Take a guess

To prove how similar English and German are, here’s a little game for you. Try guessing the meaning of the following German sentences:

The water is cold.

I have a house.

The university offers international courses.

She is talking about the new experiment.

The festival atmosphere was fantastic.

The hotel has a good restaurant.

I am searching for vegetarian options.

My cat is in the park.

Is it worth it?

As one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and a key player in global business, proficiency in German enhances your communication skills and broadens your horizons. If you want to connect with German speakers, delve into the depths of rich literary works, or navigate the European economy, learning German is a valuable investment. So even if you end up deciding that German is a hard language to learn - We think it’s worth it.

If you ever do find a topic difficult to understand, from irregular German verbs to secret slang expressions, the right place to go is our Berlitz German blog!