51 ways to use royal vocab in French in real life & reign supreme

Is learning French a royal pain for you? Don’t worry, we always try to make it useful AND fun with our vocab articles! This article on royalty in French will help you in a variety of situations:

  • When talking about the Royal Family, from Monaco to the Commonwealth.
  • When visiting a castle, for exemple les châteaux de la Loire.
  • When watching a French royal movie or TV show, whether it is about le Roi-Soleil or the King… of the jungle.
  • When using terms of endearment or talking about Prince Charming.
  • And many more!

So hop on your white horse and get ready for a right royal vocab lesson on how to use royal in French in fitting real life scenarios!

King and Queen in French castle.

How do you say royal in French?

In French, “royalty” is “royauté”. Royals is translated by “Membres de la royauté”. So elegant, n’est-ce pas ?

How to say queen in French

“Queen” is “Reine” in French. Listen to this video to make sure to say it right.

Other terms that use the word queen in French

As in English, the word “reine” can be used in many expressions and terms. Here are the main ones!

English FrenchIPAContext or meaning
Queen-sizeQueen-size/Lit doublekɛɛ̃-sizɛ/li dublə
Drama queenDiva/Quelqu’un qui fait du cinéma/Quelqu’un qui en fait des tonnesdiva/kɛlkœ̃ ki fe dy sinema/kɛlkœ̃ kiɑ̃ fede tɔnə
Drag queenDrag queendɾa kɛɛ̃
Queens counselConseil de la Reinekõsɛj də la ɾəinə
Queen beeReine des abeillesɾəinədez‿ abɛjəOnly used for actual bees and not for a person
Queen of popReine de la popɾəinə də la po
Queen motherReine mèreɾəinə mɛɾə
Beauty queenReine de beautéɾəinə də bote
Queen of heartsReine de cœurɾəinə də kœɾ
Queen of a dayReine d’un jourɾəinə dœ̃ ʒuɾ

Example sentences using the word queen in different contexts

I’d like a room with a queen size bed.

French: Je souhaiterais une chambre avec un lit double.

This bee is huge, it must be the queen.

French: Cette abeille est énorme, ça doit être la reine.

Today is your birthday, you’ll be the queen for a day.

French: C’est ton anniversaire aujourd’hui, tu seras la reine d’un jour.

Oh my god, she’s such a drama queen.

French: Mon dieu, elle en fait vraiment des tonnes.

How to say king in French

If you’re dreaming of becoming the King of French vocab, here is a little help. In French, “king” is “roi”. The pronunciation can be a bit tricky, so make sure to listen to this video. Longue vie au roi… du vocabulaire !

Other terms that use the word king in French

Just like “reine”, “roi” is used in many idioms such as the ones below.

English FrenchIPAContext or meaning
King-sizeKing-size/Très grand litkɛ̃-sizɛ/tɾe gɾɑ̃ li
King kongKing kongkɛ̃ kõ
King fishThazardtazaɾ
King prawnCrevette royalekɾəvɛtə ɾwajalə
King crabCrabe royal/crabe épineuxkɾabə ɾwajal/kɾab epinø
King of kingsRois des roisɾwade ɾwa
Lion KingRoi lionɾwa ljõ
King of the worldRoi du mondeɾwa dy mõdə
King’s cakeGâteau des rois/Galette des roisgɑtode ɾwas/galɛtəde ɾwaNot be mixed with King Cake, eaten for Mardi-Gras — not for Epiphany — in Louisiana.
United KingdomRoyaume-Uniɾwajom-yni

Example sentences using the word king in different contexts

I had king crab at this restaurant, it was delicious!

French: J’ai mangé du crabe royal dans ce restaurant, c’était délicieux !

He thinks he’s the king of the world.

French: Il se prend pour le roi du monde.

Do you eat King’s cake on the Epiphany?

French: Tu manges de la galette des rois pour l’Épiphanie ?

London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

French: Londres est la capitale du Royaume-Uni.

How to say princess in French

Here is an easy one. “Princess” in French is… “Princesse”. It’s almost as magical as kissing a frog!

Other terms that use the word princess in French

Below are a few terms and expressions with the word “princesse”. And if the princess is your other half, check out these weird and wonderful ways to say I love you in French!

English FrenchIPAContext or meaning
I love you my princessJe t’aime ma princesseʒə tɛmə ma pɾɛ̃sɛsə
My princessMa princessema pɾɛ̃sɛsəMore used for a little girl than for a loved one.
Princess and the frogLa princesse et la grenouillela pɾɛ̃sɛse la gɾənwijə
Princess and the PeaLa princesse et le petit poisla pɾɛ̃sɛse lə pəti pwa
The princess bridePrincess bride/La Princesse Bouton d’Orpɾɛ̃sɛ bɾidɛ/la pɾɛ̃sɛsə butõ dɔɾLa Princesse Bouton d’Or is the name of the movie in Québec
Crown PrincessPrincesse héritièrepɾɛ̃sɛsə eɾitjɛɾə
Treat someone like a princessTraiter quelqu’un comme une princessetɾ(e)te kɛlkœ̃ kɔm ynə pɾɛ̃sɛsə

Example sentences using the word princess in different contexts

Hello my princess!

French: Bonjour ma princesse !

He’s so in love, he really treats her like a princess.

French: Il est vraiment amoureux, il la traite comme une princesse.

Elizabeth was the Crown Princess before her father passed away.

French: Elizabeth était la princesse héritière avant le décès de son père.

Your dress is so beautiful, a real princess’ gown!

French: Ta robe est trop belle, une vraie robe de princesse !

How to say prince in French

Even easier than “princess”: in French, “prince” is… drum rolls… “prince”! Charming, right?

Le petit prince in French.

Other terms that use the word prince in French

With these idioms, you’ll be as happy as a prince!

English FrenchIPA
My princeMon princemõ pɾɛ̃sə
The Little PrinceLe Petit Princelə pəti pɾɛ̃sə
Prince charmingPrince charmantpɾɛ̃sə ʃaɾmɑ̃
Crown PrincePrince héritierpɾɛ̃sə eɾitje
Prince of darknessPrince des ténèbrespɾɛ̃səde tenɛbɾə
The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirLe prince de Bel-Airlə pɾɛ̃sə də bɛl-ɛɾ

Example sentences using the word prince in different contexts

This guy is perfect, he’s my Prince Charming.

French: Ce mec est parfait, c’est mon Prince charmant.

I used to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air every day when I was a teenager.

French: Je regardais le prince de Bel-Air tous les jours quand j’étais ado.

The Little Prince is my favorite book.

French: Le Petit Prince est mon livre préféré.

Prince William is the Crown Prince of England.

French: Le prince William est le prince héritier d’Angleterre.

Other important monarchy related vocab in French

Below are a few words to complete your “Monarchy in French” vocab list and be the king of the hill at your next French lesson.

English French IPA
To reignRégnerɾeɲe
The crownLa couronnela kuɾɔnə
King and queenRoi et reineɾwae ɾəinə
Her/his majestySa majestésa maʒɛste
The royal familyLa famille royalela famijə ɾwajalə
The throneLe trônelə tɾonə

Learn royalty in French with a song

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any earworm arising from this video.

Do you know what’s even better than a song to learn royalty in French? A song to learn royalty AND the days of the week in French!

So here it is — with lyrics — and we’re not even sorry:

« Lundi matin » (Le p'tit Prince a dit) - Mister Toony

I don’t know about you, but I think the words we’ve selected for this article are the crown jewels of French vocabulary. If you want to make it fun, check out “La belle lisse poire du prince de Motordu”, my favorite book as a child!

As the perfect conclusion and as the cult French humorists Les Inconnus would say:

Je m'en vais comme un prince

Full skit here.

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