How to order 25 types of ice-cold, delicious beer in Spanish

Learning Spanish is hard work, so why not reward yourself with an ice-cold beer once in a while? In this blog, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about ordering beer in Spanish.

We get it, learning Spanish can be a long and often challenging process. It takes many hours of study time and years of dedication to truly master a language. However, it can also be fun and exciting at times–and this is definitely one of those times.

After all, what’s not to like about being able to enjoy your favorite brews while traveling through Spain or Latin America? Sure, maybe you could get away with simply learning cerveza or perhaps even by just pointing to a picture of a beer bottle and signaling with your finger that you want one, but that won’t cut it for true connoisseurs.

Every half-serious beer drinker knows that choosing the right beer is like picking a bottle of wine. Not all beers are made the same, and sometimes you want to pair your fish tacos with a refreshing blonde ale or your tapas with a tangy India pale ale.

Whatever the case, we’ll show you how to order 25 kinds of beer in Spanish. We’ll also go over several common ways to enjoy a beer, and we’ll even cover some beer slang in Spanish!

Keep reading to learn how to order your favorite beer like a local.

Group of women order beer in Spanish.

How to say beer in Spanish

If you already have some Spanish drinks vocabulary under your belt, you probably already know how to say beer: cerveza. And what’s better than one cerveza? Two cervezas! Since this is a regular noun, all you have to do to make it plural is to add an -s at the end.

Types of beer you can order in Spanish

If you’re a beer enthusiast, knowing how to order a beer won’t cut it–you need to know how to order several types of beer. As diverse as the world of beer is, we’ve compiled a list of 25 beer types in Spanish so you can order your favorite hops no matter where you are.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Beer Cerveza seɾˈβesa ser-veh-sah
Lager Lager laˈxeɾ lah-gehr
Stout Stout ˈstowt stout
Pilsner Pilsener pilseˈneɾ pilsner
Wheat beer Cerveza de trigo seɾˈβesa ðe ˈtɾiɣo ser-veh-sah deh tree-go
Ale Ale ˈale ale
Sour ale Cerveza agria seɾˈβesa ˈaɣɾja ser-veh-sah ah-gree-ah
Blonde ale Ale rubia ˈale ˈruβja ale roo-bee-ah
Brown ale Brown ale ˈbɾown ˈale brown ale
Pale ale Ale pálida ˈale ˈpaliða ale pah-lee-dah
India pale ale (IPA) India pale ale ˈindja ˈpale ˈale een-dee-ah pale ale
Old ale Ale antigua ˈale anˈtiɣwa ale ahn-tee-goo-ah
Belgian ale Ale belga ˈale ˈβelɣa ale bell-gah
Porter Porter poɾˈteɾ porter
Weißbier Cerveza blanca seɾˈβesa ˈβlanka ser-veh-sah blahn-cah
Bock Bock ˈbokk bock
Imperial stout Stout imperial ˈstowt impeˈɾjal stout eem-pear-e-al
Root beer Cerveza de raíz seɾˈβesa ðe raˈis ser-veh-sah deh rah-eez
Cold beer Cerveza fría seɾˈβesa ˈfɾia ser-veh-sah free-ah
Draft beer Cerveza de barril seɾˈβesa ðe βaˈril ser-veh-sah deh bah-reel
Craft beer Cerveza artesanal seɾˈβesa aɾtesaˈnal ser-veh-sah ar-teh-sah-nal
Low carb beer Cerveza baja en carbohidratos seɾˈβesa ˈβaxa en kaɾβoiˈðɾatos ser-veh-sah bah-hah ehn car-bo-e-drah-toes
Non-alcoholic beer Cerveza sin alcohol seɾˈβesa sin alkoˈol ser-veh-sah seen al-cole
Gluten-free beer Cerveza sin gluten seɾˈβesa sin ˈɡluten ser-veh-sah seen glue-ten
Low-calorie beer Cerveza baja en calorías seɾˈβesa ˈβaxa en kaloˈɾias ser-veh-sah bah-hah ehn cah-lo-ree-ahs

Popular beer brands in Spanish-speaking countries

Did you know that Mexico is–by far–the largest exporter of beer in the world? Corona, one of the most popular beer brands worldwide, was created right in the heart of Mexico City! Clearly, Spanish-speakers know a thing or two about making beer.

Plus, with amazing weather in most Spanish-speaking countries, it’s no surprise that people in Hispanic countries love having an ice-cold beer. Here are the most popular beer brands in each Spanish-speaking country:

Men share some popular beer brands in Spanish speaking countries.

Country Beer Brand IPA Pronunciation
Spain Cruzcampo kɾusˈkampo crooz-cam-poh
Mexico Corona koˈɾona coh-ro-nah
Cuba La Tropical la tɾopiˈkal la tro-pee-cal
Dominican Republic Presidente pɾesiˈðente preh-see-dehn-teh
Puerto Rico Medalla meˈðaʝa meh-dah-yah
Guatemala Gallo ˈɡaʝo gah-yo
Nicaragua Toña ˈtoɲa toh-nyah
Honduras Salva Vida ˈsalβa ˈβiða sal-vah vee-da
El Salvador Pilsener pilseˈneɾ pilsner
Costa Rica Imperial impeˈɾjal eem-pear-e-al
Panama Balboa balˈβoa bal-boh-ah
Colombia Poker poˈkeɾ poh-ker
Venezuela Polar poˈlaɾ poh-lar
Ecuador Pilsener pilseˈneɾ pilsner
Peru Cristal kɾisˈtal crees-tal
Bolivia Pacena paˈsena pah-ceh-nah
Paraguay Brahma ˈbɾama brah-mah
Chile Cristal kɾisˈtal crees-tal
Argentina Quilmes ˈkilmes keyl-mehs
Uruguay Pilsen ˈpilsen pilsen
Equatorial Guinea Castel kasˈtel cas-tel

Beer in Spanish slang

As you already know, Spanish slang is a huge part of the culture no matter where you go. This is especially true in causal or informal environments, which can easily lead to a beer or two. So, if you find yourself introducing yourself in Spanish quite a lot, you’ll definitely want to know some Spanish beer slang!

Country Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Mexico Cheve ˈʧeβe che-veh
Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Peru Chela ˈʧela che-la
Mexico Caguama kaˈɣwama cah-goo-ah-ma
Colombia Pola ˈpola po-lah
Ecuador Biela ˈbjela bee-eh-la
Argentina, Venezuela Birra ˈbira bee-ra
Venezuela, Puerto Rico Fría ˈfɾia free-ah
Cuba Lagarto laˈɣaɾto la-gar-toe
Panama Pinta ˈpinta peen-ta
Spain Caña ˈkaɲa cah-nyah
Ecuador Pescuezuda peskweˈsuða pes-coo-eh-zoo-dah
Spain Corto ˈkoɾto core-toe
Spain, Mexico Doble ˈdoβle do-bleh
Mexico Cuartito kwaɾˈtito coo-ar-tee-toe
Spain Litrona liˈtɾona lee-tro-nah
Basque Country Zurito suˈɾito zoo-ree-toe

How to describe beer in Spanish

If you’re reaching intermediate Spanish levels and want to really push yourself, you can try to describe the flavor, aroma or even appearance of beer in Spanish. Next time you go out with your friends, try using one of the following words to describe your beer!

Man describes his favorite beer in Spanish to friends.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Delicious Deliciosa deliˈsjosa deh-lee-see-oh-sah
Cold Fría ˈfɾia free-ah
Light Ligera liˈxeɾa lee-heh-rah
Hoppy Lupulosa lupuˈlosa loo-poo-lo-sah
Fresh Fresca ˈfɾeska frehs-cah
Fruity Frutal fɾuˈtal froo-tal
Malty Maltosa malˈtosa mal-toe-sah
Buttery Diacetilo djaseˈtilo dee-ah-seh-tee-lo
Roasty Tostada tosˈtaða tos-tah-dah
Sour Agria ˈaɣɾja ah-gree-ah
Sharp Aguda aˈɣuða ah-goo-dah
Bright Clara ˈklaɾa clah-rah
Earthy Terrosa teˈrosa teh-ro-sah
Grainy Granosa ɡɾaˈnosa grah-no-sah
Bitter Amarga aˈmaɾɣa ah-mar-gah
Frothy Espumosa espuˈmosa ehs-poo-mo-sah
Premium Premium pɾeˈmjum preh-me-oom
Organic Orgánica oɾˈɣanika ore-gah-nee-cah
Natural Natural natuˈɾal nah-too-ral
Ascetic Acética aˈsetika ah-seh-tee-cah

Ways beers are served in Spanish

The way your beer is served is almost as important as the beer itself. Few things are nicer than an ice-cold lager on a hot summer day, but maybe that’s not what most of us would crave on a cozy winter afternoon. So, knowing a few ways beers are served can help elevate your experience.

Try a beer tasting paddle to sample beer in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Beer bottle Cerveza en botella seɾˈβesa em boˈteʝa ser-veh-sah ehn boh-teh-yah
Beer can Cerveza en lata seɾˈβesa en ˈlata ser-veh-sah ehn la-tah
Beer jug Cerveza en tarro seɾˈβesa en ˈtaro ser-veh-sah ehn tah-ro
With lime and salt Con limón y sal kon liˈmon i ˈsal con lee-mon e sal
Beer with lime, salt, and sauces Michelada miʧeˈlaða me-cheh-la-dah
Ice-cold beer Una cerveza bien helada ˈuna seɾˈβesa ˈβjen eˈlaða ser-beh-sah bee-ehn eh-lah-dah
Draft beer Una cerveza de barril ˈuna seɾˈβesa ðe βaˈril ser-beh-sah deh bah-reel
Beer pitcher Una jarra de cerveza ˈuna ˈxara ðe seɾˈβesa hah-rah deh ser-veh-sah
Beer tasting Degustación de cervezas artesanales deɣustaˈsjon de seɾˈβesas aɾtesaˈnales deh-goose-tah-see-ohn deh ser-veh-sas are-teh-sah-nah-lehs
Domestic Nacional nasjoˈnal nah-see-oh-nal
Imported De importación de jmpoɾtaˈsjon deh eem-pore-tah-see-ohn
Local Local loˈkal loh-cahl

How to order a beer in Spanish

Now, if you’ve read our guide on ordering at a restaurant in Spanish, you know we wouldn’t just hit you with dozens of new vocabulary words and expect you to instantly know what to do with them. Of course not! We’ll now give you a few helpful sample sentences on how to order this delicious beverage.

If you’re not super comfortable counting yet, we recommend you check out our guide to numbers in Spanish before continuing. This can be helpful if you want to order a round of beers for you and your friends!

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
I would like a beer, please. Quiero una cerveza, por favor. ˈkjeɾo ˈuna seɾˈβesa | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ key-air-oh oo-nah ser-veh-sah, pore fah-vore
I need a beer. Necesito una cerveza. neseˈsito ˈuna seɾˈβesa ‖ neh-seh-see-toe oo-nah ser-veh-sah
Another beer, please. Otra cerveza, por favor. ˈotɾa seɾˈβesa | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ oh-trah ser-veh-sah, pore fah-vore
Excuse me, could I get a beer? Disculpe, ¿me podría servir una cerveza? disˈkulpe | me poˈðɾia seɾˈβiɾ ˈuna seɾˈβesa ‖ dees-cool-peh, meh poh-dree-ah ser-veer oo-nah ser-veh-sah
Three domestic beers, please. Tres cervezas nacionales, por favor. ˈtɾes seɾˈβesaz nasjoˈnales | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ trehs ser-veh-sas nah-see-oh-nah-les, pore fah-vore
Excuse me, do you have draft beer? Disculpa, ¿tienes cerveza de barril? disˈkulpa | ˈtjenes seɾˈβesa ðe βaˈril ‖ dees-cool-pah, tee-eh-ness ser-veh-sah deh bah-reel
Which domestic beers do you have? ¿Qué cervezas nacionales tienes? ˈke seɾˈβesaz nasjoˈnales ˈtjenes ‖ keh ser-veh-sahs nah-see-oh-nah-les tee-eh-nes
Which craft beers do you have? ¿Qué cervezas artesanales tienes? ˈke seɾˈβesas aɾtesaˈnales ˈtjenes ‖ keh ser-veh-sahs ar-teh-sah-nah-les tee-eh-nes
Do you have any local beer? ¿Tienes alguna cerveza local? ˈtjenes alˈɣuna seɾˈβesa loˈkal ‖ tee-eh-nehs al-goo-nah ser-veh-sah lo-cal
A corona beer with lime, salt, and sauces, please. Una michelada con cerveza Corona, por favor. ˈuna miʧeˈlaða kon seɾˈβesa koˈɾona | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ oo-nah me-cheh-la-dah con ser-veh-sah co-ro-na, pore fah-vore
Two ice-cold beers, please. Dos cervezas bien heladas, por favor. ˈdos seɾˈβesaz ˈβjen eˈlaðas | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ dos ser-veh-sahs bee-ehn eh-la-das, pore fah-vore
A beer in a jug with lime and salt, please. Una cerveza en un tarro con limón y sal, por favor. ˈuna seɾˈβesa en un ˈtaro kon liˈmon i ˈsal | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ oo-nah ser-veh-sah ehn oon tah-ro con lee-mon e sal, pore fah-vore
A pitcher of lager beer with three ice-cold glasses, please. Una jarra de cerveza lager y tres vasos bien helados, por favor. ˈuna ˈxara ðe seɾˈβesa laˈxeɾ i ˈtɾez ˈβasoz ˈβjen eˈlaðos | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ oo-nah hah-rah deh ser-veh-sah e trehs vah-sohs bee-ehn eh-la-dos
A pint of India pale ale, please. Una pinta de India pale ale, por favor. ˈuna ˈpinta ðe ˈindja ˈpale ˈale | poɾ faˈβoɾ ‖ oo-nah peen-tah deh een-dee-ah pale ale, pore fah-vore

Order a beer and unwind with your study notes

Learning Spanish to fluency can be a big commitment, but you’ve got this! Since you’ve made it this far, you’re already doing fantastic. So, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing with a beer after a long day of hard work.

If you enjoyed this guide and learned plenty of new ways to order beer, make sure to check out the rest of our free Spanish guides. If you’re a foodie at heart, you’ll want to check out our guides on how to order coffee in Spanish, fruits in Spanish, and more!

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