete a course that normally takes up to seven months.

Project implementation strategy: intensive group training.

To meet the needs of the company and taking into account the limited time, we introduced an intensive cycle of language training. As a result, in just a month we were able to complete a course that normally takes up to 7 months. 

Effects of cooperation

  • Employees working for an international company interact with customers in German with clear confidence

  • Customer service employees increased their language knowledge by one level over the course of one month. 

  • Rapid improvement in employees' language skills. 

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