An epic guide to Spanish cognates & 1111 easy examples

What if I told you that you already know much more Spanish than you think you do?

That’s right! Even if you’ve only just started taking Spanish lessons, you already know many words in Spanish — thousands of them, in fact.

That’s because, although English is a Germanic language, it has heavy grammar and vocabulary influences from Latin. That means that English has very similar vocabulary and grammar structures to the Romance languages, including French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

So, if you’re wondering how it is that you don’t understand Spanish already if it’s so similar to English, then you’ve come to the right place. Although many words are identical, most words have slight variations that make them not exactly the same as English. In this handy guide, we’ll go over the different types of Spanish cognates and how you can make educated guesses on words you don’t already know.

So, are you ready to get started? Once you’ve worked your way through this list, you’ll understand why Spanish isn’t hard to learn for English speakers!

What are Spanish cognates?

Spanish cognates are words that have the same root as English words. Because of this common origin, you should be able to identify these words even if you’ve never studied them before.

There are three types of cognates:

  • Perfect cognates: These are words that are spelled exactly the same in both English and Spanish, so you should have no trouble identifying them. For example, “animal” is a perfect cognate as it’s spelled the same in both languages and has the same meaning.
  • Near-perfect cognates: These are words that aren’t spelled exactly the same, but close enough that we can identify them as common words. For example, “argument” in English is argumento in Spanish. It’s not quite spelled the same, but you can easily guess that these words mean the same thing.
  • False cognates: Also known as false friends, these are words that appear to be cognates but actually aren’t. These can be especially dangerous for new Spanish learners, as they are Spanish words that sound like English words but actually mean something completely different.

Identifying each of the three comments is crucial for making good use of them, especially since they’re not all identical. Below, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Spanish cognates.

Identifying Spanish cognates.

100 most common Spanish cognates

If you’re looking for a quick way to supercharge your Spanish vocabulary, look no further than this list. Here are 100 common Spanish cognates that you can start using right away since you already know them!

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Absolutely Absolutamente ab-so-loo-ta-mehn-teh aβsolutaˈmente
Accidental Accidental ac-see-dehn-tall akθiðenˈtal
Action Acción ac-see-ohn akˈθjon
Activity Actividad ac-tee-vee-dahd aktiβiˈðað
Adorable Adorable ah-doh-rah-bleh aðoˈɾaβle
Fortunately Afortunadamente ah-fore-too-nah-dah-mehn-teh afoɾtunaðaˈmente
Animal Animal ah-nee-mall aniˈmal
Anniversary Aniversario ah-nee-vehr-sah-ree-oh aniβeɾˈsaɾjo
Argument Argumento ar-goo-mehn-toe aɾɣuˈmento
Artificial Artificial are-tee-fee-see-all aɾtifiˈθjal
Artist Artista ar-tees-ta aɾˈtista
Automobile Automóvil ah-ooh-toe-mo-veel awtoˈmoβil
Author Autor / Autora ah-oo-tohr / ah-oo-toe-rah awˈtoɾ / awˈtoɾa
Basically Básicamente ba-see-ca-mehn-teh ˈbasikamente
Basic Básico / Básica ba-see-co / ba-see-cah ˈbasiko / ˈbasika
Capitalism Capitalismo ca-pee-ta-lees-mo kapitaˈlizmo
Casual Casual cah-sue-all kaˈswal
Central Central sehn-trall θenˈtɾal
Science Ciencia see-ehn-see-ah ˈθjenθja
Classic Clásico / Clásica cla-see-co / cla-see-cah ˈklasiko / ˈklasika
Completely Completamente com-pleh-tah-mehn-teh kompletaˈmente
Community Comunidad coh-moo-nee-dahd komuniˈðað
Conclusion Conclusión con-cloo-see-ohn konkluˈsjon
Constantly Constantemente cons-tahn-teh-mehn-teh konstanteˈmente
Contact Contacto con-tac-toe konˈtakto
Creativity Creatividad creh-ah-tee-vee-dahd kɾeatiβiˈðað
Criminal Criminal cree-me-nall kɾimiˈnal
Curiosity Curiosidad coo-ree-oh-see-dahd kuɾjosiˈðað
Decision Decisión deh-see-see-ohn deθiˈsjon
Delicious Delicioso deh-lee-see-oh-so deliˈθjoso
Digital Digital dee-he-tall dixiˈtal
Direct Directo / Directa dee-rec-toe / dee-rec-tah diˈɾekto / diˈɾekta
Diversity Diversidad dee-vehr-see-dahd diβeɾsiˈðað
Double Doble doh-bleh ˈdoβle
Doctor Doctor / Doctora doc-tohr / doc-toh-rah dokˈtoɾ / dokˈtoɾa
Document Documento do-coo-mehn-toe dokuˈmento
Efficient Eficiente eh-fee-see-ehn-teh efiˈθjente
Electronic Electrónico / Electrónica eh-lec-tro-nee-co / eh-lec-tro-nee-cah elekˈtɾoniko / elekˈtɾonika
Essential Esencial eh-sehn-see-all esenˈθjal
Special Especial ess-peh-see-all espeˈθjal
Specific Específico / Específica ess-peh-see-fee-co / ess-peh-see-fee-cah espeˈθifiko / espeˈθifika
Exact Exacto / Exacta ex-ac-toe ekˈsakto
Famous Famoso / Famosa fa-moh-soh / fa-moh-sah faˈmoso / faˈmosa
Feminist Feminista feh-me-nees-ta femiˈnista
Festive Festivo / Festiva fess-tee-voh / fes-tee-vah fesˈtiβo / fesˈtiβa
Fragile Frágil frah-heel ˈfɾaxil
General General heh-neh-rall xeneˈɾal
Giant Gigante he-gahn-teh xiˈɣante
Global Global gloh-ball ɡloˈβal
Ability Habilidad ah-bee-lee-dahd aβiliˈðað
Horrible Horrible oh-ree-bleh oˈriβle
Hospital Hospital oss-pee-tall ospiˈtal
Humanity Humanidad ooh-ma-nee-dahd umaniˈðað
Idenfify Identificar e-dehn-tee-fee-car iðentifiˈkaɾ
Equality Igualdad e-goo-all-dahd iɣwalˈdað
Impossible Imposible eem-poh-see-bles impoˈsiβle
Incredible Increíble een-creh-ee-bleh inkɾeˈiβle
Individual Individual een-dee-vee-doo-all indiβiˈðwal
Insect Insecto een-sec-toe inˈsekto
Intelligence Inteligencia een-teh-lee-hehn-see-ah inteliˈxenθja
Interesting Interesante in-teh-reh-sahn-teh inteɾeˈsante
Legal Legal leh-gall leˈɣal
Liquid Líquido / Líquida lee-key-doe / lee-key-da ˈlikiðo / ˈlikiða
List Lista lees-ta ˈlista
Local Local loh-call loˈkal
Modify Modificar mo-dee-fee-car moðifiˈkaɾ
National Nacional nah-see-oh-nall naθjoˈnal
Nationality Nacionalidad nah-see-oh-nah-lee-dahd naθjonaliˈðað
Necessary Necesario / Necesaria neh-seh-sah-ree-oh / neh-seh-sah-ree-ah neθeˈsaɾjo / neθeˈsaɾja
Negative Negativo / Negativa neh-ga-tee-voh / neh-ga-tee-vah neɣaˈtiβo / neɣaˈtiβa
Normal Normal nor-mall noɾˈmal
Notify Notificar no-tee-fee-car notifiˈkaɾ
Object Objeto ob-heh-toe oβˈxeto
Obviously Obviamente oh-bee-ah-mehn-teh oβjaˈmente
Patience Paciencia pah-see-ehn-see-ah paˈθjenθja
Passion Pasión pah-see-ohn paˈsjon
Perfect Perfecto / Perfecta pehr-fec-toe / pehr-fec-tah peɾˈfekto / peɾˈfekta
Personal Personal pehr-soh-nall peɾsoˈnal
Plural Plural ploo-rall pluˈɾal
Popular Popular poh-poo-lar popuˈlaɾ
Possible Posible poh-see-bleh poˈsiβle
Positive Positivo / Positiva po-see-tee-voh / po-see-tee-vah posiˈtiβo / posiˈtiβa
President Presidente preh-see-dehn-teh pɾesiˈðente
Primary Primario / Primaria pre-ma-ree-oh / pre-ma-ree-ah pɾiˈmaɾjo / pɾiˈmaɾja
Product Producto pro-dooc-toe pɾoˈðukto
Profession Profesión pro-feh-see-ohn pɾofeˈsjon
Professional Profesional pro-feh-see-oh-nall pɾofesjoˈnal
Professor Profesor / Profesora pro-feh-sohr / pro-feh-soh-rah pɾofeˈsoɾ / pɾofeˈsoɾa
Project Proyecto pro-yec-toe pɾoˈʝekto
Public Público / Pública poo-blee-co / poo-blee-cah ˈpuβliko / ˈpuβlika
Rapid Rápido / Rápida rah-pee-doe / rah-pee-dah ˈrapiðo / ˈrapiða
Reality Realidad reh-ah-lee-dahd realiˈðað
Singular Singular seen-goo-lar sinɡuˈlaɾ
Solid Sólido / Sólida soh-lee-doe / soh-lee-dah ˈsoliðo / ˈsoliða
Television Televisión teh-leh-vee-see-ohn teleβiˈsjon
Toxic Tóxico / Tóxica tox-e-co / tox-e-cah ˈtoksiko / ˈtoksika
Traffic Tráfico trah-fee-co ˈtɾafiko
Tourist Turista too-rees-tah tuˈɾista
University Universidad ooh-nee-vehr-see-dahd uniβeɾsiˈðað
Vocabulary Vocabulario vo-cah-boo-lah-ree-oh bokaβuˈlaɾjo

Spanish cognate rules

Spanish cognates generally look a lot like English words, so it’s not very difficult to spot them. However, there are a few dozen patterns that you can turn towards to have a higher chance of matching these cognates. In the sections below, we’ll delve into some of the most common patterns of Spanish cognates so you know what to look for.

Plus, we’ll include the pronunciation and IPA spelling of each word. This is especially important because similar spellings don’t mean similar pronunciations, so you can’t assume that Spanish words will be pronounced the same just because they are spelled the same. So, go make a cup of coffee or tea and take your time working through the following list of 1,111 Spanish cognates!

Learning the Spanish cognate rules.

Words that end in “al” stay the same

Generally, English words that end in –al also end in –al in Spanish. This results in many words that stay exactly the same in Spanish, such as “animal.” In other cases, the root of the word might change slightly to fit Spanish orthography, as “abysmal” changes to abismal.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abdominal Abdominal ab-doh-me-nall aβðomiˈnal
Abysmal Abismal ah-bees-mall aβizˈmal
Accidental Accidental ac-see-dehn-tall akθiðenˈtal
Actual Actual ac-too-all akˈtwal
Additional Adicional ah-dee-see-oh-nall aðiθjoˈnal
Animal Animal ah-nee-mall aniˈmal
Abnormal Anormal ah-nor-mall anoɾˈmal
Artificial Artificial are-tee-fee-see-all aɾtifiˈθjal
Brutal Brutal broo-tall bɾuˈtal
Canal Canal cah-nall kaˈnal
Capital Capital cah-pee-tall kapiˈtal
Casual Casual cah-sue-all kaˈswal
Central Central sehn-trall θenˈtɾal
Cerebral Cerebral se-reh-brall θeɾeˈβɾal
Colonial Colonial coh-lo-nee-all koloˈnjal
Commercial Comercial co-mehr-see-all komeɾˈθjal
Computational Computacional com-poo-tah-see-oh-nall komputaθjoˈnal
Conditional Condicional cohn-dee-see-oh-nall kondiθjoˈnal
Conventional Convencional cohn-vehn-see-oh-nall kombenθjoˈnal
Cordial Cordial core-dee-nall koɾˈðjal
Criminal Criminal cree-me-nall kɾimiˈnal
Cultural Cultural cool-too-rall kultuˈɾal
Diagonal Diagonal dee-ah-goh-nall djaɣoˈnal
Differential Diferencial dee-feh-rehn-see-all difeɾenˈθjal
Digital Digital dee-he-tall dixiˈtal
Editorial Editorial eh-dee-toe-ree-all eðitoˈɾjal
Educational Educacional eh-doo-cah-see-oh-nall eðukaθjoˈnal
Electoral Electoral eh-lec-tore-all elektoˈɾal
Elemental Elemental eh-leh-mehn-tall elemenˈtal
Emotional Emocional eh-moh-see-oh-nall emoθjoˈnal
Essential Esencial eh-sehn-see-all esenˈθjal
Special Especial ess-peh-see-all espeˈθjal
Spiral Espiral ess-pee-rall espiˈɾal
Exceptional Excepcional ex-ehp-see-oh-nall eksepθjoˈnal
Experimental Experimental ex-peh-ree-mehn-tall ekspeɾimenˈtal
Exponential Exponencial ex-poh-nehn-see-all eksponenˈθjal
Fatal Fatal fa-tall faˈtal
Federal Federal feh-deh-rall feðeˈɾal
Festival Festival fess-tee-vall festiˈβal
Final Final fee-nall fiˈnal
Formal Formal fore-mall foɾˈmal
Frontal Frontal frohn-tall fɾonˈtal
Functional Funcional foon-see-oh-nall funθjoˈnal
Fundamental Fundamental foon-dah-mehn-tall fundamenˈtal
General General heh-neh-rall xeneˈɾal
Global Global gloh-ball ɡloˈβal
Gradual Gradual grah-doo-all ɡɾaˈðwal
Habitual Habitual ah-bee-too-all aβiˈtwal
Horizontal Horizontal oh-re-zohn-tall oɾiθonˈtal
Hospital Hospital oss-pee-tall ospiˈtal
Ideal Ideal e-deh-all iðeˈal
Impartial Imparcial eem-par-see-all impaɾˈθjal
Imperial Imperial eem-peh-ree-all impeˈɾjal
Individual Individual een-dee-vee-doo-all indiβiˈðwal
Industrial Industrial een-doos-tree-all indusˈtɾjal
Informal Informal een-fore-mall imfoɾˈmal
Immortal Inmortal een-more-tall immoɾˈtal
Integral Integral een-teh-grall inteˈɣɾal
International Internacional een-tehr-nah-see-oh-nall inteɾnaθjoˈnal
Judicial Judicial who-dee-see-all xuðiˈθjal
Lateral Lateral la-teh-rall lateˈɾal
Legal Legal leh-gall leˈɣal
Liberal Liberal lee-beh-rall liβeˈɾal
Literal Literal lee-teh-rall liteˈɾal
Local Local loh-call loˈkal
Manual Manual mah-noo-all maˈnwal
Marginal Marginal mar-he-nall maɾxiˈnal
Material Material ma-teh-ree-all mateˈɾjal
Medieval Medieval meh-dee-eh-vall meðjeˈβal
Mental Mental mehn-tall menˈtal
Metal Metal meh-tall meˈtal
Moral Moral mor-all moˈɾal
Mortal Mortal mor-tall moɾˈtal
Municipal Municipal moo-nee-see-pall muniθiˈpal
Musical Musical moo-see-call musiˈkal
National Nacional nah-see-oh-nall naθjoˈnal
Natural Natural nah-too-rall natuˈɾal
Normal Normal nor-mall noɾˈmal
Oral Oral oh-rall oˈɾal
Oriental Oriental oh-ree-ehn-tall oɾjenˈtal
Original Original oh-re-he-nall oɾixiˈnal
Parental Parental pah-rehn-tall paɾenˈtal
Penal Penal peh-nall peˈnal
Personal Personal pehr-soh-nall peɾsoˈnal
Plural Plural ploo-rall pluˈɾal
Principal Principal preen-see-pall pɾinθiˈpal
Professional Profesional pro-feh-see-oh-nall pɾofesjoˈnal
Provincial Provincial pro-veen-see-all pɾoβinˈθjal
Radical Radical ra-dee-call raðiˈkal
Regional Regional reh-he-oh-nall rexjoˈnal
Ritual Ritual ree-too-all riˈtwal
Rural Rural roo-rall ruˈɾal
Sentimental Sentimental sehn-tee-mehn-tall sentimenˈtal
Serial Serial seh-ree-all seˈɾjal
Sexual Sexual sex-ooh-all sekˈswal
Social Social soh-see-all soˈθjal
Superficial Superficial soo-pehr-fee-see-all supeɾfiˈθjal
Temporal Temporal tehm-pore-all tempoˈɾal
Total Total toe-tall toˈtal
Traditional Tradicional tra-dee-see-oh-nall tɾaðiθjoˈnal
Transcendental Transcendental tran-sehn-dehn-tall tɾansendenˈtal
Tropical Tropical tro-pee-call tɾopiˈkal
Universal Universal oo-nee-vehr-sall uniβeɾˈsal
Usual Usual oo-soo-all uˈswal
Verbal Verbal ver-ball beɾˈβal
Vertical Vertical ver-tee-call beɾtiˈkal
Visual Visual vee-soo-all biˈswal
Vital Vital vee-tall biˈtal

Words that end in “ant” change to “ante” or “ente”

Spanish words almost never end in –t, which is why most English words that end in –ant end in –ante or –ente in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Assistant Asistente ah-sees-tehn-teh asisˈtente
Brilliant Brillante bree-yahn-teh bɾiˈʎante
Constant Constante cons-tahn-teh konsˈtante
Distant Distante dees-tahn-teh disˈtante
Dominant Dominante doh-me-nahn-teh domiˈnante
Elegant Elegante eh-leh-gahn-teh eleˈɣante
Extravagant Extravagante ex-tra-va-gahn-teh ekstɾaβaˈɣante
Exuberant Exuberante ex-ooh-beh-rahn-teh eksuβeˈɾante
Fragrant Fragante fra-gahn-teh fɾaˈɣante
Giant Gigante he-gahn-teh xiˈɣante
Ignorant Ignorante eeg-no-rahn-teh iɣnoˈɾante
Immigrant Inmigrante een-me-gran-teh immiˈɣɾante
Important Importante eem-pore-tahn-teh impoɾˈtante
Inhabitant Habitante ah-bee-tahn-teh aβiˈtante
Instant Instante een-stan-teh insˈtante
Militant Militante me-le-tahn-teh miliˈtante
Occupant Ocupante oh-coo-pahn-teh okuˈpante
Participant Participante par-tee-see-pahn-teh paɾtiθiˈpante
Rampant Rampante ram-pahn-teh ramˈpante
Relevant Relevante reh-leh-vahn-teh releˈβante
Tolerant Tolerante toe-leh-rahn-teh toleˈɾante
Vacant Vacante vah-cahn-teh baˈkante

Words that end in “ar” stay the same

Words that end in –ar in English tend to stay the same in Spanish, also ending in –ar.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Altar Altar all-tar alˈtaɾ
Angular Angular ahn-goo-lar anɡuˈlaɾ
Bar Bar bar ˈbaɾ
Cellular Celular seh-loo-lar θeluˈlaɾ
Circular Circular seer-coo-lar θiɾkuˈlaɾ
Collar Collar coh-yar koˈʎaɾ
Spectacular Espectacular ess-pec-tah-coo-lar espektakuˈlaɾ
Stellar Estelar ess-teh-lar esteˈlaɾ
Familiar Familiar fa-me-lee-ar famiˈljaɾ
Irregular Irregular e-reh-goo-lar ireɣuˈlaɾ
Lunar Lunar loo-nar luˈnaɾ
Molecular Molecular mo-le-coo-lar molekuˈlaɾ
Muscular Muscular moos-coo-lar muskuˈlaɾ
Particular Particular par-tee-coo-lar paɾtikuˈlaɾ
Peculiar Peculiar peh-coo-lee-ar pekuˈljaɾ
Perpendicular Perpendicular pehr-pehn-dee-coo-lar peɾpendikuˈlaɾ
Polar Polar poh-lar poˈlaɾ
Popular Popular poh-poo-lar popuˈlaɾ
Rectangular Rectangular rec-tahn-goo-lar rektanɡuˈlaɾ
Registrar Registrar reh-hees-trar rexisˈtɾaɾ
Regular Regular reh-goo-lar reɣuˈlaɾ
Secular Secular seh-cooh-lar sekuˈlaɾ
Similar Similar see-me-lar simiˈlaɾ
Singular Singular seen-goo-lar sinɡuˈlaɾ
Solar Solar so-lar soˈlaɾ
Vascular Vascular vas-coo-lar baskuˈlaɾ
Vulgar Vulgar vool-gar bulˈɣaɾ

Words that end in “ary” change to “ario” or “aria”

Words almost never end in –y in Spanish, which is why most words that end in –ary in English change to –ario in Spanish. Keep in mind that many of these words could also change to –aria in Spanish when they are modifying a female noun.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Actuary Actuario / Actuaria ac-too-ah-ree-oh / ac-too-ah-ree-ah akˈtwaɾjo / akˈtwaɾja
Adversary Adversario / Adversaria ad-vehr-sah-ree-oh / ad-vehr-sah-ree-oh aðβeɾˈsaɾjo / aðβeɾˈsaɾja
Anniversary Aniversario ah-nee-vehr-sah-ree-oh aniβeɾˈsaɾjo
Arbitrary Arbitrario / Arbitraria are-bee-tra-ree-oh / are-bee-tra-ree-ah aɾβiˈtɾaɾjo / aɾβiˈtɾaɾja
Calvary Calvario call-va-ree-oh kalˈβaɾjo
Canary Canario / Canaria ca-nah-ree-oh / ca-nah-ree-ah kaˈnaɾjo / kaˈnaɾja
Commentary Comentario co-mehn-tah-ree-oh komenˈtaɾjo
Complementary Complementario com-pleh-mehn-tah-ree-oh komplemenˈtaɾjo
Contrary Contrario cohn-trah-ree-oh konˈtɾaɾjo
Diary Diario dee-ah-ree-oh ˈdjaɾjo
Estuary Estuario ess-too-ah-ree-oh esˈtwaɾjo
Extraordinary Extraordinario / Extraordinaria ex-tra-ore-dee-nah-ree-oh / ex-tra-ore-dee-nah-ree-ah ekstɾaoɾðiˈnaɾjo / ekstɾaoɾðiˈnaɾja
Glossary Glosario glo-sah-ree-oh ɡloˈsaɾjo
Hereditary Hereditario / Hereditaria eh-reh-dee-tah-ree-oh / eh-reh-dee-tah-ree-ah eɾeðiˈtaɾjo / eɾeðiˈtaɾja
Honorary Honorario / Honoraria oh-no-rah-ree-oh / oh-no-rah-ree-ah onoˈɾaɾjo / onoˈɾaɾja
Imaginary Imaginario / Imaginaria e-ma-he-na-ree-oh / e-ma-he-na-ree-ah imaxiˈnaɾjo / imaxiˈnaɾja
Involuntary Involuntario / Involuntaria een-voh-loon-tah-ree-oh / een-voh-loon-tah-ree-ah imbolunˈtaɾjo / imbolunˈtaɾja
Judiciary Judiciario / Judiciaria who-dee-see-ah-ree-oh / who-dee-see-ah-ree-ah xuðiˈθjaɾjo / xuðiˈθjaɾja
Literary Literario / Literaria lee-teh-rah-ree-oh / lee-teh-rah-ree-ah liteˈɾaɾjo / liteˈɾaɾja
Necessary Necesario / Necesaria neh-seh-sah-ree-oh / neh-seh-sah-ree-ah neθeˈsaɾjo / neθeˈsaɾja
Ordinary Ordinario / Ordinaria ore-dee-nah-ree-oh / ore-dee-nah-ree-ah oɾðiˈnaɾjo / oɾðiˈnaɾja
Primary Primario / Primaria pre-ma-ree-oh / pre-ma-ree-ah pɾiˈmaɾjo / pɾiˈmaɾja
Rosary Rosario ro-sah-ree-oh roˈsaɾjo
Salary Salario sa-la-ree-oh saˈlaɾjo
Secretary Secretario / Secretaria seh-creh-tah-ree-oh / seh-creh-tah-ree-ah sekɾeˈtaɾjo / sekɾeˈtaɾja
Solitary Solitario / Solitaria so-lee-tah-ree-oh / so-lee-tah-ree-ah soliˈtaɾjo / soliˈtaɾja
Stationary Estacionario / Estacionaria ess-tah-see-oh-nah-ree-oh / ess-tah-see-oh-nah-ree-ah estaθjoˈnaɾjo / estaθjoˈnaɾja
Temporary Temporario / Temporaria tem-por-ah-ree-oh / tem-por-ah-ree-ah tempoˈɾaɾjo / tempoˈɾaɾja
Vocabulary Vocabulario vo-cah-boo-lah-ree-oh bokaβuˈlaɾjo

Words that end in “ate” change to “ar”

All verbs in Spanish end in –ar, –er, or –ir. Almost all English verbs that end in –ate end in –ar in Spanish, so you can use this as an easy tool to translate your verbs.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
To abdicate Abdicar ab-dee-car aβðiˈkaɾ
To abbreviate Abreviar ah-breh-vee-ar aβðiˈkaɾ
To accelerate Acelerar ah-seh-leh-rar aθeleˈɾaɾ
To accentuate Acentuar ah-sehn-too-ar aθenˈtwaɾ
To activate Activar ac-tee-var aktiˈβaɾ
To administrate Administrar ad-me-niece-trar aðminisˈtɾaɾ
To aggregate Agregar ah-greh-gar aɣɾeˈɣaɾ
To assimilate Asimilar ah-see-me-lar asimiˈlaɾ
To associate Asociar ah-soh-see-ar asoˈθjaɾ
To calculate Calcular cal-coo-lar kalkuˈlaɾ
To celebrate Celebrar seh-leh-brar θeleˈβɾaɾ
To collaborate Colaborar coh-la-boh-rar kolaβoˈɾaɾ
To complicate Complicar com-plee-car kompliˈkaɾ
To communicate Comunicar coh-moo-nee-car komuniˈkaɾ
To consolidate Consolidar cohn-so-lee-dar konsoliˈðaɾ
To cooperate Cooperar coh-peh-rar koopeˈɾaɾ
To coordinate Coordinar coor-dee-nar kooɾðiˈnaɾ
To create Crear creh-ar kɾeˈaɾ
To debilitate Debilitar deh-bee-lee-tar deβiliˈtaɾ
To decorate Decorar deh-coh-rar dekoˈɾaɾ
To dedicate Dedicar deh-dee-car deðiˈkaɾ
To demonstrate Demostrar deh-moss-trar demosˈtɾaɾ
To depreciate Depreciar deh-preh-see-ar depɾeˈθjaɾ
To designate Designar deh-seeg-nar desiɣˈnaɾ
To dilate Dilatar dee-la-tar dilaˈtaɾ
To duplicate Duplicar doo-ple-car dupliˈkaɾ
To elevate Elevar eh-leh-var eleˈβaɾ
To eliminate Eliminar eh-lee-me-nar elimiˈnaɾ
To enumerate Enumerar eh-noo-meh-rar enumeˈɾaɾ
To estimate Estimar ess-tee-mar estiˈmaɾ
To evacuate Evacuar eh-vah-coo-ar eβaˈkwaɾ
To evaluate Evaluar eh-va-loo-ar eβaˈlwaɾ
To exaggerate Exagerar ex-ah-heh-rar eksaxeˈɾaɾ
To fabricate Fabricar fa-bree-car faβɾiˈkaɾ
To facilitate Facilitar fa-see-lee-tar faθiliˈtaɾ
To fascinate Fascinar fa-see-nar fasiˈnaɾ
To fluctuate Fluctuar fluc-too-ar flukˈtwaɾ
To formulate Formular for-moo-lar foɾmuˈlaɾ
To illuminate Iluminar e-loo-me-nar ilumiˈnaɾ
To illustrate Ilustrar e-loos-trar ilusˈtɾaɾ
To integrate Integrar een-teh-grar inteˈɣɾaɾ
To investigate Investigar een-vess-tee-gar imbestiˈɣaɾ
To liquidate Liquidar lee-key-dar likiˈðaɾ
To locate Localizar lo-cah-lee-zar lokaliˈθaɾ
To lubricate Lubricar loo-bree-car luβɾiˈkaɾ
To manipulate Manipular ma-nee-poo-lar manipuˈlaɾ
To mediate Mediar meh-dee-tar meˈðjaɾ
To multiply Multiplicar mool-tee-plee-car multipliˈkaɾ
To narrate Narrar nah-rar naˈraɾ
To necessitate Necesitar neh-seh-see-tar neθesiˈtaɾ
To negotiate Negociar neh-goh-see-ar neɣoˈθjaɾ
To enumerate Numerar noo-meh-rar numeˈɾaɾ
To operate Operar oh-peh-rar opeˈɾaɾ
To participate Participar par-tee-see-par paɾtiθiˈpaɾ
To terminate Terminar ter-me-nar teɾmiˈnaɾ

Words that end in “ble” stay the same

Most English words that end in –ble don’t change much in Spanish. Easy win!

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abominable Abominable ah-boh-me-nah-bleh aβomiˈnaβle
Admirable Admirable add-me-rah-bleh aðmiˈɾaβle
Adorable Adorable ah-doh-rah-bleh aðoˈɾaβle
Adjustable Ajustable ah-whose-tah-bleh axusˈtaβle
Amiable Amable ah-mah-bleh aˈmaβle
Audible Audible ah-ooh-dee-bleh awˈðiβle
Cable Cable cah-bleh ˈkaβle
Combustible Combustible com-boos-tee-bleh kombusˈtiβle
Edible Comestible coh-mess-tee-bleh komesˈtiβle
Compatible Compatible com-pah-tee-bleh kompaˈtiβle
Considerable Considerable con-see-deh-rah-bleh konsiðeˈɾaβle
Questionable Cuestionable coo-ess-tee-oh-nah-bleh kwestjoˈnaβle
Double Doble doh-bleh ˈdoβle
Durable Durable doo-rah-bleh duˈɾaβle
Eligible Elegible eh-leh-he-bleh eleˈxiβle
Feasible Factible fac-tee-bleh fakˈtiβle
Favorable Favorable fah-voh-rah-bleh faβoˈɾaβle
Flexible Flexible flex-e-bleh flekˈsiβle
Honorable Honorable oh-noh-rah-bleh onoˈɾaβle
Horrible Horrible oh-ree-bleh oˈriβle
Implacable Implacable eem-pla-cah-bleh implaˈkaβle
Impossible Imposible eem-poh-see-bles impoˈsiβle
Incredible Increíble een-creh-ee-bleh inkɾeˈiβle
Unstable Inestable een-tess-tah-bleh inesˈtaβle
Inevitable Inevitable ee-neh-vee-tah-bleh ineβiˈtaβle
Inseparable Inseparable een-seh-pah-rah-bleh insepaˈɾaβle
Interminable Interminable een-tehr-mee-nah-bleh inteɾmiˈnaβle
Invincible Invencible een-vehn-see-bleh imbenˈθiβle
Invisible Invisible een-vee-seeh-bleh imbiˈsiβle
Lamentable Lamentable la-mehn-tah-bleh lamenˈtaβle
Memorable Memorable meh-moh-rah-bleh memoˈɾaβle
Miserable Miserable me-seh-rah-bleh miseˈɾaβle
Noble Noble no-bleh ˈnoβle
Plausible Plausible pla-ooh-see-bleh plawˈsiβle
Possible Posible poh-see-bleh poˈsiβle
Probable Probable pro-bah-bleh pɾoˈβaβle
Reasonable Razonable ra-zoh-nah-bleh raθoˈnaβle
Responsible Responsable ress-pohn-sah-bleh responˈsaβle
Sensible Sensible sehn-see-bleh senˈsiβle
Sociable Sociable soh-see-ah-bleh soˈθjaβle
Susceptible Susceptible soo-sep-tee-bleh susepˈtiβle
Tangible Tangible tan-he-bleh tanˈxiβle
Terrible Terrible teh-ree-bleh teˈriβle
Tolerable Tolerable to-leh-rah-bleh toleˈɾaβle
Visible Visible vee-see-bleh biˈsiβle
Vulnerable Vulnerable vool-neh-rah-bleh bulneˈɾaβle

Words that end in “ct” change to “cto” or “to”

As mentioned earlier, Spanish words don’t like to end in –t, so English words that end in –ct end in –cto or –to in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abstract Abstracto / Abstracta abs-trac-toe / abs-trac-tah aβsˈtɾakto / aβsˈtɾakta
Act Acto ac-toe ˈakto
Architect Arquitecto / Arquitecta ar-key-tec-toe / ar-key-tec-tah aɾkiˈtekto / aɾkiˈtekta
Artefact Artefacto ar-teh-fac-toe aɾteˈfakto
Aspect Aspecto as-pec-toe asˈpekto
Compact Compacto / Compacta com-pac-toe / com-pac-tah komˈpakto / komˈpakta
Conflict Conflicto con-flick-toe komˈflikto
Contact Contacto con-tac-toe konˈtakto
Contract Contrato con-trah-toe konˈtɾato
Correct Correcto / Correcta coh-rec-toe / coh-rec-tah koˈrekto / koˈrekta
Defect Defecto deh-fec-toe deˈfekto
Derelict Derelicto deh-reh-lick-toe deɾeˈlikto
Dialect Dialecto dee-ah-lec-toe djaˈlekto
Direct Directo / Directa dee-rec-toe / dee-rec-tah diˈɾekto / diˈɾekta
Distinct Distinto / Distinta diss-teen-toe / diss-teen-tah disˈtinto / disˈtinta
Edict Edicto eh-dic-toe eˈðikto
Effect Efecto eh-fec-toe eˈfekto
Strict Estricto / Estricta ess-trick-toe / ess-trick-tah esˈtɾikto / esˈtɾikta
Exact Exacto / Exacta ex-ac-toe / ex-ac-tah ekˈsakto / ekˈsakta
Except Excepto ex-sep-toe ekˈsepto
Imperfect Imperfecto / Imperfecta eem-pehr-fec-toe / eem-pehr-fec-tah impeɾˈfekto / impeɾˈfekta
Indirect Indirecto / Indirecta een-dee-rec-toe / een-dee-rec-tah indiˈɾekto / indiˈɾekta
Insect Insecto een-sec-toe inˈsekto
Instinct Instinto eens-teen-toe insˈtinto
Intact Intacto / Intacta een-tac-toe / een-tac-tah inˈtakto / inˈtakta
Object Objeto ob-heh-toe oβˈxeto
Pact Pacto pac-toe ˈpakto
Perfect Perfecto / Perfecta pehr-fec-toe / pehr-fec-tah peɾˈfekto / peɾˈfekta
Product Producto pro-dooc-toe pɾoˈðukto
Prospect Prospecto pros-pec-toe pɾosˈpekto
Project Proyecto pro-yec-toe pɾoˈʝekto
Respect Respeto res-peh-toe resˈpeto
Subject Sujeto soo-heh-toe suˈxeto

Words that end in “nce” change to “ncia”

English words that end in –nce typically end in –ncia in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abundance Abundancia ah-boon-dahn-see-ah aβunˈdanθja
Adolescence Adolescencia ah-doh-leh-sehn-see-ah aðoleˈsenθja
Ambulance Ambulancia am-boo-lahn-see-ah ambuˈlanθja
Appearance Apariencia ah-pah-ree-ehn-see-ah apaˈɾjenθja
Arrogance Arrogancia ah-ro-gahn-see-ah aroˈɣanθja
Assistance Asistencia ah-sees-tehn-see-ah asisˈtenθja
Audience Audiencia ah-ooh-dee-ehn-see-ah awˈðjenθja
Benevolence Benevolencia beh-neh-voh-lehn-see-ah beneβoˈlenθja
Science Ciencia see-ehn-see-ah ˈθjenθja
Circumference Circunferencia seer-coon-feh-rehn-see-ah θiɾkumfeˈɾenθja
Coincidence Coincidencia coh-een-see-dehn-see-ah kojnθiˈðenθja
Competence Competencia com-peh-tehn-see-ah kompeˈtenθja
Conscience Conciencia con-see-ehn-see-ah konˈθjenθja
Condescendence Condescendencia con-deh-sehn-dehn-see-ah kondesenˈdenθja
Congruence Congruencia con-groo-ehn-see-ah konˈɡɾwenθja
Consequence Consecuencia con-seh-coo-ehn-see-ah konseˈkwenθja
Correspondence Correspondencia coh-ress-pohn-dehn-see-ah koresponˈdenθja
Decadence Decadencia deh-cah-dehn-see-ah dekaˈðenθja
Difference Diferencia dee-feh-rehn-see-ah difeˈɾenθja
Distance Distancia dees-tahn-see-ah disˈtanθja
Divergence Divergencia dee-vehr-hehn-see-ah diβeɾˈxenθja
Elegance Elegancia eh-leh-gahn-see-ah eleˈɣanθja
Equivalence Equivalencia eh-key-vah-lehn-see-ah ekiβaˈlenθja
Essence Esencia eh-sehn-see-ah eˈsenθja
Evidence Evidencia eh-vee-dehn-see-ah eβiˈðenθja
Excellence Excelencia ex-eh-lehn-see-ah ekseˈlenθja
Existence Existencia ex-is-tehn-see-ah eksisˈtenθja
Experience Experiencia ex-peh-ree-ehn-see-ah ekspeˈɾjenθja
Illuminance Iluminancia e-loo-me-nah-see-ohn ilumiˈnanθja
Importance Importancia eem-pore-tahn-see-ah impoɾˈtanθja
Independence Independencia een-deh-pehn-dehn-see-ah indepenˈdenθja
Influence Influencia een-floo-ehn-see-ah imˈflwenθja
Intelligence Inteligencia een-teh-lee-hehn-see-ah inteliˈxenθja
Interference Interferencia een-tehr-feh-rehn-see-ah inteɾfeˈɾenθja
Negligence Negligencia neh-glee-hehn-see-ah neɣliˈxenθja
Obedience Obediencia oh-beh-dee-ehn-see-ah oβeˈðjenθja
Patience Paciencia pah-see-ehn-see-ah paˈθjenθja
Presence Presencia preh-sehn-see-ah pɾeˈsenθja
Reference Referencia reh-feh-rehn-see-ah refeˈɾenθja
Reminiscence Reminiscencia reh-me-nee-sehn-see-ah reminiˈsenθja
Resistance Resistencia reh-sees-tehn-see-ah resisˈtenθja
Subsistence Subsistencia soob-sees-tehn-see-ah suβsisˈtenθja
Substance Substancia soobs-tahn-see-ah suβsˈtanθja
Teleconference Teleconferencia teh-leh-cohn-feh-rehn-see-ah telekomfeˈɾenθja
Tolerance Tolerancia toe-leh-rahn-see-ah toleˈɾanθja
Transparency Transparencia trans-pah-rehn-see-ah tɾanspaˈɾenθja
Urgency Urgencia oor-hehn-see-ah uɾˈxenθja
Violence Violencia vee-oh-lehn-see-ah bjoˈlenθja

Words that end in “ic” change to “ico” or “ica”

Words that end in –ic in English change to –ico or –ica in Spanish, depending on the gender of the noun they are modifying.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Academic Académico / Académica ah-cah-deh-me-co / ah-cah-deh-me-cah akaˈðemiko / akaˈðemika
Acrobatic Acrobático / Acrobática ah-croh-bah-tee-co / ah-croh-bah-tee-cah akɾoˈβatiko / akɾoˈβatika
Alcoholic Alcohólico / Alcohólica all-coh-lee-co / all-coh-lee-cah alkoˈoliko / alkoˈolika
Allergic Alérgico / Alérgica ah-lehr-he-co / ah-lehr-he-cah aˈleɾxiko / aˈleɾxika
Harmonic Armónico / Armónica ar-mo-nee-co / ar-mo-nee-cah aɾˈmoniko / aɾˈmonika
Artistic Artístico / Artística ar-tees-tee-co / ar-tees-tee-cah aɾˈtistiko / aɾˈtistika
Athletic Atlético / Atlética ah-tleh-tee-co / ah-tleh-tee-cah atˈletiko / atˈletika
Atmospheric Atmosférico / Atmosférica at-moss-feh-ree-co / at-moss-feh-ree-cah atmosˈfeɾiko / atmosˈfeɾika
Atomic Atómico / Atómica ah-toe-me-co / ah-toe-me-cah aˈtomiko / aˈtomika
Authentic Auténtico / Auténtica ah-ooh-tehn-tee-co / ah-ooh-tehn-tee-cah awˈtentiko / awˈtentika
Automatic Automático / Automática ah-ooh-toe-ma-tee-co / ah-ooh-toe-ma-tee-cah awtoˈmatiko / awtoˈmatika
Basic Básico / Báscia bah-see-co / bah-see-cah ˈbasiko / ˈbasja
Chaotic Caótico / Caótica ca-oh-tee-co / ca-oh-tee-cah kaˈotiko / kaˈotika
Characteristic Característico / Característica ca-rac-teh-rees-tee-co / ca-rac-teh-rees-tee-cah kaɾakteˈɾistiko / kaɾakteˈɾistika
Scientific Científico / Científica see-ehn-tee-fee-co / see-ehn-tee-fee-cah θjenˈtifiko / θjenˈtifika
Classic Clásico / Clásica cla-see-co / cla-see-cah ˈklasiko / ˈklasika
Comic Cómico / Cómica coh-me-coh / coh-me--cah ˈkomiko / ˈkomika
Concentric Concéntrico / Concéntrica con-sehn-tree-co / con-sehn-tree-cah konˈθentɾiko / konˈθentɾika
Chronologic Cronológico / Cronolócia cro-no-lo-he-co / cro-no-lo-he-cah kɾonoˈloxiko / Cronolócia
Cubic Cúbico / Cúbica coo-be-co / coo-be-cah ˈkuβiko / ˈkuβika
Democratic Democrático / Democrática deh-mo-crah-tee-co / deh-mo-crah-tee-cah demoˈkɾatiko / demoˈkɾatika
Dynamic Dinámico / Dinámica dee-nah-me-co / dee-nah-me-cah diˈnamiko / diˈnamika
Diplomatic Diplomático / Diplomática dee-plo-ma-tee-co / dee-plo-ma-tee-cah diploˈmatiko / diploˈmatika
Domestic Doméstico / Doméstica doh-mess-tee-co / doh-mess-tee-cah doˈmestiko / doˈmestika
Dramatic Dramático / Dramática dra-ma-tee-co / dra-ma-tee-cah dɾaˈmatiko / dɾaˈmatika
Economic Económico / Económica eh-co-noh-me-co / eh-co-noh-me-cah ekoˈnomiko / ekoˈnomika
Electric Eléctrico / Eléctrica eh-lec-tree-co / eh-lec-tree-cah eˈlektɾiko / eˈlektɾika
Electronic Electrónico / Electrónica eh-lec-tro-nee-co / eh-lec-tro-nee-cah elekˈtɾoniko / elekˈtɾonika
Erotic Erótico / Erótica eh-ro-tee-co / eh-ro-tee-cah eˈɾotiko / eˈɾotika
Erratic Errático / Errática eh-rah-tee-co / eh-rah-tee-cah eˈratiko / eˈratika
Esoteric Esotérico / Esotérica eh-soh-teh-ree-coh / eh-so-teh-ree-cah esoˈteɾiko / esoˈteɾika
Specific Específico / Específica ess-peh-see-fee-co / ess-peh-se-fee-cah espeˈθifiko / espeˈθifika
Ethnic Étnico / Étnica et-nee-coh / et-nee-cah ˈetniko / ˈetnika
Eccentric Excéntrico / Excéntrica ex-ehn-tree-co / ex-ehn-tree-cah ekˈsentɾiko / ekˈsentɾika
Exotic Exótico / Exótica ex-oh-tee-co / ex-oh-tee-cah ekˈsotiko / ekˈsotika
Fantastic Fantástico / Fantástica fan-tass-tee-co / fan-tass-tee-cah fanˈtastiko / fanˈtastika
Generic Genérico / Genérica heh-neh-ree-co / heh-neh-ree-cah xeˈneɾiko / xeˈneɾika
Genetic Genético / Genética heh-neh-tee-co / heh-neh-tee-cah xeˈnetiko / xeˈnetika
Geometric Geométrico / Geométrica heh-oh-meh-tree-co / heh-oh-meh-tree-cah xeoˈmetɾiko / xeoˈmetɾika
Heroic Heroico / Heroica eh-roh-e-co / eh-roh-e-cah eˈɾojko / eˈɾojka
Ironic Irónico / Irónica e-roh-nee-co / e-roh-nee-cah iˈɾoniko / iˈɾonika
Lyric Lírico / Lírica lee-re-co / lee-re-cah ˈliɾiko / ˈliɾika
Lunatic Lunático / Lunática loo-nah-tee-co / loo-nah-tee-cah luˈnatiko / luˈnatika
Magic Mágico / Mágica ma-he-co / ma-he-cah ˈmaxiko / ˈmaxika
Magnetic Magnético / Magnética mag-neh-tee-co / mag-neh-tee-cah maɣˈnetiko / maɣˈnetika
Medic Médico / Médica meh-dee-co / meh-dee-cah ˈmeðiko / ˈmeðika
Mosaic Mosaico mo-sah-e-co moˈsajko
Narcotic Narcótico / Narcótica nar-co-tee-co / nar-co-tee-cah naɾˈkotiko / naɾˈkotika
Organic Orgánico / Orgánica or-gah-nee-co / or-gah-nee-cah oɾˈɣaniko / oɾˈɣanika
Panic Pánico pah-nee-co ˈpaniko
Plastic Plástico / Plástica plass-tee-co / plass-tee-cah ˈplastiko / ˈplastika
Poetic Poético / Poética poh-eh-tee-co / poh-eh-tee-cah poˈetiko / poˈetika
Public Público / Pública poo-blee-co / poo-blee-cah ˈpuβliko / ˈpuβlika
Romantic Romántico / Romántica roh-mahn-tee-co / roh-mahn-tee-cah roˈmantiko / roˈmantika
Systematic Sistemático / Sistemática sees-teh-mah-tee-co / sees-teh-mah-tee-cah sisteˈmatiko / sisteˈmatika
Toxic Tóxico / Tóxica tox-e-co / tox-e-cah ˈtoksiko / ˈtoksika
Traffic Tráfico trah-fee-co ˈtɾafiko
Tragic Trágico / Trágica trah-he-co / trah-he-cah ˈtɾaxiko / ˈtɾaxika
Tropic Trópico troh-pe-co ˈtɾopiko

Words that end in “id” change to “ido”

English words that end in –id end in –ido or –ida in Spanish, depending on the gender of the noun they are modifying.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Acid Ácido / Ácida ah-see-doe / ah-see-dah ˈaθiðo / ˈaθiða
Avid Ávido / Ávida ah-vee-doe / ah-vee-dah ˈaβiðo / ˈaβiða
Splendid Espléndido / Espléndida ess-plehn-dee-doe / ess-plehn-dee-dah esˈplendiðo / esˈplendiða
Stupid Estúpido / Estúpida ess-too-pee-doe / ess-too-pee-dah esˈtupiðo / esˈtupiða
Fluid Fluido / Fluida floo-e-doe / floo-e-dah ˈflwiðo / ˈflwiða
Intrepid Intrépido / Intrépida een-treh-pee-doe / een-treh-pee-dah inˈtɾepiðo / inˈtɾepiða
Liquid Líquido / Líquida lee-key-doe / lee-key-dah ˈlikiðo / ˈlikiða
Lucid Lúcido / Lúcida loo-see-doe / loo-see-dah ˈluθiðo / ˈluθiða
Rapid Rápido / Rápida rah-pee-doe / rah-pee-dah ˈrapiðo / ˈrapiða
Solid Sólido / Sólida soh-lee-doe / soh-lee-dah ˈsoliðo / ˈsoliða
Timid Tímido / Tímida tee-me-doe / tee-me-dah ˈtimiðo / ˈtimiða
Valid Válido / Válida vah-lee-doe / vah-lee-dah ˈbaliðo / ˈbaliða
Vivid Vívido / Vívida vee-ve-doe / vee-ve-dah ˈbiβiðo / ˈbiβiða

Words that end in “ify” change to “ificar”

English words that end in –ify change to –ificar in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Amplify Amplificar am-plee-fee-car amplifiˈkaɾ
Certify Certificar sehr-tee-fee-car θeɾtifiˈkaɾ
Clarify Clarificar cla-ree-fee-car klaɾifiˈkaɾ
Classify Clasificar cla-see-fee-car klasifiˈkaɾ
Codify Codificar co-dee-fee-car koðifiˈkaɾ
Crucify Crucificar croo-see-fee-car kɾuθifiˈkaɾ
Quantify Cuantificar coo-ahn-tee-fee-car kwantifiˈkaɾ
Dignify Dignificar dig-nee-fee-car diɣnifiˈkaɾ
Diversify Diversificar dee-vehr-see-fee-car diβeɾsifiˈkaɾ
Exemplify Ejemplificar eh-hem-plee-fee-car exemplifiˈkaɾ
Electrify Electrificar eh-lec-tree-fee-car elektɾifiˈkaɾ
Emulsify Emulsionar eh-mool-see-oh-nar emulsjoˈnaɾ
Specify Especificar ess-peh-see-fee-car espeθifiˈkaɾ
Falsify Falsificar fal-see-fee-car falsifiˈkaɾ
Glorify Glorificar glo-ree-fee-car ɡloɾifiˈkaɾ
Gratify Gratificar gra-tee-fee-car ɡɾatifiˈkaɾ
Identify Identificar e-dehn-tee-fee-car iðentifiˈkaɾ
Intensify Intensificar een-tehn-see-fee-car intensifiˈkaɾ
Justify Justificar whos-tee-fee-car xustifiˈkaɾ
Modify Modificar mo-dee-fee-car moðifiˈkaɾ
Notify Notificar no-tee-fee-car notifiˈkaɾ
Pacify Pacificar pah-see-fee-car paθifiˈkaɾ
Petrify Petrificar peh-tree-fee-car petɾifiˈkaɾ
Rectify Rectificar rec-tee-fee-car rektifiˈkaɾ
Simplify Simplificar seem-plee-fee-car simplifiˈkaɾ
Solidify Solidificar soh-lee-dee-fee-car soliðifiˈkaɾ
Unify Unificar ooh-nee-fee-car unifiˈkaɾ
Verify Verificar veh-ree-fee-car beɾifiˈkaɾ

Words that end in “ile” change to “il”

English words that end in –ile in English end in –il in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Agile Ágil ah-heel ˈaxil
Automobile Automóvil ah-ooh-toe-mo-veel awtoˈmoβil
Quartile Cuartil coo-ar-teel kwaɾˈtil
Docile Dócil doh-seel ˈdoθil
Sterile Estéril ess-teh-reel esˈteɾil
Fragile Frágil frah-heel ˈfɾaxil
Hostile Hostil oss-teel osˈtil
Juvenile Juvenil who-veh-neel xuβeˈnil
Mobile Móvil mo-veel ˈmoβil
Textile Textil tex-teel teksˈtil

Words that end in “ism” change to “ismo”

Spanish words don’t like ending in –m, so English words that end in –ism typically end in –ismo in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abolitionism Abolicionismo ah-boh-lee-see-oh-nees-mo aβoliθjoˈnizmo
Absolutism Absolutismo abs-oh-loo-tees-mo aβsoluˈtizmo
Alarmism Alarmismo ah-lar-mees-mo alaɾˈmizmo
Albinism Albinismo al-bee-nees-mo alβiˈnizmo
Alpinism Alpinismo al-pee-nees-mo alpiˈnizmo
Astigmatism Astigmatismo ass-teeg-ma-tees-mo astiɣmaˈtizmo
Baptism Bautismo bah-ooh-tees-mo bawˈtizmo
Brutalism Brutalismo broo-tah-lees-mo bɾutaˈlizmo
Capitalism Capitalismo ca-pee-ta-lees-mo kapitaˈlizmo
Communism Comunismo co-moo-nees-mo komuˈnizmo
Constitutionalism Constitucionalismo cons-tee-too-see-oh-nah-lees-mo konstituθjonaˈlizmo
Constructivism Constructivismo cons-trooc-tee-vees-mo konstɾuktiˈβizmo
Christianism Cristianismo crees-tee-ah-nees-mo kɾistjaˈnizmo
Despotism Despotismo des-poh-tees-mo despoˈtizmo
Egoism Egoísmo eh-goh-ees-mo eɣoˈizmo
Structuralism Estructuralismo ess-trooc-too-rah-lees-mo estɾuktuɾaˈlizmo
Ethnocentrism Etnocentrismo eht-no-sehn-trees-mo etnoθenˈtɾizmo
Euphemism Eufemismo eh-ooh-feh-mees-mo ewfeˈmizmo
Exceptionalism Excepcionalismo ex-ehp-see-oh-nah-lees-mo eksepθjonaˈlizmo
Existentialism Existencialismo ex-ees-tehn-see-ah-lees-mo eksistenθjaˈlizmo
Exorcism Exorcismo ex-or-sees-mo eksoɾˈθizmo
Expressionism Expresionismo ex-preh-see-oh-nees-mo ekspɾesjoˈnizmo
Extremism Extremismo ex-treh-mees-mo ekstɾeˈmizmo
Fatalism Fatalismo fa-tah-lees-mo fataˈlizmo
Federalism Federalismo feh-deh-ra-lees-mo feðeɾaˈlizmo
Feminism Feminismo feh-me-nees-mo femiˈnizmo
Hedonism Hedonismo eh-doh-nees-mo eðoˈnizmo
Humanism Humanismo ooh-ma-nees-mo umaˈnizmo
Idealism Idealismo e-deh-ah-lees-mo iðeaˈlizmo
Individualism Individualismo een-dee-vee-doo-ah-lees-mo indiβiðwaˈlizmo
Liberalism Liberalismo lee-beh-rah-lees-mo liβeɾaˈlizmo
Masochism Masoquismo ma-so-kiss-mo masoˈkizmo
Mechanism Mecanismo meh-ca-nees-mo mekaˈnizmo
Modernism Modernismo mo-dehr-nees-mo moðeɾˈnizmo
Narcissism Narcisismo nar-see-sees-mo neoɾeaˈlizmo
Optimism Optimismo op-tee-mees-mo oɾɣaˈnizmo
Organism Organismo or-ga-nees-mo paθiˈfizmo
Pacifism Pacifismo pa-see-fees-mo patɾjoˈtizmo
Patriotism Patriotismo pa-tree-oh-tees-mo pesiˈmizmo
Pessimism Pesimismo peh-see-mees-mo pɾaɣmaˈtizmo
Pragmatism Pragmatismo prag-ma-tees-mo pɾaɣmaˈtizmo
Rationalism Racionalismo ra-see-oh-nah-lees-mo raθjonaˈlizmo
Racism Racismo rah-sees-mo raˈθizmo
Realism Realismo reh-ah-lees-mo reaˈlizmo
Relativism Relativismo reh-la-tee-vee-smo relatiˈβizmo
Romanticism Romanticismo ro-mahn-tee-sees-mo romantiˈθizmo
Socialism Socialismo so-see-ah-lees-mo soθjaˈlizmo
Surrealism Surrealismo soo-reh-ah-lees-mo sureaˈlizmo
Taoism Taoísmo ta-oh-ees-mo taoˈizmo
Terrorism Terrorismo teh-ro-rees-mo teroˈɾizmo

Words that end in “ist” change to “ista”

Again, Spanish really doesn’t like words that end in –t. That’s why English words that end in –ist typically change to –ista in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abolitionist Abolicionista ah-boh-lee-see-oh-nees-ta aβoliθjoˈnista
Artist Artista ar-tees-ta aɾˈtista
Contortionist Contorsionista cohn-tore-see-oh-nees-ta kontoɾsjoˈnista
Dentist Dentista dehn-tees-ta denˈtista
Egoist Egoísta eh-go-ees-ta eɣoˈista
Feminist Feminista feh-me-nees-ta femiˈnista
List Lista lees-ta ˈlista
Optimist Optimista op-tee-mees-ta optiˈmista
Pianist Pianista pee-ah-nees-ta pjaˈnista
Protagonist Protagonista pro-ta-go-nees-ta pɾotaɣoˈnista
Realist Realista reh-ah-lees-tah reaˈlista
Socialist Socialista soh-see-ah-lees-tah soθjaˈlista
Tourist Turista too-rees-tah tuˈɾista

Words that end in “ity” change to “idad”

Words that end in –ity change to –idad in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Activity Actividad ac-tee-vee-dahd aktiβiˈðað
Adversity Adversidad ad-vehr-see-dahd aðβeɾsiˈðað
Anxiety Ansiedad ahn-see-eh-dahd ansjeˈðað
Atrocity Atrocidad ah-troh-see-dahd atɾoθiˈðað
Authority Autoridad ah-ooh-toh-ree-dahd awtoɾiˈðað
Quality Calidad cah-lee-dahd kaliˈðað
Capacity Capacidad cah-pah-see-dahd kapaθiˈðað
Community Comunidad coh-moo-nee-dahd komuniˈðað
Continuity Continuidad cohn-tee-noo-e-dahd kontinwiˈðað
Creativity Creatividad creh-ah-tee-vee-dahd kɾeatiβiˈðað
Curiosity Curiosidad coo-ree-oh-see-dahd kuɾjosiˈðað
Density Densidad dehn-see-dahd densiˈðað
Difficulty Dificultad dee-fee-cool-tahd difikulˈtað
Dignity Dignidad dig-nee-dahd diɣniˈðað
Diversity Diversidad dee-vehr-see-dahd diβeɾsiˈðað
Electricity Electricidad eh-lec-tree-see-dahd elektɾiθiˈðað
Entity Entidad ehn-tee-dahd entiˈðað
Eternity Eternidad eh-tehr-nee-dahd eteɾniˈðað
Ethnicity Etnicidad et-nee-see-dahd etniθiˈðað
Eccentricity Excentricidad ex-ehn-tree-see-dahd eksentɾiθiˈðað
Generosity Generosidad heh-neh-roh-see-dahd xeneɾosiˈðað
Ability Habilidad ah-bee-lee-dahd aβiliˈðað
Hospitality Hospitalidad oss-pee-ta-lee-dahd ospitaliˈðað
Humanity Humanidad ooh-ma-nee-dahd umaniˈðað
Identity Identidad e-dehn-tee-dahd iðentiˈðað
Equality Igualdad e-goo-all-dahd iɣwalˈdað
Locality Localidad loh-cah-lee-dahd lokaliˈðað
Nationality Nacionalidad nah-see-oh-nah-lee-dahd naθjonaliˈðað
Necessity Necesidad neh-seh-see-dahd neθesiˈðað
Novelty Novedad no-veh-dahd noβeˈðað
Possibility Posibilidad po-see-bee-lee-dahd posiβiliˈðað
Reality Realidad reh-ah-lee-dahd realiˈðað
Security Seguridad seh-goo-ree-dahd seɣuɾiˈðað
Simplicity Simplicidad seem-plee-see-dahd simpliθiˈðað
Tranquility Tranquilidad trahn-key-lee-dahd tɾankiliˈðað
Unity Unidad ooh-nee-dahd uniˈðað
University Universidad ooh-nee-vehr-see-dahd uniβeɾsiˈðað
Utility Utilidad ooh-tee-lee-dahd utiliˈðað
Vanity Vanidad vah-nee-dahd baniˈðað
Variety Variedad vah-ree-eh-dahd baɾjeˈðað
Velocity Velocidad veh-lo-see-dahd beloθiˈðað

Words that end in “ive” change to “ivo” or “iva”

Words that end in –ive in English change to –ivo or –iva in Spanish, depending on the gender of the noun they are modifying.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Active Activo / Activa ac-tee-voh / ac-tee-vah akˈtiβo / akˈtiβa
Adhesive Adhesivo / Adhesiva ah-deh-see-voh / ah-deh-see-vah aðeˈsiβo / aðeˈsiβa
Additive Aditivo / Aditiva ah-dee-tee-voh / ah-dee-tee-vah aðiˈtiβo / aðiˈtiβa
Affirmative Afirmativo / Afirmativa ah-feer-ma-tee-voh / ah-feer-ma-tee-vah afiɾmaˈtiβo / afiɾmaˈtiβa
Attractive Atractivo / Atractiva ah-trac-tee-voh / ah-trac-tee-vah atɾakˈtiβo / atɾakˈtiβa
Competitive Competitivo / Competitiva com-peh-tee-tee-voh / com-peh-tee-tee-voh kompetiˈtiβo / kompetiˈtiβa
Consecutive Consecutivo / Consecutiva cohn-seh-coo-tee-voh / cohn-seh-coo-tee-vah konsekuˈtiβo / konsekuˈtiβa
Constructive Constructivo / Constructiva cohn-strook-tee-voh / cohn-strook-tee-vah konstɾukˈtiβo / konstɾukˈtiβa
Creative Creativo / Creativa kreh-ah-tee-voh / kreh-ah-tee-vah kɾeaˈtiβo / kɾeaˈtiβa
Quantitative Cuantitativo / Cuantitativa coo-ahn-tee-tah-tee-voh / coo-ahn-tee-tah-tee-vah kwantitaˈtiβo / kwantitaˈtiβa
Decisive Decisivo / Decisiva deh-see-see-voh / deh-see-see-vah deθiˈsiβo / deθiˈsiβa
Deductive Deductivo / Deductiva deh-dooc-tee-voh / deh-dooc-tee-vah deðukˈtiβo / deðukˈtiβa
Defensive Defensivo / Defensiva deh-fehn-see-voh / deh-fehn-see-vah defenˈsiβo / defenˈsiβa
Definitive Definitivo / Definitiva deh-fee-nee-tee-voh / deh-fee-nee-tee-vah definiˈtiβo / definiˈtiβa
Distributive Distributivo / Distributiva diss-tree-boo-tee-voh / diss-tree-boo-tee-vah distɾiβuˈtiβo / distɾiβuˈtiβa
Effective Efectivo / Efectiva eh-fec-tee-voh / eh-fec-tee-vah efekˈtiβo / efekˈtiβa
Speculative Especulativo / Especulativa ess-peh-coo-la-tee-voh / ess-peh-coo-la-tee-vah espekulaˈtiβo / espekulaˈtiβa
Exclusive Exclusivo / Exclusiva ex-cloo-see-voh / ex-cloo-see-vah ekskluˈsiβo / ekskluˈsiβa
Festive Festivo / Festiva fess-tee-voh / fess-tee-vah fesˈtiβo / fesˈtiβa
Hyperactive Hiperactivo / Hiperactiva e-pehr-ac-tee-voh / e-pehr-ac-tee-vah ipeɾakˈtiβo / ipeɾakˈtiβa
Imaginative Imaginativo / Imaginativa e-ma-he-na-tee-voh / e-ma-he-na-tee-vah imaxinaˈtiβo / imaxinaˈtiβa
Indicative Indicativo / Indicativa een-dee-cah-tee-voh / een-dee-cah-tee-vah indikaˈtiβo / indikaˈtiβa
Instinctive Instintivo / Instintiva eens-teen-tee-voh / eens-teen-tee-vah instinˈtiβo / instinˈtiβa
Massive Masivo / Masiva ma-see-voh / ma-see-vah maˈsiβo / maˈsiβa
Native Nativo / Nativa na-tee-voh / na-tee-vah naˈtiβo / naˈtiβa
Negative Negativo / Negativa neh-ga-tee-voh / neh-ga-tee-vah neɣaˈtiβo / neɣaˈtiβa
Objective Objetivo / Objetiva ob-heh-tee-voh / ob-heh-tee-vah oβxeˈtiβo / oβxeˈtiβa
Passive Pasivo / Pasiva pa-see-voh pa-see-vah paˈsiβo / paˈsiβa
Positive Positivo / Positiva po-see-tee-voh / po-see-tee-vah posiˈtiβo / posiˈtiβa
Progressive Progresivo / Progresiva pro-greh-see-voh / pro-greh-see-vah pɾoɣɾeˈsiβo / pɾoɣɾeˈsiβa
Reflective Reflexivo / Reflexiva reh-flex-e-voh / reh-flex-e-vah reflekˈsiβo / reflekˈsiβa

Words that end in “ly” change to “mente”

Perhaps one of the most drastic changes on this list, English words that end in –ly change to –mente in Spanish. Once you know this rule, you’ll be able to identify some of the sneakier Spanish cognates.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Absolutely Absolutamente ab-so-loo-ta-mehn-teh aβsolutaˈmente
Abundantly Abundantemente ah-boon-dahn-teh-mehn-teh aβundanteˈmente
Additionally Adicionalmente ah-dee-see-oh-nall-mehn-teh aðiθjonalˈmente
Fortunately Afortunadamente ah-fore-too-nah-dah-mehn-teh afoɾtunaðaˈmente
Attentively Atentamente ah-tehn-ta-mehn-teh atentaˈmente
Basically Básicamente ba-see-ca-mehn-teh ˈbasikamente
Clearly Claramente cla-ra-mehn-teh klaɾaˈmente
Completely Completamente com-pleh-tah-mehn-teh kompletaˈmente
Constantly Constantemente cons-tahn-teh-mehn-teh konstanteˈmente
Correctly Correctamente coh-rec-tah-mehn-teh korektaˈmente
Directly Directamente dee-rec-tah-mehn-teh diɾektaˈmente
Especially Especialmente ess-peh-see-all-mehn-teh espeθjalˈmente
Eventually Eventualmente eh-vehn-too-all-mehn-teh eβentwalˈmente
Evidently Evidentemente eh-vee-dehn-teh-mehn-teh eβiðenteˈmente
Exactly Exactamente ex-act-tah-mehn-teh eksaktaˈmente
Finally Finalmente fee-nall-mehn-teh finalˈmente
Generally Generalmente heh-neh-rall-mehn-teh xeneɾalˈmente
Horizontally Horizontalmente oh-ree-zohn-tall-mehn-teh oɾiθontalˈmente
Immediately Inmediatamente een-meh-dee-ah-tah-mehn-teh immeðjataˈmente
Naturally Naturalmente nah-too-rall-mehn-teh natuɾalˈmente
Normally Normalmente nor-mall-mehn-teh noɾmalˈmente
Obviously Obviamente oh-bee-ah-mehn-teh oβjaˈmente
Originally Originalmente oh-re-he-nall-mehn-teh oɾixinalˈmente
Perfectly Perfectamente pehr-fec-tah-mehn-teh peɾfektaˈmente
Personally Personalmente pehr-so-nall-mehn-teh peɾsonalˈmente
Possibly Posiblemente po-see-bleh-mehn-teh posiβleˈmente
Practically Prácticamente prac-tee-ca-mehn-teh ˈpɾaktikamente
Principally Principalmente preen-see-pall-mehn-teh pɾinθipalˈmente
Rapidly Rápidamente ra-pee-dah-mehn-teh ˈrapiðamente
Really Realmente reh-all-mehn-teh realˈmente
Recently Recientemente reh-see-ehn-teh-mehn-teh reθjenteˈmente
Relatively Relativamente reh-la-tee-vah-mehn-teh relatiβaˈmente
Secretly Secretamente seh-creh-tah-mehn-teh sekɾetaˈmente
Seriously Seriamente seh-ree-ah-mehn-teh seɾjaˈmente
Simply Simplemente seem-pleh-mehn-teh simpleˈmente
Sincerely Sinceramente seen-seh-ra-mehn-teh sinθeɾaˈmente
Socially Socialmente soh-see-all-mehn-teh soθjalˈmente
Solely Solamente soh-la-mehn-teh solaˈmente
Typically Típicamente tee-pee-ca-mehn-teh ˈtipikamente
Totally Totalmente toh-tall-mehn-teh totalˈmente

Words that end in “ment” change to “mento”

Once again, ending a word in –t is a big no in Spanish. That’s why English words that end in –ment change to –mento in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Argument Argumento ar-goo-mehn-toe aɾɣuˈmento
Cement Cemento seh-mehn-toe θeˈmento
Complement Complemento com-pleh-mehm-toe kompleˈmento
Department Departamento deh-par-ta-mehn-toe depaɾtaˈmento
Document Documento do-coo-mehn-toe dokuˈmento
Element Elemento eh-leh-mehn-toe eleˈmento
Experiment Experimento ex-peh-ree-mehn-toe ekspeɾiˈmento
Fundament Fundamento foon-da-mehn-toe fundaˈmento
Instrument Instrumento ins-true-mehn-toe instɾuˈmento
Ligament Ligamento lee-gah-mehn-toe liɣaˈmento
Moment Momento mo-mehn-toe moˈmento
Monument Monumento mo-nu-mehn-toe monuˈmento
Movement Movimiento mo-vee-mee-ehn-toe moβiˈmjento
Parliament Parlamento par-la-mehn-toe paɾlaˈmento
Pavement Pavimento pa-vee-mehn-toe paβiˈmento
Pigment Pigmento pig-mehn-toe piɣˈmento
Sediment Sedimento seh-dee-mehn-toe seðiˈmento
Sentiment Sentimiento sehn-tee-me-ehn-toe sentiˈmjento
Treatment Tratamiento tra-tah-me-ehn-toe tɾataˈmjento

Words that end in “nt” change to “nte”

Last time for our biggest offender (words ending in –t!), English words ending in –nt in English change to –nte in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abundant Abundante ah-boon-dahn-teh aβunˈdante
Accident Accidente acc-see-dehn-teh akθiˈðente
Adjacent Adyacente ad-ya-sehn-teh aðʝaˈθente
Agent Agente ah-hehn-teh aˈxente
Arrogant Arrogante ah-roh-gahn-teh aroˈɣante
Aspirant Aspirante ass-pee-rahn-teh aspiˈɾante
Quotient Cociente coh-see-ehn-teh koˈθjente
Coefficient Coeficiente coh-eh-fee-see-ehn-teh koefiˈθjente
Coherent Coherente coh-eh-rehn-teh koeˈɾente
Coincident Coincidente coh-een-see-dehn-teh kojnθiˈðente
Competent Competente com-peh-tehn-teh kompeˈtente
Component Componente com-po-nehn-teh kompoˈnente
Congruent Congruente con-groo-ehn-teh konˈɡɾwente
Consistent Consistente con-sees-tehn-teh konsisˈtente
Continent Continente con-tee-nehn-teh kontiˈnente
Convergent Convergente con-vehr-hehn-teh kombeɾˈxente
Decent Decente deh-sehn-teh deˈθente
Deficient Deficiente deh-fee-see-ehn-teh defiˈθjente
Discriminant Discriminante dees-cree-me-nahn-teh diskɾimiˈnante
Divergent Divergente dee-vehr-hehn-teh diβeɾˈxente
Efficient Eficiente eh-fee-see-ehn-teh efiˈθjente
Elephant Elefante eh-leh-fahn-teh eleˈfante
Emigrant Emigrante eh-me-grahn-teh emiˈɣɾante
Equivalent Equivalente eh-key-va-lehn-teh ekiβaˈlente
Evident Evidente eh-ve-dehn-teh eβiˈðente
Excellent Excelente ex-eh-lehn-teh ekseˈlente
Exponent Exponente ex-po-nehn-teh ekspoˈnente
Gallant Galante ga-lahn-teh ɡaˈlante
Intelligent Inteligente in-teh-le-hehn-teh inteliˈxente
Interesting Interesante in-teh-reh-sahn-teh inteɾeˈsante
Obedient Obediente oh-beh-dee-ehn-teh oβeˈðjente
Patient Paciente pah-see-ehn-teh paˈθjente
Permanent Permanente pehr-ma-nehn-teh peɾmaˈnente
President Presidente preh-see-dehn-teh pɾesiˈðente
Radiant Radiante ra-dee-ahn-teh raˈðjante
Restaurant Restaurante ress-tah-ooh-rahn-teh restawˈɾante
Significant Significante sig-nee-fee-cahn-teh siɣnifiˈkante
Sufficient Suficiente soo-fee-see-ehn-teh sufiˈθjente
Tint Tinte teen-teh ˈtinte
Triumphant Triunfante tree-oohn-fahn-teh tɾjumˈfante
Urgent Urgente oor-hehn-teh uɾˈxente
Valiant Valiente va-lee-ehn-teh baˈljente
Vibrant Vibrante vee-brahn-teh biˈβɾante

Words that end in “or” stay the same or change to “ora”

English words that end in –or typically stay the same in Spanish as long as they’re modifying a masculine noun. If they’re modifying a feminine noun, then they normally end in –ora. However, keep in mind that there are notable exceptions to this rule, such as “actor” that changes to “actriz” when referring to an actress.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Accelerator Acelerador / Aceleradora ah-seh-leh-rah-door / ah-seh-leh-rah-door-ah aθeleɾaˈðoɾ / aθeleɾaˈðoɾa
Actor Actor / Actriz ac-torhr / ac-trees akˈtoɾ / akˈtɾiθ
Accumulator Acumulador / Acumuladora ah-coo-moo-la-door / ah-coo-moo-la-door-ah akumulaˈðoɾ / akumulaˈðoɾa
Author Autor / Autora ah-oo-tohr / ah-oo-tohr-ah awˈtoɾ / awˈtoɾa
Commentator Comentador / Comentadora co-mehn-ta-door / co-mehn-ta-door-ah komentaˈðoɾ / komentaˈðoɾa
Competitor Competidor / Competidora com-peh-tee-door / com-peh-tee-door-ah kompetiˈðoɾ / kompetiˈðoɾa
Conservator Conservador / Conservadora con-sehr-va-door / con-sehr-va-door-ah konseɾβaˈðoɾ / konseɾβaˈðoɾa
Conspirator Conspirador / Conspiradora cons-pee-ra-door / cons-pee-ra-door-ah konspiɾaˈðoɾ / konspiɾaˈðoɾa
Coprocessor Coprocesador / Coprocesadora co-pro-seh-sah-door / co-pro-seh-sah-door-ah kopɾoθesaˈðoɾ / kopɾoθesaˈðoɾa
Denominator Denominador / Denominadora deh-no-me-na-door / deh-no-me-na-door-ah denominaˈðoɾ / denominaˈðoɾa
Dictator Dictador / Dictadora dic-ta-door / dic-ta-door-ah diktaˈðoɾ / diktaˈðoɾa
Director Director / Directora dee-rec-tohr / dee-rec-toh-rah diɾekˈtoɾ / diɾekˈtoɾa
Distributor Distribuidor / Distribuidora dis-tree-boo-e-door / dis-tree-boo-e-door-ah distɾiβwiˈðoɾ / distɾiβwiˈðoɾa
Doctor Doctor / Doctora doc-toor / doc-toor-ah dokˈtoɾ / dokˈtoɾa
Editor Editor / Editora eh-de-toor / eh-de-toor-ah eðiˈtoɾ / eðiˈtoɾa
Spectator Espectador / Espectadora ess-pec-ta-door / es-pec-tah-door-ah espektaˈðoɾ / espektaˈðoɾa
Favor Favor fa-vohr faˈβoɾ
Illuminator Iluminador / Iluminadora e-loo-me-na-door / e-loo-me-na-door iluminaˈðoɾ / iluminaˈðoɾa
Interceptor Interceptor / Interceptora in-tehr-sep-toor / in-tehr-sep-toor-ah inteɾθepˈtoɾ / inteɾθepˈtoɾa
Inventor Inventor / Inventora in-vehn-toor / in-vehn-toor-ah imbenˈtoɾ / imbenˈtoɾa
Investor Inversor / Inversora in-ver-sohr / in-ver-soh-rah imbeɾˈsoɾ / imbeɾˈsoɾa
Legislator Legislador / Legisladora leh-his-lah-door / leh-his-lah-door-ah lexizlaˈðoɾ / lexizlaˈðoɾa
Liquor Licor lee-cohr liˈkoɾ
Moderator Moderador / Moderadora mo-deh-ra-door / mo-deh-ra-door-ah moðeɾaˈðoɾ / moðeɾaˈðoɾa
Motor Motor mo-tohr moˈtoɾ
Numerator Numerador noo-meh-ra-door numeɾaˈðoɾ
Precursor Precursor / Precursora preh-coor-sohr / preh-coor-soh-rah pɾekuɾˈsoɾ / pɾekuɾˈsoɾa
Predecessor Predecesor / Predecesora preh-deh-seh-sohr / preh-deh-seh-soh-rah pɾeðeθeˈsoɾ / pɾeðeθeˈsoɾa
Professor Profesor / Profesora pro-feh-sohr / pro-feh-soh-rah pɾofeˈsoɾ / pɾofeˈsoɾa
Radiator Radiador ra-dee-ah-door raðjaˈðoɾ
Rumor Rumor roo-mohr ruˈmoɾ
Traitor Traidor / Traidora tra-e-door / tra-e-doh-rah tɾajˈðoɾ / tɾajˈðoɾa

Words that end in “ous” change to “oso” or “osa”

English words that end in –ous change to –oso when modifying masculine nouns and –osa when modifying feminine nouns.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Ambitious Ambicioso / Ambiciosa ahm-bee-see-oh-so / am-bee-see-oh-sah ambiˈθjoso / ambiˈθjosa
Harmonious Armonioso / Armoniosa ar-mo-nee-oh-so / ar-mo-nee-oh-sah aɾmoˈnjoso / aɾmoˈnjosa
Capricious Caprichoso / Caprichosa cah-pre-cho-so / cah-pre-cho-sah kapɾiˈʧoso / kapɾiˈʧosa
Contagious Contagioso / Contagiosa con-ta-he-oh-so / con-ta-he-oh-sah kontaˈxjoso / kontaˈxjosa
Curious Curioso / Curiosa coo-re-oh-so / coo-re-oh-sah kuˈɾjoso / kuˈɾjosa
Delicious Delicioso / Deliciosa deh-lee-see-oh-so / deh-lee-see-oh-sa deliˈθjoso / deliˈθjosa
Dubious Dudoso / Dudosa doo-doh-soh / doo-doh-sah duˈðoso / duˈðosa
Spacious Espacioso / Espaciosa ess-pah-see-oh-soh / ess-pah-see-oh-sah espaˈθjoso / espaˈθjosa
Fabulous Fabuloso / Fabulosa fah-boo-lo-soh / fah-boo-lo-sah faβuˈloso / faβuˈlosa
Famous Famoso / Famosa fa-mo-soh / fa-mo-sah faˈmoso / faˈmosa
Furious Furioso / Furiosa foo-ree-oh-soh / foo-ree-oh-sah fuˈɾjoso / fuˈɾjosa
Generous Generoso / Generosa heh-neh-ro-soh / heh-neh-ro-sah xeneˈɾoso / xeneˈɾosa
Glamorous Glamoroso / Glamorosa glah-mo-ro-soh / glah-mo-ro-sah ɡlamoˈɾoso / ɡlamoˈɾosa
Glorious Glorioso / Gloriosa glo-ree-oh-soh / glo-ree-oh-sah ɡloˈɾjoso / ɡloˈɾjosa
Gracious Gracioso / Graciosa gra-see-oh-soh / gra-see-oh-sah ɡɾaˈθjoso / ɡɾaˈθjosa
Ingenious Ingenioso / Ingeniosa in-heh-nee-oh-soh / in-heh-nee-oh-sah inxeˈnjoso / inxeˈnjosa
Laborious Laborioso / Laboriosa lah-boh-ree-oh-soh / lah-boh-ree-oh-sah laβoˈɾjoso / laβoˈɾjosa
Luminous Luminoso / Luminosa loo-me-noh-soh / loo-me-noh-sah lumiˈnoso / lumiˈnosa
Malicious Malicioso / Maliciosa ma-lee-see-oh-soh / ma-lee-see-oh-sah maliˈθjoso / maliˈθjosa
Marvelous Maravilloso / Maravillosa ma-ra-vee-yo-soh / ma-ra-vee-yo-sah maɾaβiˈʎoso / maɾaβiˈʎosa
Mysterious Misterioso / Misteriosa miss-teh-re-oh-soh / miss-teh-re-oh-sah misteˈɾjoso / misteˈɾjosa
Nervous Nervioso / Nerviosa nehr-ve-oh-soh / nehr-ve-oh-sah neɾˈβjoso / neɾˈβjosa
Numerous Numeroso / Numerosa noo-meh-ro-soh / noo-meh-ro-sah numeˈɾoso / numeˈɾosa
Odious Odioso / Odiosa oh-dee-oh-soh / oh-dee-oh-sah oˈðjoso / oˈðjosa
Precious Precioso / Preciosa preh-see-oh-soh / preh-see-oh-sah pɾeˈθjoso / pɾeˈθjosa
Prestigious Prestigioso / Prestigiosa press-tee-he-oh-soh / press-tee-he-oh-sah pɾestiˈxjoso / pɾestiˈxjosa
Religious Religioso / Religiosa reh-lee-he-oh-soh / reh-lee-he-oh-sah reliˈxjoso / reliˈxjosa
Suspicious Sospechoso / Sospechosa sos-peh-cho-soh / sos-peh-cho-sah sospeˈʧoso / sospeˈʧosa
Timorous Temeroso / Temerosa teh-meh-ro-soh / teh-meh-ro-sah temeˈɾoso / temeˈɾosa
Venomous Venenoso / Venenosa veh-neh-no-soh / veh-neh-no-sah beneˈnoso / beneˈnosa
Advantageous Ventajoso / Ventajosa vehn-tah-hoh-soh / vehn-tah-hoh-sah bentaˈxoso / bentaˈxosa
Virtuous Virtuoso / Virtuosa veer-too-oh-soh / veer-too-oh-sah biɾˈtwoso / biɾˈtwosa

Words that end in “sion” change to “sión”

These are almost identical, except that the Spanish ending –sión goes with an accent mark. Not sure why? Then check out our ultimate guide to Spanish accent marks.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abrasion Abrasión ah-bra-see-ohnz aβɾaˈsjon
Abscission Abscisión ab-see-see-ohn aβsiˈsjon
Adhesion Adhesión ah-deh-see-ohn aðeˈsjon
Admission Admisión ad-me-see-ohn aðmiˈsjon
Aggression Agresión ah-greh-see-ohn aɣɾeˈsjon
Ascension Ascensión ah-sehn-see-ohn asenˈsjon
Aversion Aversión ah-vehr-see-ohn aβeɾˈsjon
Cohesion Cohesión co-eh-see-ohn koeˈsjon
Commission Comisión co-me-see-ohn komiˈsjon
Compassion Compasión com-pah-rah-see-ohn kompaˈsjon
Comprehension Comprensión com-prehn-see-ohn kompɾenˈsjon
Compression Compresión com-preh-see-ohn kompɾeˈsjon
Compulsion Compulsión com-pool-see-ohn kompulˈsjon
Concession Concesión con-seh-see-ohn konθeˈsjon
Conclusion Conclusión con-cloo-see-ohn konkluˈsjon
Confession Confesión con-feh-see-ohn komfeˈsjon
Confusion Confusión con-foo-see-ohn komfuˈsjon
Conversion Conversión con-vehr-see-ohn kombeɾˈsjon
Convulsion Convulsión con-vool-see-ohn kombulˈsjon
Correlation Correlación coh-reh-la-see-ohn korelaˈθjon
Decision Decisión deh-see-see-ohn deθiˈsjon
Depression Depresión deh-preh-see-ohn depɾeˈsjon
Dimension Dimensión dee-mehn-see-ohn dimenˈsjon
Demission Dimisión dee-me-see-ohn dimiˈsjon
Dispassion Dispensación dees-pehn-sah-see-ohn dispensaˈθjon
Discussion Discusión dees-coo-see-ohn diskuˈsjon
Digression Digresión dee-greh-see-ohn diɣɾeˈsjon
Dispersion Dispersión dees-pehr-see-ohn dispeɾˈsjon
Distension Distensión dees-tehn-see-ohn distenˈsjon
Distortion Distorsión dees-tohr-see-ohn distoɾˈsjon
Dissuasion Disuasión dee-soo-ah-see-ohn diswaˈsjon
Diversion Diversión dee-vehr-see-ohn diβeɾˈsjon
Division División dee-vee-see-ohn diβiˈsjon
Emission Emisión eh-me-see-ohn emiˈsjon
Evasion Evasión eh-vah-see-ohn eβaˈsjon
Exclusion Exclusión ex-cloo-see-ohn ekskluˈsjon
Excursion Excursión ex-coohr-see-ohn ekskuɾˈsjon
Expansion Expansión ex-pahn-see-ohn ekspanˈsjon
Explosion Explosión ex-ploh-see-ohn eksploˈsjon
Expression Expresión ex-preh-see-ohn ekspɾeˈsjon
Extension Extensión ex-tehn-see-ohn ekstenˈsjon
Illusion Ilusión e-loo-see-ohn iluˈsjon
Impression Impresión im-preh-see-ohn impɾeˈsjon
Incision Incisión in-see-see-ohn inθiˈsjon
Inclusion Inclusión in-cloo-see-ohn inkluˈsjon
Indecision Indecisión in-deh-see-see-ohn indeθiˈsjon
Immersion Inmersión in-mehr-see-ohn immeɾˈsjon
Intercession Intercesión in-tehr-seh-see-ohn inteɾθeˈsjon
Intermission Intermisión in-tehr-me-see-ohn inteɾmiˈsjon
Invasion Invasión in-vah-see-ohn imbaˈsjon
Inversion Inversión in-vehr-see-ohn imbeɾˈsjon
Mansion Mansión mahn-see-ohn manˈsjon
Mission Misión me-see-ohn miˈsjon
Obsession Obsesión ob-seh-see-ohn oβseˈsjon
Occasion Ocasión oh-cah-see-ohn okaˈsjon
Omission Omisión oh-me-see-ohn omiˈsjon
Oppression Opresión oh-preh-see-ohn opɾeˈsjon
Passion Pasión pah-see-ohn paˈsjon
Pension Pensión pehn-see-ohn penˈsjon
Percussion Percusión per-coo-see-ohn peɾkuˈsjon
Persuasion Persuasión per-soo-ah-see-ohn peɾswaˈsjon
Perversion Perversión pehr-vehr-see-ohn peɾβeɾˈsjon
Possession Posesión poh-seh-see-ohn poseˈsjon
Precision Precisión preh-see-see-ohn pɾeθiˈsjon
Pretension Pretensión preh-tehn-see-ohn pɾetenˈsjon
Procession Procesión pro-seh-see-ohn pɾoθeˈsjon
Profession Profesión pro-feh-see-ohn pɾofeˈsjon
Profusion Profusión pro-foo-see-ohn pɾofuˈsjon
Propulsion Propulsión pro-pool-see-ohn pɾopulˈsjon
Recession Recesión reh-seh-see-ohn reθeˈsjon
Regression Regresión reh-greh-see-ohn reɣɾeˈsjon
Reinvasion Reinvasión reh-in-vah-see-ohn rejmbaˈsjon
Repression Represión reh-preh-see-ohn repɾeˈsjon
Revision Revisión reh-vee-see-ohn reβiˈsjon
Revulsion Revulsión reh-vool-see-ohn reβulˈsjon
Session Sesión seh-see-ohn seˈsjon
Subversion Subversión soob-vehr-see-ohn suβeɾˈsjon
Succession Sucesión soo-seh-see-ohn suθeˈsjon
Submersion Sumersión soo-mehr-see-ohn sumeɾˈsjon
Suspension Suspensión soos-pehn-see-ohn suspenˈsjon
Television Televisión teh-leh-vee-see-ohn teleβiˈsjon
Tension Tensión tehn-see-ohn tenˈsjon
Transfusion Transfusión trans-foo-see-ohn tɾansfuˈsjon
Transgression Transgresión trans-greh-see-ohn tɾanzɣɾeˈsjon
Transmission Transmisión trans-me-see-ohn tɾanzmiˈsjon
Version Versión vehr-see-ohn beɾˈsjon
Vision Visión vee-see-ohn biˈsjon

Words that end in “tion” change to “ción”

English words that end in –tion change to –ción in Spanish. Be careful not to confuse them with the words that end in –sión!

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Abolition Abolición ah-boh-lee-see-ohn aβoliˈθjon
Abbreviation Abreviación ah-breh-vee-ah-see-ohn aβɾeβjaˈθjon
Abstraction Abstracción abs-trac-see-ohn aβstɾakˈθjon
Action Acción ac-see-ohn akˈθjon
Acceleration Aceleración ah-seh-leh-rah-see-ohn aθeleɾaˈθjon
Accommodation Acomodación ah-co-mo-dah-see-ohn akomoðaˈθjon
Accreditation Acreditación ah-creh-dee-tah-see-ohn akɾeðitaˈθjon
Accumulation Acumulación ah-coo-moo-la-see-ohn akumulaˈθjon
Addiction Adicción ah-dic-see-ohn aðikˈθjon
Addition Adición ah-de-see-ohn aðiˈθjon
Adoption Adopción ah-dop-see-ohn aðopˈθjon
Affirmation Afirmación ah-feer-ma-see-ohn afiɾmaˈθjon
Amplification Amplificación am-ple-fee-cah-see-ohn amplifikaˈθjon
Appropriation Apropiación ah-pro-pee-ah-see-ohn apɾopjaˈθjon
Association Asociación ah-soh-see-ah-see-ohn asoθjaˈθjon
Attention Atención ah-tehn-see-ohn atenˈθjon
Attraction Atracción ah-trac-see-ohn atɾakˈθjon
Authorization Autorización ah-ooh-toe-re-za-see-ohn awtoɾiθaˈθjon
Cancellation Cancelación cahn-seh-lah-see-ohn kanθelaˈθjon
Qualification Capacitación cah-pah-see-tah-see-ohn kapaθitaˈθjon
Celebration Celebración seh-leh-brah-see-ohn θeleβɾaˈθjon
Certification Certificación sehr-tee-fee-cah-see-ohn θeɾtifikaˈθjon
Classification Clasificación cla-see-fee-cah-see-ohn klasifikaˈθjon
Collaboration Colaboración co-la-boh-rah-see-ohn kolaβoɾaˈθjon
Collection Colección co-lec-see-ohn kolekˈθjon
Combination Combinación com-be-nah-see-ohn kombinaˈθjon
Compensation Compensación com-pen-sa-see-ohn kompensaˈθjon
Complication Complicación com-ple-cah-see-ohn komplikaˈθjon
Composition Composición com-po-see-see-ohn komposiˈθjon
Communication Comunicación co-moo-nee-ca-see-ohn komunikaˈθjon
Concentration Concentración con-sehn-tra-see-ohn konθentɾaˈθjon
Condition Condición con-dee-see-ohn kondiˈθjon
Configuration Configuración con-fee-goo-ra-see-ohn komfiɣuɾaˈθjon
Confrontation Confrontación con-foo-see-ohn komfɾontaˈθjon
Conservation Conservación con-sehr-va-see-ohn konseɾβaˈθjon
Consideration Consideración con-see-deh-ra-see-ohn konsiðeɾaˈθjon
Consolidation Consolidación con-so-lee-da-see-ohn konsoliðaˈθjon
Construction Construcción cons-trooc-see-ohn konstɾukˈθjon
Contamination Contaminación con-ta-me-nah-see-ohn kontaminaˈθjon
Continuation Continuación con-tee-noo-ah-see-ohn kontinwaˈθjon
Contraception Contracepción con-tra-sep-see-ohn kontɾaθepˈθjon
Contradiction Contradicción cohn-tra-deec-see-ohn kontɾaðikˈθjon
Contribution Contribución con-tree-boo-see-ohn kontɾiβuˈθjon
Convention Convención con-vehn-see-ohn kombenˈθjon
Conversation Conversación con-vehr-sa-see-ohn kombeɾsaˈθjon
Correction Corrección coh-rec-see-ohn korekˈθjon
Declaration Declaración deh-cla-ra-see-ohn deklaɾaˈθjon
Decoration Decoración deh-coh-ra-see-ohn dekoɾaˈθjon
Deduction Deducción deh-dooc-see-ohn deðukˈθjon
Definition Definición deh-fee-nee-see-ohn definiˈθjon
Demonstration Demostración deh-moss-trah-see-ohn demostɾaˈθjon
Discontinuation Descontinuación dess-cohn-tee-noo-ah-see-ohn deskontinwaˈθjon
Determination Determinación deh-tehr-me-nah-see-ohn deteɾminaˈθjon
Differentiation Diferenciación dee-feh-rehn-see-ah-see-ohn difeɾenθjaˈθjon
Direction Dirección dee-rec-see-ohn diɾekˈθjon
Discrimination Discriminación diss-cree-me-nah-see-ohn diskɾiminaˈθjon
Distinction Distinción diss-tin-see-ohn distinˈθjon
Distribution Distribución diss-tree-boo-see-ohn distɾiβuˈθjon
Documentation Documentación doh-coo-mehn-tah-see-ohn dokumentaˈθjon
Education Educación eh-do-cah-see-ohn eðukaˈθjon
Election Elección eh-lec-see-ohn elekˈθjon
Elevation Elevación eh-leh-vah-see-ohn eleβaˈθjon
Elimination Eliminación eh-lee-me-na-see-ohn eliminaˈθjon
Enumeration Enumeración eh-noo-meh-ra-see-ohn enumeɾaˈθjon
Eruption Erupción eh-roop-see-ohn eɾupˈθjon
Specification Especificación ess-peh-see-fee-cah-see-ohn espeθifikaˈθjon
Stabilization Estabilización ess-tah-be-lee-sah-see-ohn estaβiliθaˈθjon
Standardization Estandarización ess-tahn-dah-ree-sah-see-ohn estandaɾiθaˈθjon
Estimation Estimación es-tee-ma-see-ohn estimaˈθjon
Evaluation Evaluación eh-va-loo-ah-see-ohn eβalwaˈθjon
Evaporation Evaporación eh-va-po-rah-see-ohn eβapoɾaˈθjon
Examination Examinación ex-ah-me-nah-see-ohn eksaminaˈθjon
Exception Excepción ex-ep-see-ohn eksepˈθjon
Exhalation Exhalación ex-ah-la-see-ohn eksalaˈθjon
Expectation Expectación ex-pec-ta-see-ohn ekspektaˈθjon
Expedition Expedición ex-peh-dee-see-ohn ekspeðiˈθjon
Experimentation Experimentación ex-peh-re-mehn-tah-see-ohn ekspeɾimentaˈθjon
Explanation Explicación ex-plee-cah-see-ohn eksplikaˈθjon
Exploitation Explotación ex-plo-tah-see-ohn eksplotaˈθjon
Exposition Exposición ex-po-see-see-ohn eksposiˈθjon
Fabrication Fabricación fa-bre-cah-see-ohn faβɾikaˈθjon
Fraction Fracción frac-see-ohn fɾakˈθjon
Fragmentation Fragmentación frag-mehn-tah-see-ohn fɾaɣmentaˈθjon
Function Función foon-see-ohn funˈθjon
Generation Generación heh-neh-ra-see-ohn xeneɾaˈθjon
Hospitalization Hospitalización oss-pee-ta-lee-sa-see-ohn ospitaliθaˈθjon
Identification Identificación e-dehn-tee-fee-cah-see-ohn iðentifikaˈθjon
Illumination Iluminación e-loo-me-nah-see-ohn iluminaˈθjon
Imagination Imaginación e-ma-he-nah-see-ohn imaxinaˈθjon
Infection Infección in-fec-see-ohn imfekˈθjon
Information Información in-for-ma-see-ohn imfoɾmaˈθjon
Inspection Inspección ins-pec-see-ohn inspekˈθjon
Instruction Instrucción ins-trooc-see-ohn instɾukˈθjon
Interpretation Interpretación in-tehr-preh-ta-see-ohn inteɾpɾetaˈθjon
Introduction Introducción in-tro-dooc-see-ohn intɾoðukˈθjon
Investigation Investigación in-vess-tee-ga-see-ohn imbestiɣaˈθjon
Invitation Invitación in-vee-tah-see-ohn imbitaˈθjon
Justification Justificación whos-tee-fee-cah-see-ohn xustifikaˈθjon
Manifestation Manifestación mah-nee-fess-tah-see-ohn manifestaˈθjon
Nation Nación nah-see-ohn naˈθjon
Notion Noción noh-see-ohn noˈθjon
Observation Observación obs-ehr-vah-see-ohn oβseɾβaˈθjon
Operation Operación oh-peh-rah-see-ohn opeɾaˈθjon
Organization Organización or-ga-nee-sa-see-ohn oɾɣaniθaˈθjon
Participation Participación par-tee-see-pa-see-ohn paɾtiθipaˈθjon
Personification Personificación pehr-so-nee-fee-cah-see-ohn peɾsonifikaˈθjon
Population Población po-blah-see-ohn poβlaˈθjon
Position Posición po-see-see-ohn posiˈθjon
Preoccupation Preocupación preh-oh-coo-pa-see-ohn pɾeokupaˈθjon
Preparation Preparación preh-pa-ra-see-ohn pɾepaɾaˈθjon
Presentation Presentación preh-sehn-tah-see-ohn pɾesentaˈθjon
Prevention Prevención preh-vehn-see-ohn pɾeβenˈθjon
Promotion Promoción pro-mo-see-ohn pɾomoˈθjon
Pronunciation Pronunciación pro-noon-see-ah-see-ohn pɾonunθjaˈθjon
Protection Protección pro-tec-see-ohn pɾotekˈθjon
Punctuation Puntuación poon-too-ah-see-ohn puntwaˈθjon
Ration Ración ra-see-ohn raˈθjon
Rationalization Racionalización ra-see-oh-nah-lee-sah-see-ohn raθjonaliθaˈθjon
Recommendation Recomendación reh-co-mehn-dah-see-ohn rekomendaˈθjon
Relaxation Relajación reh-la-hah-see-ohn relaxaˈθjon
Respiration Respiración ress-pee-rah-see-ohn respiɾaˈθjon
Segregation Segregación seh-greh-ga-see-ohn seɣɾeɣaˈθjon
Selection Selección seh-lec-see-ohn selekˈθjon
Situation Situación see-too-ah-see-ohn sitwaˈθjon
Solution Solución so-loo-see-ohn soluˈθjon
Tradition Tradición tra-dee-see-ohn tɾaðiˈθjon
Transcription Transcripción trans-crip-see-ohn tɾanskɾipˈθjon
Transfiguration Transfiguración trans-fee-goo-rah-see-ohn tɾansfiɣuɾaˈθjon
Vacation Vacación vah-ca-see-ohn bakaˈθjon
Variation Variación vah-ree-ah-see-ohn baɾjaˈθjon
Vibration Vibración vee-brah-see-ohn biβɾaˈθjon

Words that end in “y” change to “ia” or “io”

Many English words that end in –y change to –ia or –io in Spanish, depending on the gender of the noun they’re modifying.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
Academy Academia ah-ca-deh-me-ah akaˈðemja
Accessory Accesorio acc-seh-so-ree-oh akθeˈsoɾjo
Agency Agencia ah-hehn-see-ah aˈxenθja
Agony Agonía ah-goh-nee-ah aɣoˈnia
Harmony Armonía ar-mo-nee-ah aɾmoˈnia
Archaeology Arqueología ar-keh-oh-lo-he-ah aɾkeoloˈxia
Asymmetry Asimetría ah-see-meh-tree-ah asimeˈtɾia
Astronomy Astronomía as-troh-no-me-ah astɾonoˈmia
Audacity Audacia ah-ooh-da-see-ah awˈðaθja
Autonomy Autonomía ah-ooh-toh-no-me-ah awtonoˈmia
Battery Batería ba-teh-ree-ah bateˈɾia
Binary Binario / Binaria be-na-re-oh / be-na-re-ah biˈnaɾjo / biˈnaɾja
Biography Biografía be-oh-gra-fee-ah bjoɣɾaˈfia
Biology Biología be-oh-lo-he-ah bjoloˈxia
Blasphemy Blasfemia blass-feh-me-ah blasˈfemja
Ceremony Ceremonia seh-reh-mo-nee-ah θeɾeˈmonja
Colony Colonia co-lo-nee-ah koˈlonja
Company Compañía com-pah-nyee-ah kompaˈɲia
Contradictory Contradictorio con-tra-dic-toh-ree-oh kontɾaðikˈtoɾjo
Copy Copia co-pee-ah ˈkopja
Corollary Corolario co-ro-la-ree-oh koɾoˈlaɾjo
Dictionary Diccionario dic-see-oh-na-ree-oh dikθjoˈnaɾjo
Efficacy Eficacia eh-fee-cah-see-ah efiˈkaθja
Efficiency Eficiencia eh-fee-see-ehn-see-ah efiˈθjenθja
Energy Energía eh-nehr-he-ah eneɾˈxia
Envy Envidia ehn-ve-de-ah emˈbiðja
Fallacy Falacia fa-la-see-ah faˈlaθja
Family Familia fa-me-lee-ah faˈmilja
Photography Fotografía fo-to-gra-fee-ah fotoɣɾaˈfia
Frequency Frecuencia freh-coo-ehn-see-ah fɾeˈkwenθja
Galaxy Galaxia ga-lax-e-ah ɡaˈlaksja
Glory Gloria glo-re-ah ˈɡloɾja
History Historia iss-toh-re-ah isˈtoɾja
Laboratory Laboratorio la-bo-ra-toh-re-oh laβoɾaˈtoɾjo
Matrimony Matrimonio ma-tree-mo-nee-oh matɾiˈmonjo
Memory Memoria meh-mo-ree-ah meˈmoɾja
Mercury Mercurio mer-coo-re-oh meɾˈkuɾjo
Observatory Observatorio obs-ehr-vah-toh-ree-oh oβseɾβaˈtoɾjo
Psychology Psicología see-co-lo-he-ah sikoloˈxia
Remedy Remedio reh-meh-dee-oh reˈmeðjo
Technology Tecnología tec-no-lo-he-ah teknoloˈxia
Testimony Testimonio tess-tee-mo-ne-oh testiˈmonjo
Toxicology Toxicología tox-e-co-lo-he-ah toksikoloˈxia
Tragedy Tragedia tra-heh-dee-ah tɾaˈxeðja
Victory Victoria vic-to-re-ah bikˈtoɾja
Zoology Zoología zo-oh-lo-he-ah θooloˈxia

Some verbs stay almost the same plus “ar” or “ir” at the end

Verbs in Spanish always end in –ar, –er, or –ir. Because of that, many English verbs stay the same plus an –ar or –ir ending.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
To abandon Abandonar ah-bahn-doh-nar aβandoˈnaɾ
To adapt Adaptar ah-dop-tar aðapˈtaɾ
To admit Admitir ad-me-teer aðmiˈtiɾ
To adopt Adoptar ah-dop-tar aðopˈtaɾ
To affect Afectar ah-fec-tar afekˈtaɾ
To affirm Afirmar ah-feer-mahr afiɾˈmaɾ
To adjust Ajustar ah-whose-tar axusˈtaɾ
To appreciate Apreciar ah-preh-see-ar apɾeˈθjaɾ
To assign Asignar ah-sig-nahr asiɣˈnaɾ
To augment Aumentar ah-ooh-mehn-tar awmenˈtaɾ
To calm Calmar cal-mar kalˈmaɾ
To cancel Cancelar can-seh-lar kanθeˈlaɾ
To collect Colectar co-lec-tar kolekˈtaɾ
To comfort Confortar con-fron-tar komfoɾˈtaɾ
To comment Comentar co-men-tar komenˈtaɾ
To complement Complementar com-pleh-mehn-tar komplemenˈtaɾ
To comport Comportar com-por-tar kompoɾˈtaɾ
To confirm Confirmar con-feer-mar komfiɾˈmaɾ
To connect Conectar co-nec-tar konekˈtaɾ
To consider Considerar con-see-deh-rar konsiðeˈɾaɾ
To consist Consistir con-sees-teer konsisˈtiɾ
To consult Consultar con-sool-tar konsulˈtaɾ
To contrast Contrastar con-tras-tar kontɾasˈtaɾ
To control Controlar con-troh-lar kontɾoˈlaɾ
To cost Costar cos-tar kosˈtaɾ
To deform Deformar deh-for-mar defoɾˈmaɾ
To deport Deportar deh-por-tar depoɾˈtaɾ
To educate Educar eh-doo-car eðuˈkaɾ
To enlist Enlistar ehn-lis-tar enlisˈtaɾ
To exalt Exaltar ex-al-tar eksalˈtaɾ
To exist Existir ex-is-teer eksisˈtiɾ
To experiment Experimentar ex-peh-re-mehn-tar ekspeɾimenˈtaɾ
To export Exportar ex-por-tar ekspoɾˈtaɾ
To ferment Fermentar fer-mehn-tar feɾmenˈtaɾ
To import Importar im-por-tahr impoɾˈtaɾ
To insist Insistir in-sis-teer insisˈtiɾ
To invent Inventar in-vehn-tar imbenˈtaɾ
To invest Invertir in-vehr-teer imbeɾˈtiɾ
To labor Laborar la-bo-rar laβoˈɾaɾ
To lament Lamentar la-mehn-tar lamenˈtaɾ
To limit Limitar lee-me-tahr limiˈtaɾ
To march Marchar mar-char maɾˈʧaɾ
To present Presentar preh-sehn-tar pɾesenˈtaɾ
To protest Protestar pro-tess-tar pɾotesˈtaɾ
To repeat Repetir reh-peh-teer repeˈtiɾ
To represent Representar reh-preh-sehn-tar repɾesenˈtaɾ
To rest Restar ress-tar resˈtaɾ

Some verbs change slightly and end in “ar”

Some verbs change slightly and have the added –ar ending.

English Spanish Pronunciation IPA
To accept Aceptar ah-sep-tar aθepˈtaɾ
To accompany Acompañar ah-com-pah-nyar akompaˈɲaɾ
To accustom Acostumbrar ah-coss-toom-brar akostumˈbɾaɾ
To amass Amasar ah-ma-sar amaˈsaɾ
To animate Animar ah-nee-mar aniˈmaɾ
To appropriate Apropiar ah-pro-pee-ah apɾoˈpjaɾ
To civilize Civilizar see-vee-lee-sahr θiβiliˈθaɾ
To colonize Colonizar co-lo-nee-sahr koloniˈθaɾ
To color Colorear co-lo-reh-ar koloɾeˈaɾ
To commence Comenzar co-mehn-sahr komenˈθaɾ
To complete Completar com-pleh-tar kompleˈtaɾ
To count Contar con-tar konˈtaɾ
To copy Copiar co-pee-ar koˈpjaɾ
To express Expresar ex-preh-sar ekspɾeˈsaɾ
To fortify Fortificar for-tee-fee-car foɾtifiˈkaɾ
To govern Gobernar go-behr-nar ɡoβeɾˈnaɾ
To imagine Imaginar e-ma-he-nar imaxiˈnaɾ
To observe Observar ob-sehr-var oβseɾˈβaɾ
To pass Pasar pa-sar paˈsaɾ
To repair Reparar reh-pa-sar repaˈɾaɾ
To telephone Telefonear teh-leh-fo-neh-ar telefoneˈaɾ

101 False cognates in Spanish

After going through this ultimate list of 1,111 Spanish cognates, we don’t blame you if you’re feeling abundantly confident about your ability to identify similar words in both languages. However, it’s not all fun and games, and there are some notorious false cognates that result in common mistakes by English speakers!

False cognates — also known as false friends — are words in Spanish that sound very similar to words in English but don’t actually mean the same thing. These can result in funny mistakes like saying you “feel pregnant” (embarazada) when you meant to say you felt embarrassed!

False cognates are words in Spanish that sound similar to words in English but don't mean the same thing.

But don’t let these common pitfalls stop you. Being acquainted with the most common false cognates will help you avoid making these kinds of mistakes. Here are the 101 most common false friends in Spanish that you should keep in mind:

English Spanish false friend What it actually means Pronunciation IPA
Actually Actualmente At the moment ac-too-all aktwalˈmente
Adjudicate Adjudicar To award ad-who-de-car aðxuðiˈkaɾ
Affluence Afluencia Influx ah-floo-ehn-see-ah aˈflwenθja
Aggregate Agregado / Agregada Attached ah-greh-ga-doe / ah-greh-ga-dah aɣɾeˈɣaðo / aɣɾeˈɣaða
Arena Arena Sand ah-reh-nah aˈɾena
Arm Arma Weapon ar-ma ˈaɾma
Articulate Articular Joint ar-tee-coo-lar aɾtikuˈlaɾ
Assiduous Asiduo Regular ah-see-do-oh aˈsiðwo
Avocado Abogado / Abogada Lawyer ah-bo-ga-doe / ah-bo-ga-dah aβoˈɣaðo / aβoˈɣaða
Bachelor Bachiller Graduate ba-che-yehr baʧiˈʎeɾ
Bald Balde Bucket ball-deh ˈbalde
Bibliografía Biblioteca Library be-ble-oh-teh-ca biβljoˈteka
Bigot Bigote Mustache be-goh-teh biˈɣote
Billion Billón Trillion be-yohn biˈʎon
Bizarre Bizarro / Bizarra Gallant be-za-roh / be-za-rah biˈθaro / biˈθara
Bland Blando / Blanda Insipid blahn-doe / blahn-dah ˈblando / ˈblanda
Body Boda Wedding bo-da ˈboða
Bomber Bombero / Bombera Firefighter bom-beh-ro / bom-beh-rah bomˈbeɾo / bomˈbeɾa
Brave Bravo Fierce bra-vo ˈbɾaβo
Camp Campo Campamento cam-po ˈkampo
Candid Cándido / Cándida Naive cahn-de-doe / cahn-de-dah ˈkandiðo / ˈkandiða
Candor Candor Innocence can-door kanˈdoɾ
Caravan Caravana A line of cars cah-ra-vah-nah kaɾaˈβana
Carpet Carpeta File car-peh-ta kaɾˈpeta
Career Carrera Race cah-reh-rah kaˈreɾa
Carton Cartón Cardboard car-ton kaɾˈton
Casket Casquete Skullcap cas-keh-teh kasˈkete
Casserole Cacerola Pan cah-seh-ro-la kaθeˈɾola
Castor Castor / Castora Beaver cas-toor / cas-toor-ah kasˈtoɾ / kasˈtoɾa
Casualty Casualidad Coincidence cah-soo-ah-le-dahd kaswaliˈðað
Choke Chocar To crash cho-car ʧoˈkaɾ
City Cita Appointment see-tah ˈθita
Code Codo Elbow co-doe ˈkoðo
Collateral Colateral On both sides co-la-teh-rall kolateˈɾal
College Colegio Private school co-leh-he-oh koˈlexjo
Commodity Comodidad Comfort co-mo-de-dahd komoðiˈðað
Comprehensive Comprensivo / Comprensiva Understanding com-prehn-see-voh / com-prehn-see-vah kompɾenˈsiβo / kompɾenˈsiβa
Compromise Compromiso Commitment com-pro-me-so kompɾoˈmiso
Concur Concurrir To compete con-coo-reer konkuˈriɾ
Confection Confección Making con-fec-see-ohn komfekˈθjon
Conform Conformarse To be satisfied con-for-mar-seh komfoɾˈmaɾse
Confounded Confundido / Confundida Confused con-foon-dee-doe / con-foon-dee-dah komfunˈdiðo / komfunˈdiða
Conspicuous Conspicuo / Conspicua Prestigious cons-pee-coo-oh / cons-pee-coo-ah konsˈpikwo / konsˈpikwa
Constipated Constipado / Constipada To have a cold cons-tee-pa-doh / cons-tee-pa-dah konstiˈpaðo / konstiˈpaða
Construe Construir To build cons-troo-eer konsˈtɾwiɾ
Contend Contender To confront con-ten-dehr kontenˈdeɾ
Contest Contestar To reply con-tess-tar kontesˈtaɾ
Crude Crudo / Cruda Raw croo-doe / croo-dah ˈkɾuðo / ˈkɾuða
Deception Decepción Disappointment deh-sep-see-ohn deθepˈθjon
Delete Delito Crime deh-lee-toe deˈlito
Delinquent Delincuente Criminal deh-leen-coo-ehn-teh delinˈkwente
Destitution Destitución Dismissal des-tee-too-see-ohn destituˈθjon
Dilapidated Dilapidar Squander dee-la-pee-dar dilapiˈðaɾ
Discharge Descargar Download dess-car-gar deskaɾˈɣaɾ
Disgusted Disgustado / Disgustada Upset dis-goose-ta-doe / dis-goose-ta-dah dizɣusˈtaðo / dizɣusˈtaða
Dismay Desmayo Faint des-ma-yo dezˈmaʝo
Diverted Divertido / Divertida Fun dee-vehr-tee-doe / dee-vehr-tee-dah diβeɾˈtiðo / diβeɾˈtiða
Empress Empresa Company ehm-preh-sah emˈpɾesa
Envy Enviar To send ehn-vee-are emˈbjaɾ
Espy Espiar To spy ess-pee-are esˈpjaɾ
Exit Éxito Success ex-e-toe ˈeksito
Fabric Fábrica Factory fa-bree-cah ˈfaβɾika
Fabricate Fabricar To manufacture fa-bree-car faβɾiˈkaɾ
Facile Fácil Easy fa-seel ˈfaθil
Facility Facilidad Ease fa-see-lee-dahd faθiliˈðað
Faculty Facultad Power fa-cool-tahd fakulˈtað
Fastidious Fastidioso / Fastidiosa Annoying fas-tee-dee-oh-so / fas-tee-dee-oh-sah fastiˈðjoso / fastiˈðjosa
Figure Figura Shape fee-goo-rah fiˈɣuɾa
Firm Firma Signature feer-ma ˈfiɾma
Form Forma Shape for-ma ˈfoɾma
Genial Genial Cool heh-ne-all xeˈnjal
Gracious Gracioso / Graciosa Funny gra-see-oh-so / gra-see-oh-sah ɡɾaˈθjoso / ɡɾaˈθjosa
Grand Grande Big gran-deh ˈɡɾande
Gratuity Gratuito / Gratuita Free gra-too-e-toe / gra-too-e-tah ɡɾaˈtwito / ɡɾaˈtwita
Injure Injuriar To insult in-who-ree-are inxuˈɾjaɾ
Integral Integral Comprehensive in-teh-grall inteˈɣɾal
Intent Intento To try in-tehn-toe inˈtento
Intern Internar To stay at a hospital in-tehr-nar inteɾˈnaɾ
Intern Interno / Interna Internal in-tehr-no / in-tehr-nah inˈteɾno / inˈteɾna
Intoxicate Intoxicarse To get food poisoning in-tox-e-car-seh intoksiˈkaɾse
Invidious Envidioso / Envidiosa Jealous ehn-ve-de-oh-so / ehn-ve-de-oh-sah embiˈðjoso / embiˈðjosa
Large Largo / Larga Long lar-go / lar-gah ˈlaɾɣo / ˈlaɾɣa
Lecture Lectura Reading lec-too-ra lekˈtuɾa
Library Librería Bookstore lee-breh-re-ah liβɾeˈɾia
Literate Literato / Literata Writer lee-teh-ra-toe / lee-teh-ra-tah liteˈɾato / liteˈɾata
Nude Nudo Knot noo-doe ˈnuðo
Parade Parada Stop pa-rah-dah paˈɾaða
Parsimonious Parsimonioso / Parsimoniosa Tardy par-see-mo-nee-oh-so / par-se-mo-nee-oh-sah paɾsimoˈnjoso / paɾsimoˈnjosa
Preservative Preservativo / Preservativa Contraceptive preh-sehr-vah-tee-vo / preh-sehr-vah-tee-vah pɾeseɾβaˈtiβo / pɾeseɾβaˈtiβa
Qualification Calificación Score cah-lee-fee-cah-see-ohn kalifikaˈθjon
Realize Realizar To carry out reh-ah-lee-zar realiˈθaɾ
Rope Ropa Clothes ro-pah ˈropa
Sane Sano / Sana Healthy sah-no / sah-nah ˈsano / ˈsana
Sensible Sensible Sensitive sehn-see-bleh senˈsiβle
Soap Sopa Soup so-pah ˈsopa
Spine Espina Thorn ess-pee-nah esˈpina
Sympathetic Simpático / Simpática Funny seem-pah-tee-coe / seem-pah-tee-cah simˈpatiko / simˈpatika
Syndicate Sindicato Union seen-dee-cah-toe sindiˈkato
To introduce Introducir To insert in-tro-doo-seehr intɾoðuˈθiɾ
Topic Tópico / Tópica Topical toh-pee-coh / toh-pee-cal ˈtopiko / ˈtopika
Violate Violar To rape vee-oh-lar bjoˈlaɾ

Go out and test your shiny new Spanish vocabulary!

Well, the question is, are Spanish cognates really new vocabulary words if you already know them? Our perspective is that it doesn’t really matter how you acquire the vocabulary, as long as you can use it naturally and confidently! That’s why spending a little time learning tips and tricks like noun cognates can take you a long way, as you’ve now acquired well over 1,000 new words in a matter of minutes. How awesome is that!?

For more helpful tips, tricks, and vocabulary guides, check out our Spanish blog. We routinely publish new content that will help you improve all aspects of your Spanish, including our latest guide to upside-down question marks in Spanish and our fun guide to Spanglish vocabulary words and phrases.

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