How to say good morning in Spanish in 33 fitting ways

Saying good morning is one of the sacred parts of daily interactions. If you want to function in a Spanish-speaking society, you should definitely learn to say good morning in Spanish.

Nowadays, everyone’s got a million things going on. And with our smartphones offering a refuge 24/7, it’s easy for everyone to live in our own bubbles. However, saying good morning to our friends, coworkers, classmates, and even strangers on the street is a great way to break out of that bubble and interact with those around us.

Whether you want to order coffee in Spanish or simply greet your coworkers, knowing how to say good morning will help you have more pleasant and natural interactions with those around you.

That’s why we’ve compiled 33 ways to say good morning. So, no matter the context or the situation, we’ll provide you with the best way to wish someone a good morning or a good day in Spanish.

Keep reading to learn some fun Spanish phrases to brighten people’s day!

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How to say good morning in Spanish

Now, what you came here for: how to actually say good morning in Spanish. You may already be familiar with this phrase if you read our article on how to say hi in Spanish, but don’t worry if you’re completely unfamiliar, as it’s pretty simple.

Good morning is buenos días. This directly translates to “good days.” If you’re wondering why you would use plurals, it’s kind of a long story. The most accepted version is that it used to stand for “buenos días os dé Dios,” which translates to “may God bless you with good days.” Eventually, the phrase was shortened to simply “good days,” or buenos días.

Two friends say good morning in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Morning! ¡Buenos! ˈbwenos ‖ boo-eh-nos
Good morning! ¡Buenos días! ˈbwenoz ˈðias ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs
Good day! ¡Buen día! ˈbwen ˈdia ‖ Boo-ehn dee-ah
Good morning to everyone Buenos días a todos ˈbwenoz ˈðias a ˈtoðos boo-eh-nos dee-ahs ah-toe-dos
Good morning, nice to meet you. Buenos días, un placer conocerte. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | um plaˈseɾ konoˈseɾte ‖ boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, oon plah-ser co-no-sehr-teh
Good morning, teacher Buenos días, maestra ˈbwenoz ˈðias | maˈestɾa boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, mah-ehs-trah
Good morning, doctor Buenos días, doctor ˈbwenoz ˈðias | dokˈtoɾ boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, doc-tore

Good morning in Spanish using titles for a man or woman

If you want to be even more specific, you can follow your good morning greeting with a title for a man or a woman. If you’ve already learned how to say how are you in Spanish, you surely already know that adding señor or señorita at the end of a greeting isn’t uncommon.

And if you’ve been learning Spanish for any amount of time, you already know that this is a highly gendered language. So, knowing a few ways to say good morning to a woman or a man will come in quite handy.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Good morning, madam. Buenos días, madam ˈbwenoz ˈðias | maˈðam Boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, ma-dam
Good morning, miss. Buenos días, señorita ˈbwenoz ˈðias | seɲoˈɾita boo-eh-nohs dee-ahs, seh-nyoh-ree-tah
Good morning, sir. Buenos días, señor ˈbwenoz ˈðias | seˈɲoɾ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, seh-nyor
Good morning, young lady Buenos días, jovencita ˈbwenoz ˈðias | xoβenˈsita boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, ho-vehn-see-tah
Good morning, young man Buenos días, jovencito ˈbwenoz ˈðias | xoβenˈsito boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, ho-vehn-see-toe
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen Buenos días, señoras y señores ˈbwenoz ˈðias | seˈɲoɾas i seˈɲoɾes boo-eh-nos dee-ahs seh-nyor-ahs e seh-nyor-ehs

Romantic good morning in Spanish

French gets all the hype for being the language of love, but Spanish can be quite romantic, too! If you have a special someone, you can make sure they don’t wake up on the right side of the bed by greeting them with a romantic good morning in Spanish.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our article on how to say I love you in Spanish for some romantic phrases that you can tack on to your morning greeting. And if you’re not ready for full-blown declarations of love before you’ve had your first cup of coffee, you can also get some inspiration from our articles on Spanish terms of endearment and royalty vocab in Spanish.

A romantic good morning in Spanish.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Good morning, my love. Buenos días, mi amor. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | mj aˈmoɾ ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs me ah-more
Good morning, beautiful. Buenos días, hermosa. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | eɾˈmosa ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, air-mo-sa
Good morning, handsome. Buenos días, guapo. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | ˈɡwapo ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, goo-ah-poh
Good morning, princess Buenos días, princesa. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | pɾinˈsesa ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, preen-seh-sa
Good morning, heart. Buenos días, corazón. ˈbwenoz ˈðias | koɾaˈson ‖ boo-eh-nos dee-ahs, core-ah-zon

Other morning greetings in Spanish

Besides the typical good morning greetings, there are a few more ways to get creative and express your creativity. Particularly in Latin America, where people tend to be very warm and casual, you’ll more than likely hear many of the expressions below instead of the rather formal buenos días.

English Spanish IPA Pronunciation
Rise and shine Levántate y brilla leˈβantate j ˈβɾiʝa leh-vahn-tah-teh e bree-yah
Have a nice day! ¡Qué tengas un buen día! ˈke ˈtenɡas um ˈbwen ˈdia ‖ keh ten-gas oon boo-ehn dee-ah
Time to rise Hora de levantarse ˈoɾa ðe leβanˈtaɾse oh-rah deh leh-van-tar-seh
Wake up, sleeping beauty Despierta, bella durmiente desˈpjeɾta | ˈbeʝa ðuɾˈmjente des-pee-air-tah, beh-yah door-me-ehn-teh
Time to get up! ¡Arriba! aˈriβa ‖ ah-ree-bah
Wake up! ¡Despierta! desˈpjeɾta ‖ des-pee-air-tah
It’s daytime already! ¡Ya amaneció! ʝa amaneˈsjo ‖ ya ah-mah-neh-see-oh
How did you wake up? ¿Cómo amaneciste? ˈkomo amaneˈsiste ‖ koh-mo ah-mah-neh-sees-teh
How did you sleep? ¿Cómo dormiste? ˈkomo ðoɾˈmiste ‖ koh-mo door-mees-teh
Did you sleep well? ¿Dormiste bien? doɾˈmiste ˈβjen ‖ dore-mees-teh bee-ehn
Did you rest well? ¿Descansaste? deskanˈsaste ‖ dehs-can-sahs-teh
Did you dream of the little angels? ¿Soñaste con los angelitos? soˈɲaste kon los anxeˈlitos ‖ soh-nyahs-teh con los ahn-heh-lee-toes
¿How’s your morning going so far? ¿Qué tal va tu mañana? ˈke ˈtal ˈβa tu maˈɲana ‖ keh tal vah too mah-nyah-nah
Have a nice morning Que tengas una bonita mañana ˈke ˈtenɡas ˈuna βoˈnita maˈɲana keh tehn-gas oo-nah boh-nee-tah mah-nyah-nah
What a lovely morning ¡Qué hermosa mañana! ˈke eɾˈmosa maˈɲana ‖ keh air-mo-sa mah-nyah-na

Good morning in Spanish song

If you’re planning to wake someone up for a special occasion, what better way to do it than with a good morning song in Spanish? Of course, if you’re surprising someone for their birthday, then check out our blog on how to say happy birthday in Spanish. You’ll find some fun birthday songs that you can use to wake someone up on their special day!

The following song by legendary reggaetón singer Wisin is a great song to start the day with a burst of energy.

Wisin, Camilo, Los Legendarios - Buenos Días (Official Video)

If you want something that the kids can sing along to, then check out the following good morning song for children. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a good morning song for your class or your child.

☀️ Buenos días | Canción de buenos días para niños ☀️| HiDino Canciones Para Niños

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Start your mornings right with some Spanish

Now that you know what to say when you wake up, you can start your days with a little Spanish. Even if you’re still a beginner at Spanish and can’t say much yet, saying buenos días in the morning will put you in the right mindset to tackle the day.

Remember, one of the fastest ways to become fluent in Spanish is to just immerse yourself in the language, and what better way to do that than by starting your day speaking the language?

And if you feel like you’ve already mastered how to wish someone a good morning in Spanish, check out the rest of our free Spanish resources. We regularly publish guides that will help you learn useful and creative phrases in Spanish, so make sure to bookmark our page and check back for new content!

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