About the customer

Challenge: Rapid implementation of a course for a large number of people

At the end of February 2023 we were approached by a multinational company in the energy industry, where English became the main corporate language after a change of ownership. 

The company was faced with the challenge of urgently finding a training provider to prepare tailor-made English language training over a short period of time. 

The company's main goal was to train the entire workforce, that is, over 200 people in an on-site mode at the client company's headquarters. As we are a company for special tasks, this fact posed no problem for us. 

It took only 13 days from the time the contract was signed to the start of the training.

Project implementation strategy

Each employee received a solution tailored to their level of language proficiency and best suited to their individual needs.

One-on-one courses

Since our client's directors and managers had irregular work schedules and often traveled for business, we offered one-on-one classes for the said executives.

Total Immersion®

For those who wanted quick learning results and could spare five days for training with Berlitz, we offered the Total Immersion® course, a solution that improves language skills by one level in less than a week! 

On-site and online group courses

The remaining group of employees joined either in-person or online groups, selected precisely according to their English proficiency assessed during a language audit conducted earlier.

We conducted level tests for all employees participating in English training in just 3 days!

End result

  • Fast implementation of the English training 

  • Precise language level assessment for 200+ employees in just 3 days 

  • Customizing language solutions to individual employees' needs 

Do you need a tailored solution for your business?

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