Congratulations on being Referred!

Someone at Berlitz thought you had what it takes to become an instructor. So, what does it take? At Berlitz we are looking for candidates who are interested in making a positive impact on someone's life through teaching. We are hoping this is you!

Why Berlitz? Berlitz is not your ordinary language company. We provide language instruction through immersion. In doing so we provide our students with the best possible experience. What also sets us apart is we provide you with the material (for most languages) to teach, along with access to your personal portal to see who you will be teaching. There is no need to go out and find your own students!

Important step in the referral process

To make sure we receive your referrals details, please include their information in the questions section of the online application.

Further details on the recruiting process below.

Since our positions are remote, we can hire from almost anywhere in the world. When searching for a position, focus your search on the language you wish to instruct instead of the location of the position.

Berlitz recruiting process

Order VIQP and Onboarding varies depending on location

Check out our Berlitz instructor positions from around the world! We can’t wait to meet you.

Recruitment disclaimer

At Berlitz we take security and your personal information seriously. Please be aware of individuals that may approach you falsely claiming to be Berlitz employees or representatives. Under this false pretense, they may try to gain access to your personal information or to acquire money from you by offering fictitious employment opportunities on our behalf.

Berlitz will never ask for financial information of any kind or for payment of money during the job application process. We do not require any financial, credit card or bank account information and/or any payment of any kind to be considered for employment. If you are being asked to pay fees or some other deposit or application processing fee, even if claimed you will be reimbursed, this is not Berlitz. Such claims are fraudulent, and you are strongly advised to exercise caution when you receive such an offer of employment.

Berlitz will not be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages or expenses resulting from the scammers. If you suspect a position is fraudulent, please contact Berlitz Recruiting at If you believe you are the victim of fraud resulting from a job listing, please contact your local authorities.